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UPS vs FEDEX dance battle!

“Get Low” by Lil Jon & the East Side Boys | Dance Collaboration

Fedex: The Williams Family

UPS: Josh Killacky, Jake Deanda, & Alex DiTommaso

Cameo by David Moore


When DRAKE comments on your Instagram post!

By David Moore, Josh Killacky, Alex Ditommaso, & Jake Deanda

The Original video

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“Gyalchester” by Drake | Choreography by David Moore & Jason Rodelo

ft. dancers: Josh Killacky, Alex Ditimmaso, Jake Deanda


-We keep our dignity.


When the Cirque Du Soleil: Reflekt cast hits the playground

“Walk it Out” by DJ Unk | Choreography by David Moore

ft. dancers: Jake Deanda, Evan Moody, Kileigh Williams, Kassidy Bright, Alex DiTommaso, Jason Rodelo, Jaira Miller, Kelci Schu

It’s great to have “Love, Simon” but lets not stop here

I love that “Love, Simon” is getting the attention it deserves, Aristotle and Dante should be great too but I hope we can see more LGBTQA+ YA fiction come to screen like 

Beautiful Music for Ugly Children by Kirstin Cronn-Mills

While a trans coming out story, BMFUC doesn’t only focus on that aspect of our main character, Gabe’s, life but on his struggles with friends, romance, and his growing fanbase for his radio talk show, while it has its harder moments i feel this would make the perfect summer feel good movie any teen, trans or not, could enjoy

With a book focusing on a trans FTM character, i thught it would be best to pair it with an  trans MTF book

Jess, Chunk, and the Road Trip to Infinity by  Kristin Elizabeth Clark

This is a dramedy coming of age book about Jess, a transgender girl taking a road trip with her best friend Chunk the summer before she heads off to college, she is going to her fathers wedding to confront him about something that changed her and her mothers life, all while she and Chunk site see, star log, and even fight as they try to confront all kinds of feelings. JCRTI doesn’t only talk about the experience of being transgender but talks about sexuality and understanding those around you and how they feel, but over all is a fun read that would fit nicely into the summer indie feel 

And if you’re craving more adventure than more grounded LGBTQA+ stories we have great material like Hero by Perry Moore, Not Your Sidekick by C.B. Lee, Proxy by Alex London and many more!

We should hope for more in LGBTQA+ film to be diverse in not just representation, but genre, theres so many story’s to be told, who says they shouldn’t be gay? 

Sorry if i really only went in depth with two trans YA books, Im a little biased as a trans guy myself, but feel free to add your own picks of what you’d live to see on the rainbow screen! Theres so many books to adapt this could be a mile long post


L’CHAIM [x x x x]