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Ragnarssons Headcannons: The Proposal

Requested by Anon: Viking headcanons for how they would propose, what the ring would look like

A/N: Who doesn’t want a little fluff on a Monday! ☺️and also I’m having a hard ass time finding pics of Marco and Jordan. They both apparently just live in gym pants and take weird photos. If you can help me, please send me some of them 😂


- after dating him for over six years he finally decides he wants to have you forever

- He talks to his dad trying to gain whatever wisdom he can about marriage and how to handle it

- “What if I get tired of her?” Ragnar shrugs his shoulders and casually rolls his eyes. “Every marriage has dry spells. Your the man of the house. Spice them up or are you not man enough?” Bjorn nods his head. “Were you not man enough for my mother then?” “I’m a bad example Bjorn, shut up smart ass.”

- Takes the proposal extremely serious because his freedom has always been his most valued

- Searches for your ring for over three months, and each one is never enough until he finds the perfect one.

- Takes you beneath the night sky on his yacht Odin’s Grace, because he feels calm at sea.

- He has a great meal prepared for you and is nervous the entire time. He talks about random things and rambles for about an hour before he finds A reason to go get the ring. “Will you be okay on the deck while I run and get some more wine?” You answer confused as to why he asked. He loved you because you handle your own.

- He returns with no champagne or wine swaying nervously in front of you and then gets on one knee. “I know I’m not necessarily a good guy- fuck. I mean I know I make mistakes but Uhm I would love to spend the rest of my life making mistakes with you.” He pauses griping under his breath. He cuts his eyes over at you trying to control your hysterically laughter “Y/N will you just marry me? You know I’m bad at this?”

- He retrieved the golden velvet box from his dress pants and reveals the cushion cut 4K diamond ring. “What do you say?” He watches as your laughter turns into sniffles shaking his head confused. “No no no, you’re supposed to say yes and we have sex on the deck under the night sky.” He stands towering over you lifting you to him. “Y/N.”

- Regrets making you cry but is really happy when he hears the muffled reply, “Yes.”


- Ubbe is always sure of what his heart wants and has been planning to marrying you since you swiped right on Tinder.

- Confides in Ivar who is not interested in hearing his worrisome conversations, “Do you think It’s too soon?” Ivar stares at Ubbe dumbfound and after a few moments of silence responds. “You two are fucking annoying. Please get married so I don’t have to hear about it anymore.”

- Goes through great lengths deciding what ring to get you and where to propose to you at.

- The morning of the proposal he dresses in awkward clothing. A black button down with blue jean shorts and you head to town for the Cotton Candy festival

- Ubbe wins stuffed animals for you, so much you watch as he gives a few pieces to the children and all the vendors hate him.

- The music, “MARRY YOU” by Bruno Mars, starts over head and the crowd around you starts to dance and you both seem confused at first until Ubbe just starts grinning

- You shake your head watching the dancers surround you in a circle doing their dance moves and all smiling and it ends with you turning to see Ubbe on one knee

- He does a small head bob and then laughs playfully at you squirming with excitement, knowing he’s the corniest person you know you almost expect it. “Y/N, will you marry me?”

- You jump up and down as you nod yes and he slides the princess cut ring up your finger. He first bumps as the music ends and the people disperse and leave you two standing in the middle of the festival embraced in your first kiss as a married couple


- has been thinking about marriage for some months with you, pretty much ever since you cooked that Christmas dinner he keeps talking about non stop

- Confides in Sigurd because he’s the most logical thinking brother, not direct like Ivar/Bjorn and not all for love like Ubbe

- Sigurd listens attentively to everything he tells him. “I love her, she’s amazing. She has this meal she cooks that is just heaven. I don’t want to be with anyone else.” Sigurd rubs his chin raising his eyebrow. “Do you love her or her skills in the kitchen.” Hvitserk laughs. “Can I not love both? But truly she’s a angel. Her smile, her eyes and the way she listens to me complain.” “If you love her brother, go through with it. And for this advice I hope I’m the best man.” He says patting his back

- Has three different plans in his head. All include you cooking and him watching, with hopes of you two ending up naked at the end of it all

- Goes grocery shopping having Pinterested different foods with you and you two start your venture for that day. He trusts you to make the crust for the pie placing the small bag of flour in front of you

- You don’t complain as you sprinkle the flour onto dough you made but then feel something in the flour tossing the bag to the ground causing an array of flour to puff into the air “it’s a bug!” You scream jumping into the chair staring at Hvitserk as he scrambles to the ground

- You stare confused as he sifts through the flour feeling for the ring and then standing up holding the ring. The oval cut ring glistens in the kitchen light and he’s covered in flour from head to toe. “Woman, you damn near just lost $2345.98.” He chuckles. He does get on one knee already lower than you. He looks up at you in the chair. “Uhm, I did not prep for this, not like I should have. But can you marry me?”

