The episode totally didn’t disappoint! Everyone, from Karamel to Sanvers to Winn and Lyra (we definitely need to make a name for these two) and even J'onn and M'gann all had their wonderful moments together! 💗

So… I have a feeling that I’m gonna have a lot to say about this book, good and bad.

I was thinking that I would do a blog series analyzing the book? Fact checking, theorizing, critiquing, that fun stuff.

I have an e-book about Alex and Eliza that came out recently and it’s about 9 chapters, so I could do this with that one and see how it goes?

What do we think about this idea?


MV25 - 9: Matching hight expectations is one hell of a hard task. Unless you’re Maverick. 

JL99 - 5: What does it take to make Jorge Lorenzo invisible at Losail, a track where he’s the one with most race wins ? Nothing less than a Ducati. But keep positive J, you’ll tame it!

MM93 - 7: He did not sparkled but we all know it’s the big prize he wants.

VR46 - 8: Sala-gadoola-menchika-boo-labibbidi-bobbidi-boo, Put them together and what have you got ? Another podium for this one. 

AD04 - 8: This Andrea might not be an alien but boy does he never fail to deliver.

DP26 - 6: Save what he could at a track neither him or the RCV likes. Better things coming soon for this duo.

AI29 - 5: He solemnly vowed this will be the last crash. Nope, don’t laugh, he’ll really try…

JZ5 - 7: Not a double Moto2 for no reason hey!

AR42 - 6: We do hope for more and we know he can. 

CC35 - 2: Two points for the effort but a double crash cannot deserves much more than that…

AE41 - 7: Impressive what this one can do once in a while !

Rush Song Reviews 032: Madrigal


Song Title



A Farewell to Kings




When the dragons grow too mighty
To slay with pen or sword
I grow weary of the battle
And the storm I walk toward
When all around is madness
And there’s no safe port in view
I long to turn my path homeward
To stop awhile with you

When life becomes so barren
And as cold as winter skies
There’s a beacon in the darkness
In a distant pair of eyes
In vain to search for order
In vain to search for truth
But these things can still be given
Your love has shown me proof

Summation of song in one sentence

Ladies and gentlemen, we’ve encountered one of those rare “Rush love songs.”

Best Lines

I long to turn my path homeward
To stop awhile with you

Overall song impressions/thoughts

After seemingly song after song on Rush’s first album of Geddy being a horndog, we get Neil’s attempts to write a love song. Ironically, it’s one of the shortest songs in Rush’s catalog.

That’s not to say it’s bad. This is tender and to the point. Not being one for saccharine sweetness1, I enjoy the melody and while Alex would probably like to shred the hell out of his guitar just for the sake of doing so2, the restraint from Neil, Geddy and Alex works. It’s a sweet song that doesn’t need overt innuendo to convey its message, unlike most “love” songs from hard rockers3 that dominated the rock music charts at the time.

Also, I love that there’s a reference to dragons4 in the opening lines, because what kind of 1970s Rush song would this be without reference to some sort of fantasy?


4 Hentor Sportscasters out of 5

Up next: “Cygnus X-1”

1.  If I weren’t already one, most of these kinds of love songs (mostly the dad rock stuff from Journey and those kinds of bands) would give me diabetes.

2.  Alex is in for a lot of frustration once we get into the 1980s and Geddy discovers the wonders of the Minimoog. In the meantime, Alex is one of the best guitarists on the planet and should have the right to shred the hell out of his Gibsons whenever he damn well pleases.

3. Led Zeppelin wasn’t subtle about these sorts of things. Also, there’s a difference between “love” songs and “I just wanna fuck” songs. “Madrigal” falls in the former.

4.  Literal or metaphorical is up for debate since the next line is “To slay with pen or sword”

Originally published March 19, 2017


(2016, Barry Jenkins)

Two years ago, Richard Linklater’s Boyhood was one of the major talking points of the year in film – a breathtaking journey that showed the coming of age of its main character over the course of 12 years. It was easy to see why it drew the acclaim that it did, yet at the same time centering a story around the experience of growing up as a straight white male in America gave off a slight whiff of been there done that. The technique was impressive, but we’ve seen that story told time and again over the decades in film. Something that we haven’t seen nearly as frequently, if at all really, is an equally affecting and intimate portrait of the existence of a gay black man portrayed on screen. Barry Jenkins is here to start to redress that balance with Moonlight, his first film in eight years, after his debut feature Medicine for Melancholy. Chronicling the transition from adolescent to teenager to adulthood, Jenkins casts three different actors (Alex R. Hibbert, Ashton Sanders, Trevante Rhodes) to depict Chiron, a man who spends his whole life struggling to find acceptance as he grows up in a rough neighborhood in Miami.

