Alex Ebstein es un artista de Estados Unidos que trabaja con una serie de variados medios y técnicas. Sus composiciones nacen de la mezcla de diferentes materiales que se unen armoniosamente para generar entretenidos juegos de colores y texturas. Ha participado en diversas exposiciones, tanto como expositor que como curador.

Visita su blog y su flickr para conocer más de su trabajo.

Alex Ebstein is an artist from the United States of America who works with a series of varied media and techniques. His compositions born from the mixture of different materials that are harmoniously gathered to generate fun games of colors and textures. He has participated in several exhibitions, both as exhibitor and curator.

Visit his blog and his flickr to know more about his work.

anonymous asked:

hi! i love your blog, great collection of abstracts! could you pelase recommend any artists on tumblr to follow? i'm doing an art a level and looking for unheard-of artists to study. many thanks!

Thank you! :) Here are some of my personal favorites that I’ve come across in the past few months:

  1. Tiziano Martini
  2. Alex Ebstein 
  3. Stella Maria Kotsaki 
  4. Marco Anaya
  5. Jonas Taube (2) (3)
  6. Ben Edmunds
  7. Dennis Kapouranis
  8. Martin Piolatti
  9. Tom Moglu
  10. Eric Albright
  11. Hayashi Takahiko
  12. Brian Cypher
  13. Hernan Paganini

Apologies to my other followers if you are not on here, I probably have not gotten around to checking your work; please send a message if you would like me to do so!