- “Can I?” You giggle as he stammers through his proposal. You shake your head. “I will Hvitty.”

- He jumps up sending another pouch of flour through the now destroyed kitchen and kisses you


- Ivar’s been thinking about marriage for only a little while, he doesn’t find himself husband material and is highly afraid you’ll reject him. You’ve never even shown him signs of rejection.

- Discusses us with Aslaug who surprisingly adores you. “Mother, I’ve been thinking of making Y/N, my wife. It’s all I think about here lately.” Aslaug sips her tea looking out into her small garden. “I think that would be a good idea. She levels you.” He scoffs. “I’m already leveled mother.” He pauses. “She’s perhaps a level up for me.” He grins strolling through his phone for the perfect ring.

- Like Ubbe he has a plan, the first of which is to ask your parents for permission. He does heeding the warnings from your mother and the never ending list of threats from your father, but they both say yes knowing he’s what’s best for you.

- He orders food but throws away the boxes in the outside trash so you think he’s cooked and invites you over. Ivar dresses in all black and has set the table upon your arrival and everything goes as normal

- He’s not nervous but actually mesmerized by you wearing the same dress you always wear on Friday night date night. He’s content with the fact you can wear it over and over and it still look new to him.

- He doesn’t give a grandiose speech he just brings desert to the table with the silver plate cover and removes it. Ivar watches as your eyes water and he sits back down across from you. Your eyes are hooked the onyx black wedding ring. “Now I can understand if you want to say no.” He whispers trying to search your face for an answer.

- You say nothing for a moment. “Now I would say no?” You beam. He jumps up from the table spilling the champagne but doesn’t care as he makes his way over to you and kisses you.

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Ragnarssons Reactions

With some help from the talented @ivarswickedqueen !!! Thank you love! 😘😘 this is for readers 18+ and contain NSFW GIFs

The boys reaction to walking in on you masturbating.


  • Walks in looks surprised
  • “Baby if you were horny you could have just told me.

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  • Walks in and watches you. You stop.
  • “No love! Please continue.

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  • Walks in smirks and starts to stroke himself.
  • “How about we take care of each other rather than ourselves?”

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  • Walks in and right up to you. “Being a bad girl again I see.”
  • “You know what happens to bad girls… they get punished.” He says with a devilish smile.

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A quickie before bed! I hope you all like it! Thanks again to the amazing ivarswickedqueen for the help! 😘😘


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Vikings Ragnarssons as Disney Princes


  • Like to travel and see the colors of the wind.
  • Like the women he meets when he travels.

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  • A true warrior.
  • If you were his shield maiden he would make a man out of you.

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  • Sweet and kind.
  • Just wants you to be part of his world.

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  • People see a rough exterior but is a loving softy on the inside.
  • Just wants you to be his guest.

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This cute little fluff ball before bed! Hope y’all like it! 😘😘

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Ragnarsson’s Reactions

This includes NSFW GIFs and this is for readers 18+!!!! This was a request from @rav3nb1ack for how the boys would seduce you.


You feel his big hands wrap around your thighs, parting them. He lowers himself inbetween you and licks his way up over your stomach and nestles his head between your breasts.


You feel a sharp scrap on your inner thigh making your suck in your next breath quick. You see him smirk and you feel his soft lips kiss his bite marks.


Always makes you feel like a queen. You feel him kiss each of your hip bones before throwing your leg over his shoulder for better access to your honeypot.


“Close your eyes.” He commands. You obey and the next thing you feel is a soft material, possibly silk, wrapping tight around your wrists. “You will surrender yourself to me.”

Ok I hope y’all like this one! 😘😘


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