Featured Artist ||| Alex Chiu (Portland, OR)

Alex Chiu would describe his art as strange and nonsensical. He creates fantasy landscapes using cartoon characters. He leaves it at that, and found his art as a platform to connect with others. He currently live in Portland, Oregon, works as a teacher and coffee barista. He lives in a two bedroom apartment with my wife, A’misa Chiu. He likes weirdo art, burritos, zines, punk music, and kung fu movies. He will be shoing some of his newest paintings in March at Stumptown Coffee Shop’s Belmont location. To see more, and to follow Alex’s upcoming projects, visit his website

Words from Alex:

“I’ve met some of the most amazing and inspiring people through my journey as an artist. Creating artwork has given be a sense of purpose and identity. I’d like to think that what I create will help me understand more about myself and the world around me.  I hope that others may be moved by that exploration as well. 


Inspiration List:

1)    Giant Monster Movies.  I have a tattoo of Godzilla on my right arm; he is shooting a blue laser out of his mouth.  My friend and I have a project called Marsuplala.  We’ve made giant monster outfits out of cardboard and paper mache.  We’ve been making our own giant monster videos.

2)   16-bit video games.  I still think Super Nintendo was the best video game console ever.  I like Street Fighter, Mario Kart, Ninja Turtles, Contra, and Mega Man X.  Everything I know about art and storytelling came from SNES.

3)   Weird Movies.  I’m really into Jodorowsky films.  I think I saw Santa Sangre during a horror movie marathon with my roommate in college. It changed my life.  My favorite movie to this day is Holy Mountain.  I also love David Lynch, Harmony Karine, Jan Svankmajer, David Cronenberg…. those types of directors.

4)   Underground Comics.  I live in a city with some of the coolest comix artists in the world.  Check out Snakebomb Comix.  Work by Tim Root, Patrick Keck, Chris Cilla, Ian Sundahl, J Fish, Sean Christensen, Daria Tessler, Asher Craw, Bwana Spoons… The list goes on forever, and we all live so close to one another.  Also, Floating World Comics is the best comic book shop in the world.  

5)   Spirituality and Mythology.  I hope to live a meaningful and fulfilling life.  I am open to all that the world has to offer.  I’ve learned much from studying religions and understanding mythological archetypes.  I enjoy listening to Joseph Campbell and Houston Smith.  I hope to reach enlightenment one day.