As I write this, Bernie Sanders is endorsing Hillary Clinton. I am reading the comments as they appear and to those who are calling Bernie a sell out or a fraud, know this: his courage and honesty has inspired all of us not only in this election but his entire life, and for you to call him bad names for doing this right thing is shameful. You are in fact the one selling out to progressivism if you believe that Donald Trump is the answer.

Third party candidates at the moment in American politics serve one purpose, to make sure the other side wins (see Gore/Bush). A vote for the Green Party or another poorly organized group that leans left should be considered a vote for Donald Trump. Mathematically that’s exactly what you are doing.
Do no fall for Donald Trump’s masterful, but ultimately wildly untrue marketing that he is an honest outsider that will change things. He is not and will not.

While I am sad that Bernie’s campaign is official over, I know we can’t take our ball and go home. There is always more work to be done to make our country a better place.

Like Bernie Sanders, I endorse Hillary Clinton and look forward to voting for her for President of the United States.

—  Alex Law, former Democratic Candidate (NJ-1) on voting for Hillary Clinton

That time I put on my “We Are All Beyonce” tee shirt and played “Holograms” live. 

I write slow jams in my sleep…literally.  I was in a hotel in Mexico, and I dreamt that I was in a recording studio and Annie Lennox was working on a song. She and her engineer were standing there listening to it and decided they wanted to turn it into a duet.  The engineer asked if I wanted to sing with her, and as soon as I accepted I woke up. I scrambled to write the song down before I forgot how it went.  And there ya have it.  "Annie Lennox,“ off my new EP.   

Every weekday for the next two weeks I’ll be posting an image, song, or video clip as part of a mini feature called “LF Influence.”  Each item will highlight a different part of the things that have influenced the Leonard Friend identity since its inception.

Day 1: To kick it off I figured I’d go with the most important element: a photo of my grandfather, Leonard Friend himself, pictured here in his WWII uniform standing next to my grandmother, Phyllis Friend.  I adopted his name in order to undertake a far greater standard to live up to than simply pursuing a career as Alex Feder.  
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This can’t all be love, this must be something else.  

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Hard at work on the followup, but in the meantime: “Serious Music.”