quick primer for if ur gonna listen to bohnes !!

bohnes is the newest (2015/16) project by alex deleon, formerly frontman of the cab. if you liked whisper war, this could be for you!

he used to look like this:

here he is with patrick stump:

and brendon urie:

william beckett?:

now bohnes looks like THIS

… impressive, right?

anyway !!! bohnes has released three songs.

guns and roses - my personal favourite. the genre is… alternative pop? idk. it’s got a good dance part n stuff, and the verses get u GOING. it’s like.. edgy dance. i love it. click, click boom

middle finger - more of a ‘fuck you’ song. anthem. has the lyrics ‘so I put my middle finger up / i’m done being your slave
my generation’s had enough / and you should be afraid’
v fuck you and “i’ll be fine without you, look at all the shit you did to me and i’m STILL fine’ etc. good beat

witchcraft - i’d count this as more of a ‘love’ song. starts off slow and cute and, yet again, turns into something that makes u wanna dance. kinda sounds like a justin timberlake song at the beginning ?? wild. 

and if you like aesthetics, bohnes is still for you !!!!!! the music video for middle finger is v edgy aesthetic-y. and so is guns and roses. nice !! 

check bohnes out, see what u think!

I miss old pop punk bands

Am I the only one who misses old bands like Hey Monday, Hot Chelsea Rae, The Cab and now The Downtown Fiction? All the lead singers of these bands have gone solo and those bands have broken up. (Not 100% sure about The Downtown Fiction, but Cameron Leahy posted a solo single the other day on Twitter)

My brother just released the first single off his debut album and I could not be more proud of him. He has worked and fought so hard for this. It’s been rough at times but he’s always pulled through. He is one of my biggest inspirations. I love that I have him in my life. What I love most is that now he’s going to share his life with you. 

Please take a few minutes out of your day to listen to his song. It would mean the world to him - and me too. He’s album is amazing; I will tell you that from firsthand experience. It is honest and raw and so well put together. I cannot wait for you to see and hear more of him.

If you like the music and want to talk more about it I’m always willing. :D Let’s be friends?

jamie needs to follow people

hey !!! so my dash is getting kinda slow, i’m looking for more people to follow again! i’m mainly an old bandom blog (gym class heroes/the academy is…/cobra starship/panic! at the disco/fob etc) but my blog has a range of subjects!

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