Forging a relationship with local drug dealer Juan (Mahershala Ali), who becomes a father figure to make up for the absence of one, and his affectionate partner Teresa (Janelle Monae) isn’t enough to save Chiron from the beatings at school that he receives for being different, the difficulty reconciling why it’s so hard for him to fit in, or the troubles he faces at home with his unstable addict mother Paula (Naomie Harris). It’s a very specific story, beautifully told with a style from Jenkins that resembles a form of meditative cinematic poetry, yet the greatest strength of Moonlight is that it never feels like a film that shuts off those outside of this particular experience. Rather, Jenkins builds a bridge of understanding that draws natural empathy for the struggles that someone living this life endures while also bringing forth universal themes that we can all relate to. I’m certainly not someone who has had to live with the difficulties that Chiron faces, but I was constantly finding moments and ideas throughout the film that spoke to my own experience, from the themes of loneliness and feeling like you don’t belong, to the ease with which you can slip back into the comfort of an old relationship, even after all of the terrible things that happened to drive you apart from that person.

For Chiron, that person is Kevin, a close friend who is also played by three different actors (Jaden Piner, Jharrel Jerome, Andre Holland) through each of the different time periods that Moonlight traces. Every actor excels in this remarkable ensemble, to a point where it’s almost disingenuous to really point to anyone as being the standout of the cast, but the film really hits its high point in the final section, almost exclusively devoted to one night between the two men years after they had gone off their own ways. Seeing them come back together, after so long apart with such different experiences, speaks tremendously to the power of what Jenkins gets across in his film, and the chemistry between Rhodes and Holland is positively electric. As is the case with the rest of Moonlight, there’s no pomp to Jenkins’ portrayal of this encounter, none of the exploitative poverty porn that can seep into films rooted in these kind of communities, nor any showboating from the director or his cast that would feel disingenuous in a film as quiet and unassuming as this. Jenkins simply lets this story exist in a way that feels organic, never drawing attention to itself, but always feeling potent and made from a place of deep understanding. It’s wonderful to see a film depicting this kind of experience being embraced as wholly as Moonlight has been, and one can only hope that it will open doors for opportunities to see a wider range of experiences portrayed in film moving forward.


Grey’s Anatomy 13x17

THIS FUCKING SHOW RUINS ME EVERY SINGLE WEEK AND I LIVE FOR THIS SHIT. I’m a glass down, so get ready for the amount of emotions that are about to play out because I have a shit load of feelings.

I want to start off with fucking Pierce’s mum, jesus christ my heart fucking broke for pierce, honestly. I do what she does to her mum all the time, i would react the exact same if my mother wanted a boob job, I wouldn’t be supportive especially because my mum has had the type of nasty divorce that she’s described. What she said to her mum about being lonely, jesus christ my heart and that last scene between Meredith and Maggie, god damn. When Maggie cries, I fucking cry and I’m all emo about it too. 

NEXT UP ON MY HIT LIST FUCKING OWEN AND AMELIA thank god Amelia finally said something more than give me time - she hit the fucking nail on the head, I almost screamed when she mentioned Cristina because she had every single fucking right to do that. It was unfair and I feel like Owen has been patient with her but it just boiled over and he couldn’t take it and that’s Owen, he falls in love with these beautiful women that have their own issues and have their own past and i have so many feelings for this. This happened with Cristina - they did play by his rules and then they eventually didn’t but jesus christ, Amelia has been through a hell of a lot, if you followed her on Private Practice you would understand exactly where she is coming from. You would understand why she can’t and that’s relationships and that’s reality, she wanted children, she had a child. She was an excellent mum, she did everything she could possibly do and she went through a real fucking tradegity and I just. Fuck i’m so emo over them as a couple because they almost want the same things and she’s fucking so right about everything. He needs to give her more reasons to want this, he needs to back the hell off and support her, he needs to be there for her and the parelleling of that older couple of surgeons was everything too. That really hit me so hard in the chest, every single scene Owen and Amelia share is gut wrenching and real, it’s so fucking realistic. She isn’t messed up and if she is Owen is right there with her. They are so perfect together and so wrecked together and that’s what makes their relationship so fucking compelling. 

