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Hey guys! In celebration of our return from hiatus, we are doing an official Tumblr answer time with most of the cast and crew. We are so excited to talk to you all about Season 3, our recent trip to Emerald City Comic Con, and anything else you want to know!


Tuesday, March 7th @ 12PM PST/3PM EST


Lauren Shippen (Creator/Writer/Voice of Sam) 
Julia Morizawa (Voice of Dr. Bright)
Briggon Snow (Voice of Caleb) 
Alex Gallner (Voice of Adam)
Anna Lore (Voice of Chloe)
Charlie Ian (Voice of Damien) 
Ian McQuown (Voice of Agent Green)  
Alex Marshall-Brown (Voice of Wadsworth)
Mischa Stanton (Sound Producer)
Evan Cunningham (Composer) 

When the 7th comes around, make sure to head to our ask box and get your questions answered! And feel free to ask Qs to specific members of the team!

  • John: Guys I wanted you to meet my girlfriend
  • Lafayette: John, that's Alex in a dress and wig
  • Herc: *nods in agreement*
  • Alex: *in a very high pitched voice* Who's Alex? My name is Alexandra
  • Aaron: You couldn't even come up with a decent name?
  • Alex: FOR YOUR INFORMATION ALEXANDRA IS A BEAUTIFUL NAME *back to High pitch voice* I mean-
Let’s talk about the run on joke that is Alex Busybody’s voice which sounds an awfully lot like Sonic the Hedgehog’s

Those of you who watched the pilot episode, as well as know of the existence of Alex Busybody, would probably happen to stumble upon and even make you’re own jokes about his “Sonic voice’.

That’s Alex ^^

Now what you may not know about Alex is that he was actually, literally voiced by one of the many voice actors that voiced Sonic the Hedgehog, and for those of you that don’t know who Sonic is, this is him:

Now the voice actor went uncredited as said by Stefan when I asked for the name, but I got the name anyways:

Sam Vincent, also know as: Samuel Vincent, Sam Khouth, Samuel Khouth.

This is Sam:

I looked him up and found this, which is the proof he was a Sonic voice actor, or more his singing voice actor

If you can’t read that, this is what it says:

‘He is also known for Sonic’s singing voice in Sonic Underground

So, yeah.

Alex was literally voiced by Sonic.

I wanted to upload this before, but forgot. Here’s me meeting Alex Hirsch at the Big Festival in Saint-Petersburg, Russia. I’m giving him the comic I drew for him, which you can see here. I’m glad someone filmed me, his reaction is cute :D.
And I thought he was taller than me, but we’re the same height XD


So in classic fashion, I absolutely LOVED this new music uploaded to Brad Breeck’s soundcloud page, and I just had to add lyrics to it in a fit of inspiration!