yes, every time i tell you to do something you either do too little or too much. yes but i thought th- this isn’t the legion! okay. you don’t get to just- go rogue whenever you feel like it. so from now on, you don’t leave this building. you don’t breathe, unless i tell you too. is that understood? affirmative.

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Prompt: ARC, mother's day

Lena leaves behind a hole Ruby struggles to fill.

It’s hard, when her parents blame themselves and it’s all she can do to keep from joining them. While Ruby understands how it’s not quite their fault, and understands why Lena couldn’t stay, Ruby’s the one powerless to do anything about any of it, and it’s hard not to lay blame.

She emerges from her cocoon a few days after Lena leaves for Metropolis and tries to bring them all back to normal. Her parents fake it for her sake, and she fakes it for theirs, and together they fake an existence in an awkward, Lena-less limbo.

As May inches closer, Ruby’s anxiety cranks up. She knows what she wants to do months in advance, but letting her mom and Alex know is another thing entirely. She doesn’t want to be the one who shatters the normal they’re all faking.

Once April ends, every proposed distraction is a potential extravaganza. The new restaurant opens up across town, and Ruby suggests they go for family dinner– “and if you like it so much, we can make it our Mother’s Day spot!”

The Bare Naked Ladies come to town– “Oooh! Let’s do that for Mother’s Day!”– even though she knows they’ll be gone by then.

National City Parks Authority hosts a Mother’s Day naturefest (to celebrate mother earth), and Ruby balks. “Why don’t we go a weekend early, so we can skip all the crowds?”

At that point, Sam and Alex share a look, and Ruby knows the jig is up. Her stomach cramps into a nervous ball as her mom sets down her book and renders the softest gaze Ruby’s ever seen.

“Rubes, is there a reason you don’t want to celebrate on Mother’s Day this year?”

Ruby hesitates. A lump forms in her throat instead of words. She’d hoped to do this the easy way– celebrate first, then tell them why.

Alex’s gaze softens. “You know you can tell us anything, sweetheart. We won’t be mad.”

No, they won’t be mad. They’ll just be hurt. Betrayed. They’ll think she’s choosing sides, but she’s not that’s why she has to do this– “Iwannagotometropolisformother’sday.”

It comes out in a rush, and Ruby prays they don’t ask her to repeat it.

They don’t.

Neither of them say a word. Her confession hangs in the sudden quiet. Tears spring to her mother’s eyes, and Ruby rushes to explain before they fall.

“It’s not that I don’t want to be here with you– I do! I love you both so much, and I want to spend Mother’s Day with you, but… Lena’s my mom too!”

Tears spill down her cheeks before she can catch them. She can feel her face crumpling, lips pulling involuntarily into a frown that she tries to hide with her hand.

“She’s my mom too,” she repeats in a whisper, “and I don’t want her to be alone.”

It might have been Lena’s choice to leave. She might text Ruby every day, but Ruby knows Lena and loneliness are a dangerous combination. Deep in her heart, she worries that too long in Metropolis, too long in an empty penthouse, and they’ll lose Lena in more ways than one.

Her mom wraps her in a tight hug, pressing a kiss to her hair. “I think,” she says oh-so-softly, “that’s a great idea.”

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So season 4 is FINALLY here! I think with the season releasing later the wait didn’t feel quite so long? Maybe that was just me? I’m excited to see what the new season will bring to the table! Here’s hoping plenty of Danvers Sisters moments! I’m intrigued by Red Son version of Kara, I’m not sure what else to call her? Soviet Kara?

I just remembered…

That I saw Doomsday for the first time recently, and I would now like nothing more than to see the Mercy Graves arc climax in an all-out, no-holds-barred, bare-knuckle fight to the death between her and Alex.

No guns allowed.

Swords negotiable.

True story.

A friend just told me she broke up with her boyfriend. She tells me why and I comfort her. Then she tells me she has a secret. Me, being gay and always joking around about it with her, asks her jokingly if she’s gay.

I was not prepared for what she told me next. She straight up told me she’s questioning. Of course me being nosey, I ask what is making her question her sexuality.

Now I’m thinking she saw or knows some pretty girl and is developing a little crush on her or something like that.

She says me. She thinks of me…


no but women who play badass characters but are absolute adorable angels irl


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