Yoga Mats as Art – Alex Ebstein MFA Show in Baltimore

Artist Alex Ebstein is currently showcasing her interesting Matisse-style art pieces at her MFA show at Towson University’s Holtzman Art Gallery, Baltimore. Ebstein creates beautifully constructed artworks from basic materials such as yoga mats.

The show runs until the 9th of May. Find out more about Ebstein’s work, on Sight Unseen.

Seth Adelsberger, Untitled (Submersive 4), acrylic on canvas on panel, 48"x36”


Guest Curated by Ginevra Shay


52 O Street NW, 202B

Washington, DC 20001

September 30 – October 27, 2013 | Opening Reception: Saturday, October 5, 6-9pm

Regarding Territory features an assemblage of contemporary artists whose works primarily focus on materiality and process. 

This exhibition investigates the diverging and connecting affects of technique, form, and imagery within works created by artists living and working in Baltimore, Maryland. The works in Regarding Territory retain their idiosyncrasies while speaking to an underlying investigation into the objecthood of a wide range of media.

Comprised of abstract painting, photography, collage, sculpture, installation work, and new media each artist showcases a distinct visual identity. 


Seth Adelsberger, John Bohl, James Bouché, Alex Ebstein, Dina Kelberman, Kim Llerena, Nick Peelor, Ryan Syrell, Kyle Tata

GALLERY HOURS     Wednesdays and Fridays 11-4pm and by appointment


Alex Ebstein es un artista de Estados Unidos que trabaja con una serie de variados medios y técnicas. Sus composiciones nacen de la mezcla de diferentes materiales que se unen armoniosamente para generar entretenidos juegos de colores y texturas. Ha participado en diversas exposiciones, tanto como expositor que como curador.

Visita su blog y su flickr para conocer más de su trabajo.

Alex Ebstein is an artist from the United States of America who works with a series of varied media and techniques. His compositions born from the mixture of different materials that are harmoniously gathered to generate fun games of colors and textures. He has participated in several exhibitions, both as exhibitor and curator.

Visit his blog and his flickr to know more about his work.

Artist of the Week: Alex Ebstein

Alex Ebstein lives and works in Baltimore, Maryland and is co-director of Nudashank.  Her work has been exhibited throughout the East Coast.

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Tell us a little bit about yourself and what you do.  I am an artist, curator and writer in Baltimore, Maryland. I co-founded and direct Nudashank along with Seth Adelsberger. We’ve been running the gallery for 3 years in March. I write art reviews for the local alternative weekly paper, and am a contributor to the New American Paintings blog. I also walk dogs 4 – 5 days a week to pay all the bills.

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If you had to explain your work to a stranger, what would you say?  I make mostly 2D work. Lately I have been working on abstractions with string, yarn, acrylic and enamel, sometimes using found objects and wax.

What kinds of things are influencing your work right now?  Limitations of space and time, and an accumulation of scrap craft and building materials, the internet, peers, and a slight satisfaction in compulsive and repetitious actions.

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If you could go anywhere in the world where would you go and why?  This week? Miami, because it will be the first time in 4 years that I have missed the fairs!

What artists are you interested in right now?  Hermonie Only, Seth Adelsberger, Ted Gahl, Sam Falls, Conor Backman, Caitlin Cunningham, Jordan Bernier, Tracy Thomason, Bettina Yung, John Bohl, Andrew Guenther, Noam Rappaport, Jimmy Joe Roche, Dianna Molzan, Brian Bress, Leif Parsons, Amanda Ross-Ho, Tauba Auerbach, Mark Hagen, Matt Connors, Zach Stadel, Win McCarthy, Steven Riddle, Lesser Gonzalez, Maria Walker.

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What was the last exhibition you saw that stuck out to you?  Sarah Braman’s Yours at Mitchell-Innes and Nash is stunning. My favorite show I saw this month.

How long have you lived in Baltimore and what brought you there?  I have been living in Baltimore since 2003, when I moved from Connecticut to attend college. When I graduated in 2007, I briefly lived in Brooklyn, working as a photo intern at TV Guide and then as art assistant at Lucky Magazine. They were both really fun jobs, but didn’t leave me a lot of time to make work. I moved back to Baltimore before the year was out.

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What’s your favorite thing about Baltimore?  An active, serious art community that is innovative, encouraging and continues to create opportunities to showcase local talent.

What Are You Really Excited About Right Now?  In April, we’re (Nudashank) going to work with Western Exhibitions to put on a solo show for Geoffrey Todd Smith, who’s work I have been a fan of for a long time, and a cross-program group show during the Baltimore Print Fair!  So exciting!  Chicago and Baltimore should merge.  Also, changing up our pace at the gallery with a string of solo shows: Ryan Lauderdale, Jordan Bernier, and Gina Beavers!

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What do you do when you’re not working on art?  Aside from the gallery and assorted freelance jobs, I really love to cook.

Silvermine Arts Center New Canaan, CT August 3 - September 14, 2014 Opening Reception: Saturday, August 2, 5-7pm Curated by Ginevra Shay, Independant Curator and Program Manager, The Contemporary, Baltimore MD Contemporary Cross Section presents a sample of the vibrant and challenging work being produced in Baltimore, MD. A wealth of media and methodologies are present, ranging from ceramics, painting, and photography, to internet-based interactive new media, LED light works, and commercially fabricated carpet paintings. The abundance of materials and methods underscores the absence of any homogenized style or school to be found within the Baltimore arts. This fruitful proliferation is one of the key components of Baltimore’s art scene. Space is another crucial factor for these artists. Not only the ample working space afforded by the city’s post-industrial landscape, but the space for aesthetic and conceptual mobility. Driven by artist-run spaces and DIY mentality, artists in Baltimore are freed from many of the constraints common to the more established art centers. This high degree of flexibility coupled with rigorous conceptual discourse are underlying factors that unify the artists in “Baltimore, Contemporary Cross Section."  Seth Adelsberger  Daniel Conrad  Molly Colleen O'Connell  Alex Ebstein  Lisa Dillin  Andrew Laumann  Hermonie Only D'Metrius Rice  Ryan Syrell  Kyle Tata David Ubias Wickerham & Lomax (FKA Duox)