Next up we have fucking DeLuca - can he settle the fuck down. Why the hell is he in love with Jo. FUCK I HATE DELUCA I’m not even going to waste anymore time talking about the mess that is De Luca - he really just bugs the fuck out of me. Why did he have to fucking say that right then at that moment. Jesus christ. 


Oh my god these two, my heart literally beats so hard for them. I love riggs and I love the amount of curiosity and beautifull-ness that is him and his wonderful feelings for bloody Grey. His speech in the end when he tells her that he just wanted to know her name was fucking everything. I would have asked him to take me on a date too. i love them, i love them so deeply and I feel like I’ll be complete fucking trash for this couple when they finally get going. I also love that she finally said to him ‘look give me a reason’. because seriously this guy, this guy is full of jokes and conns and the fact that he finally manned up and said something, man I was so here for it. The fucking dialogue of this show is everything. 

So many things happened man… 

Arizona and Webber, i LOVE THE RELATIONSHIP between these beautiful things and then you chuck in Bailey and it’s everything. i love that she can’t handle that webber hates her, he doesn’t hate her but he has a lot of pride and I can understand that, he doesn’t want to forgive both of them yet because his old school and that’s his hospital and that means so much to me as a viewer because he completely is okay with it. He understand’s where his feelings are coming from and I absolutely love that, I also enjoyed an episode without that new chick too, I wanted to see these characters really come into their own and they did this episode. 

I want to end on a really great drunk note and say that fucking Bailey and her husband are my fucking #goals. they are so fucking cute, I love them so much. 

I cannot wait for next episode and the ugly head that is owen and Amelia. I love that she finally cussed him out, I love that she mentioned fucking Cristina. This damn episode was everything. 

10 outta fucking 10 


Pre-Season is over and engines will roar into Losail straight in just about less than a week so, now, seems like a good time to put on the table what we’ve all learned from the tests.


There’s a magic duo in the Yamaha box that seems to be the package to beat. Unlike the last few seasons though it’s not Lorenzo aboard but new comer Maverick Vinales. The spaniard topped about almost every tests. He’s consistent, got the race pace, got the bike and team working perfectly. The only thing missing there is confirmation. Will we get that at Losail ?


Last season was a disaster and a massive disappointment for Pedrosa. Fooled last season into thinking Honda would give him (and other riders like Crutchlow etc…) a better bike or, at least, one you can ride way easier, he ended up in a nightmare that almost cost him his alien statut. Yet this time things are different. DP26 looks in a way better shape than he ever did last season. He may not be a favorite for the title but he could play out to be the key to it as a dark horse for most races. 


As reigning world champion, Marquez and his RCV should be the package to beat yet, like any King could tell you: heavy head, heavy crown etc etc… The spaniard had a better pre-season that he did last year but at Losail Marquez was shinning more by his ability for crashes than anything else. Yet, who could be stupid enough to bet against him for the Championship ?


As far as Valentino Rossi is concerned, he struggled way more this winter than he ever did at Yamaha before. The 2017 bike didn’t made much of an impression on MotoGP’s veteran and, when he finally got rid of Jorge Lorenzo, it’s for a replacement which is pretty much of the same… but YOUNGER. There’s work to be done into the VR46 box but we all know on Sundays he’s got the Beast mode ON and, unlike the Disney animated version of it, this beast takes no prisoners.


Suzuki didn’t particulary shine during the tests and seems to be just like last season, level speaking. Rins is a raw diamond but he’ll need time to be shaped into a bloody one. Iannone is fast but so… Iannone-ish. You just never know with this one. Without Vinales it looks hard to bet on them for the win.


Dovi’s looking impressive and very combative. He’s no alien yet we might have to remind everyone that without a few collisions (with DP or his own team mate…) the italian would have been way better in the championship standings. He’s got the motivation, he is fast and there’s quite a few races where we know the Ducati will be hard to beat. Might be this year or never if he wants to shine ?


All eyes where on Jorge Lorenzo this winter, and for a good reason. After years and years in blue he took on the massive red challenge that is the Ducati. He didn’t do any miracles so far yet his situation doesn’t look worrying either. He’s learning and adapting. Sure he cannot turn the way he used to with the M1 but he already goes faster in the straight than anybody else. The spaniard has a good shot at the win at Losail which, if he does, would give him access to a club so hard to enter that so far the only member is a certain guy named Rossi. Give him time and this package will work. Give him a full season of learning and this package might be one hell of a scary prospect to anyone else on the grid.


