@kennykfromdaa photographed by @alexdrogers 


 ”The Imitation Game” Cast receiving the Ensemble Performance Award at the Palm Springs Film Festival

“In ensemble fashion. I’d like to say the following: We…love…Palm…Springs…Thank…You…Very…Much…Good…Night…For…Hooray!”


Next summer

kevin h. ( @hevkamp ) at @factorchosen atl photographed by @alexdrogers

dad magnus
  • wearing horrible hawaiian shirts
  • he has a beard
  • alex pretends to hate the beard
  • but she legitimately hates the shirts
  • magnus can cook, actually
  • he makes homemeade pizza
  • magnus’s and alex’s wedding rings have perthro (the rune) inscribed on the underside
  • because they’re already part of the godsdamned family and they aren’t going to forget that
  • magnus has long hair
  • he’s very tan, now
  • boi got a bit of a belly
  • but he wears it well
  • he would take them all on camping trips, to the same place he used to go with his mom, and tell them stories
  • does a mean barbecue
  • older dad magnus walks around in flip-flops, khaki shorts, and hawaiian-print shirts
  • he’s not really your typical rough-and-tumble football dad, though
  • alex is the one who can do football
  • alex has nearly murdered him with a football
  • dad magnus being the most understanding, chill parent you could ask for