Tech 3’s new recrutes made quite a few sparkles. Folger was up to speed very quickly which was impressive yet if you’re asking me i bet on Zarco for the long run as his consistency will be key of that rookie battle. 


Bautista. Just WOW. Long time since we last saw him in this form. Amazing what a change of bike can do sometimes. He’ll do great during first part of the races but he’ll need to manage tyres destruction in the second half though as the Ducati is quite demanding when it comes to it’s wheels.


The pre-season shaped was seems to be a dual between new rockstar Vinales and reigning champion Marquez for 2017. Judging only by the test we could almost even give the big prize to Maverick already yet, as we learned in the past, there is no such things as Winter Champion. The real game starts on Sunday in Qatar and, oh boy, we know quite a few guys that would be more than pleased to give Maverick Vinales a run for his money. Being part of the elite is hard but being part of the Aliens Club is even harder. Guys, the wait if over, Let the show begin ! 

Moonlight (2016)
Movie Review by: Will Whalen

Moonlight is the story of a young black man who has a particularly troubled home life and deals with own struggles such as dealing with his sexuality and finding his place in life. This film takes place over three chapters of his life as a young boy, a teenager, and an adult. Moonlight stars Mahershala Ali, Naomie Harris, Janelle Monae and 3 separate actors that play our main character of Chiron or AKA Little and Black.

Before today, I literally had no idea what this movie was about. I haven’t seen a trailer or anything before I saw this and drove two hours away from where I live, to see this film by myself just based off hype. Because where I live, typically, we don’t get films like these. Let me just say, it was worth every bit of the drive and I don’t regret it a bit.

Like I said, I had no idea what I was going into before seeing this today and was floored upon watching this. This is a type of film that doesn’t really get a lot of light shown on the subject and when it does get done, it is almost never done with such emotion and such fantastically done filmmaking. Just a forewarning, this a heartbreaking and emotional gut punch of a film and to me, is a really important one, in many ways than just its subject matter. Although, that does have a lot to do with it because it really shows that hard truth and brutal truth of life and how it feels to be outcasted and alone and doesn’t hold back.

Moonlight comes from A24 which is a studio that has continuously delivered many great films and several favorites of mine this year alone. This is directed and written by Barry Jenkins and might I say, fantastically done in both categories of direction and writing. The directing however, is what I will praise most. With many long tracking shots and stand still frames that crafted and made a scene launch into a visually stunning and much more impacting film. You could tell that a lot of thought went into each frame such as themes to do with color or placement of someone in a frame. However the tracking shots were fantastic and one of my favorite things to be done in films and to see it done so often and so well, was great.. The lighting in this film was also done wonderfully and conveyed a lot of meaning. There was one scene in particular that reminded me of a scene that would be in a Nicolas Winding Refn film.

The performances in this film were fantastic across the board with a terrific child performance and probably one of the best of the year. Every actor that portrayed our main character, did a remarkable job maintaining this character across three different time periods of his life. If it weren’t for the fact that he is portrayed by three different actors, it would be on grounds for an Oscar nomination. A really great and grounded performance that is also given by Mahershala Ali that really hit deep for me. With three different parts, it always stays grounded and real, and never once strays away from the characters and always stays focused on what it’s trying to say and never feels preachy.

The first two acts of this are brilliant and are on a whole other level. With intense and heart pulling stuff but once it gets to its final act, it slows way down and that’s probably the biggest problem and maybe even the only problem with this film. That being said, it doesn’t ever get bad one bit. This third act is still fantastic but it seems to pull you out of the ride a bit and throw you off. After experiencing what was previously experienced, it just becomes a much slowly paced conclusion. I feel like maybe upon a second viewing, it would be less of a problem but if it weren’t for that, I’d say this is about as perfect of a movie as it can be. This is a gut punching and absolute heartbreaking film that is bound to make you feel angry, sad, make you cringe and even make you squeeze a tear or seven out and more often to watch, isn’t easy to watch.

That being said, it’s a fantastic, visually stunning, important, and among the most notable films of 2016 and one that should not be missed. Check this out if you can because it is masterful.

I’m going to give Moonlight...

4.5 out of 5 stars.

Rush Song Reviews 031: Cinderella Man


Song Title

Cinderella Man


A Farewell to Kings




A modest man from Mandrake
Travelled rich to the city
He had a need to discover
A use for his newly-found wealth

Because he was human
Because he had goodness
Because he was moral
They called him insane

Delusions of grandeur
Visions of splendour
A manic depressive
He walks in the rain

Eyes wide open
Heart undefended
Innocence untarnished

Cinderella Man
Doing what you can
They can’t understand
What it means

Cinderella Man
Hang on to your plans
Try as they might
They cannot steal your dreams

In the betrayal of his love he awakened
To face a world of cold reality
And a look in the eyes of the hungry
Awakened him to what he could do

He held up his riches
To challenge the hungry
Purposeful motion
For one so insane

They tried to fight him
Just couldn’t beat him
This manic depressive
Who walks in the rain

Summation of song in one sentence

Geddy Lee really likes the movie “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town”

Best Lines

Because he was human
Because he had goodness
Because he was moral
They called him insane

Overall song impressions/thoughts

At first, I thought that the following lyrics…

He held up his riches
To challenge the hungry
Purposeful motion
For one so insane

…was some sort of libertarian statement about how the Cinderella Man urged the public to “pull themselves up by the bootstraps.” After learning that the lyrics were about the film, “Mr. Deeds Goes to Town,” I realized I was wrong.

I don’t really have a lot to say about this one. Before I learned that this song was about a movie, I was ready to write a liberal/socialist screed about how the last thing we need in the United States right now is more greed.

I thought that this was about some poor sap who tries to do something good with his money and then realizes that all the people wanted was more money (In the betrayal of his love he awakened /To face a world of cold reality /And a look in the eyes of the hungry/Awakened him to what he could do) when in fact it references Gary Cooper’s love interest and the last third of the movie.

Taking into consideration what government representatives have said about the poor and infirmed in the United States in the past several weeks, I really didn’t need to hear a song about how we shouldn’t be investing in people who need a little bit of help1

I was wrong, and I’m glad I was. Imagine my relief when, while doing more research about this song, I found out that Geddy Lee (who wrote the lyrics) just really liked a 1930s Gary Cooper movie.

Next time I write one of these, I’ll try to take a more light-hearted and open-minded approach to my review.


3 Hentor Sportscasters out of 5

Up next: “Madrigal”

1. Needless to say, I’m all for a stronger social safety net in the United States and if you couldn’t tell from some of my more political posts on this Tumblr, I’m embarrassed by our current government leaders.

Originally published March 19, 2017

Dear Alex,
Don’t be an asshole and listen to Jo, let her finish, before saying any of your asshole-y words.

Dear Jo,
Just tell Alex already, come on, maybe your husband will get prosecuted too and grey’s can turn into a show about trials, that’d be fun.

Dear Meredith,
Tell Maggie you slept with Riggs, you just told her you won’t lie and then you lied after literally 2 minutes. Also, the least you can do is root for omelia, hours ago you were telling amelia she might be right and we can have more than 1 love, stop being so bipolar.

Dear Riggs,
Slow down, okay? And maybe stop being that attractive.

Dear Amelia and Owen,
CONGRATULATIONS BABIES and now give us actual babies, it’s time, you’re moving too fast already, and everyone on grey’s got babies at the v wrong time, you could too.

Dear Japril,
Continue being cute, don’t screw it up, thanks.

Dear Catherine,
I used to love you, stop being a stuck up bitch.

Dear Arizona,
You should be there to help Alex. I miss you. Hope you’re having fun in NY

Dear Bailey,
Nothing, I love you.

Dear Ben,
Man, stop being so irrelevant ???

Last Young Renegade - All Time Low

All Time Low is back, people and I cannot explain how excited 
I am for their new album. Titled “Last Young Renegade,” the single was released at midnight a few days ago and is nothing short of beautiful with sweet riffs laid over a pulsing bass line and crisp drums tying the whole picture together. Think Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist meets So Wrong It’s Right. All Time Low is one of those bands that has proved to stand the test of time through constant innovation to attract new fans, but almost never letting go of what makes them them. 

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Every Exquisite Thing by Matthew Quick

I would first like to thank Little Brown for sending me an ARC of this novel along with three other novels by Matthew Quick. This book was so inspiring and eye-opening to me in retrospect to how people feel when they think that no one cares and how sometimes families and people appear to be something when they’re really not. This was my first Matthew Quick novel, and it’s safe to say that I will definitely be reading more of his work very soon. The characters in Every Exquisite Thing are relatable to a wide spectrum of readers and develop beautifully into people who are aware of what they what from the world and what they want from themselves. I loved how we are immersed into Nanette’s life and her mind. This really allowed me as a reader to understand Nanette and her feelings throughout the novel and help me form an idea of who she was in my head. I highly recommend this novel to fans of All The Bright Places, it truly captures the same feel and essence that All The Bright Places brings to the table and goes even further than I imagined. This novel will truly change your perspective on life and how you will see the world.

Year in Review: Hockey Tumblr (january)


  • Bruins lose terribly to the Habs at Gillette stadium. Mike Condon had to be in net because Price was injured. the score was 5-1. not like this day has haunted me all year or anything. Claude Julien cuts off the arms on his hoodie to imitate Bill Belichick which i thought was HILARIOUS
  • WOMEN’S WINTER CLASSIC. it ends in a tie and Denna Laing suffers a serious injury. 


  • Jarome Iginla scores his 600th goal!! he’s up to 616 now


  •  Team Finland wins at World Juniors in Finland. Jesse Puljujärvi gets the MVP (Russia gets silver and the US gets bronze).


  • LEO KOMAROV IS NAMED TO THE ALL STAR GAME and yeah it was the leagues choice that’s how bad the leafs were at that time
  • Sidney crosby, out of excuses, plays like shit to avoid the all star game nominee entirely. finally gets to rest.
  • Johansen is traded to the Preds for Jones and they wanted to switch apartments but Johansen had a roommate. Jones still let Johansen use his. They crossed paths in the airport and it was cute.


  • Bruins become 2nd team to win 3000 games


  • Ovechkin gets 500 goals!!! Tom Wilson is left out of the bench clearing celly :((


  • Galchenyuk’s girlfriend is arrested for domestic violence and the habs handle it horribly by making him apologize for being a distraction. 
  •  Noah Hanifin sassily/bitterly responds to his NHL rating with “What did Mcdavid get for skating?” 


  • John Scott is traded to the habs because the yotes don’t want to send him to the All Star Game that bad. People are still hopeful he will be able to go but then montreal sends him to the NHL making him ineligible.



  • NHL caves and announces John Scott will captain the Pacific Division All Star Team
  • Habs finish their collapse when they officially drop out of the playoffs after a record breaking start (the good kind).


  • Jonathan Drouin is officially suspended by the Tampa Bay Lightning for not reporting to an AHL game because he refused to play anywhere but the NHL. Drouin and his Agent were trying to force Yzerman to trade him by not playing him at all. 


  • NWHL holds it’s first All Star Game !!


  • CWHL has their all star game and it’s broadcast on Sportsnet. over 6000 people were in attendance and 100,000 viewers on TV


  • Connecticut Whale coach resigns. Rumors of him being completely underqualified for the position start to pop up, CT Whale players definitey don’t seem happy with him. They still were undefeated by this point.
  • Mark Giordano is upset that the KHL uses Gaudreau’s light a hockey stick on fire gimmick in the shootout at their all star game. Suggests they light Gaudreau’s body on fire to get back at them.


  • NHL all star skills competition. PK dresses like Jagr. Burns dresses like a wookie. Larkin beats the speed skating record.


  • NHL All star game! Atlantic beats the Metro, Pacific beats the central and then John Scott becomes the MVP.

rest of the year (coming soon) in this tag

There’s nothing innocent about Miles Kane,’ Turner warns. ’He is the antithesis of innocence.
Ooh,’ Kane retorts, archly, ’you scampi fry.’

i want to be loved like an aquarium in a chinese restaurant

loved like an asterisk at the start of your name in someone’s contacts

loved honestly like when you have a free choice between your starters and pick charmander because it’s your favourite pokemon

loved tactically like your rival choosing squirtle because it’s the most likely to beat your charmander

and then the two of you go on a life changing journey across the world making an
eternal bond with your new best friend

sometimes we’re loved like the bulbasaur left on the table

there are no other trainers in pallet town
—  Alex Russell, “Lucky Star,” published in Spy Kids Review
Check out these reviews for Journal 3

“Here, gathered for your perusal, are some chilling facts and memoirs-a geography of the beyond and a portal to memories of one of the greatest shows ever."―Guillermo del Toro

"Gravity Falls is a place you wouldn’t want to live in. But it sure is fun to visit. A perfect combination of scary stuff and riotous humor that always keeps me coming back for more."―R.L. Stine, author of Goosebumps and Fear Street

Two of the big-wigs for children’s horror and fantasy! It sounds like it’s a good blend of scary and goofy, just like the show!!