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Sooo………this happened. I reached 2000 followers. Where do you guys come from and why?
Okay, I’m pretty sure most of you follow me cuz of the amount of JiKook I reblog. However if you’re here cuz of my fics, chats, edits or what not:
Even if you’re not for my own content:
You have no idea how happy it makes me when I see people like, reblog, comment on the things I do. 

I decided to screw the categories this time and just write all the blogs I like, I see a lot on my dash, are interesting, are awesome (all of them are) etc. 

So without further do, here they are:
(warning: a lot of artists incoming xD)

@koallou @chimchins @robins-art @yes-i-got-jams @fhawn @flowerboyscouts @ask-witch-namjoon @ask-witch-jiminie @ask-dragon-kookie @ask-jungshook @aramiint @totomochi @marys-artwork @ask-seokjinnie @seulin @yunn-ee @soregerimis @sheruxi @jeonjikookie @anaeiis @hosomiame @bubblyfelicity @eruzayne @satellite-jeon @rainy-raiin @maja-sinika @astro-child @sellianeul @catchbluestars @noej @our-kpopreact @kenmaisme @softraincloud @tanukai @staycute1234 @vacuumchan @eto-nani @aycalla @renkarts @seokjinyoung @jungkooksgf @p-mustacho @debrenner @ax-thelian @97salt @crystallurvesftbubblybaek @eternalxgyu @aletheia-l @jikookielove @junkthekook @tofublock @demigod-dems @helaxart @theashina @ask-joonie @ask-chimchim @refrainbow @berry-happy-tokki @jiminpoppins
@artofennun @kimnomster @classyrobotss @jamkook @ask-bts-stuff @minie-kookie @jiminniexmochi @blt-prf @hobieyo @xianmiu @notxela @mgitkart @confessionsofacoordi-noona @seonmuriya @fy-jungkook @noranb @eternaljikook @jimiyoong @kawacy @xotaebae @jungkuke @bottomkook @placeyoursinshere @armyforbts @tennouuu @iezz-art @cloudjimin @holyfuckmark @got7europe @pinjix @samittie @auriee @montrealae90 @koookie @jikookfic @jjibooty @dansunrevelucide @ask-college-seokjin @bloominflowers @chimilkeu @asteryskrainie @twinnoms @byebyesandwich @kharys @mirsuga @leewooji @candyscissors @taetaetown @jikookiejar @bangtanficrec @polkari-seuta @jihanlife @lightlsh @warriorrbunny 
And special place goes to special people:
@gzbnana @romanoakalovi @ieva990327 @bangtanpasta

(If I tagged two of someone’s blogs, sorry, pls deal with me)
To everyone tagged here and everyone else that I follow:
To all the artists:
Please keep making art, fics, edits etc., they mean a lot to us!

Last but not least thank you so much once again to everyone following me  ❤
Unfortunatly I didn’t pass 2 of my exams so I have to study for them again but I promise that once I get more free time I’ll spend it on writing and updating my fics. 
And one more thing, if you guys ever need to talk, rant or want to know something about me or my works, don’t be afraid to message me! 
I’ll answer everything, literally.

I’m sending my love to you all,
❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤  ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤

Matching haircuts.
Matching jackets.
Matching souls.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so utterly exhausted by a year, but 2016 has left me drained. Let’s show some appreciation for my wonderful mutuals and non-mutuals who have gotten me through this year  ❥❋ ❥❋ ❥❋ ❥❋ ❥❋

Ⓐ -  Ⓕ

@amyskhaleesi  @andquitefrankly @anakiun @astrologv  @atwells @avengher  @avcngrs @azurecas @barcnes @blxckwidow @bhrnes @buchunan @buckycap @bookthiefes @buckynbarnes @billycraplan @buckyforcap @chaoticlesbean @capdamn @clinatasha @capfalc @daisyridlay @dearestderek @dylanobrian @dontbeanassbutt @frozenheroes @frostgiants

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@greyjoyvs @ginarodrigucz @glorioustiel @havleyatwell @jeangreys @jamesrrhodes @jakegyllenharl @karlmordo @karlurbans @kilaem @letheinfurs @lostcap @ladylokid

Ⓜ -  Ⓡ 

@murdockmatthew @murdux @maeleks @mythohs @manbunjon @mcckingbirds @minyrad @minysuga @muilders @newtsckamander @nehmesis @natalias @nervousnotion @ofpipedreams @obiwanjedi @ohbvcks @paarkers @poedamxron @poetry-protest-pornography @perfectopposite @petermaximoff @phamsa @pvedameron @reichanbach @rogers @reneewxlkxr

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@snowystater @sebbys @sokovia @sgrntbarnes @sgtjimbarnes @sebastianfucker @starlord @spidcrwoman @starwcrs @sherolck @transuperboy @triwizard @tonystarkd @tchalla @terrasu @unmarvel @wadevvilson @wadewllson @worthytony @worthygamora @yenefer

I love you all so much, and I hope you all have a great holiday and new year! To anybody I may have forgotten, I’m so sorry <3

+ blogroll

IRL:  ❥ @vituperatio @tiraminsuga  ❥ @puddingirwin  ❥ @loutummyson  ❥                 @gh1bl1  ❥ @jacksunshinewang  ❥ @upsetalien   ❥ @nite-litess  ❥                 @swagnaroq  ❥ @supernuva

♡ Hiii! I just want  to show you how much I appreciate and love your blogs through this ff. Some blogs I found recently and many blogs are with me from beginning (+3 years?). I’m so happy that I met all of you and that I made this blog. You are the best, sending you a lot of hugs and kisses ♡ blogroll ♡   

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I’ve recently hit 1k, and to commemorate this incredible goal, I’ve decided that I would finally do a follow forever!!! I’m so but so thankful for every one of you that are following me and I just love you all so much!! 💕💕💕 here are some of the amazing people I follow!!

faves | mutuals


@aleclyghtwood | @alexkingstons | @amyskhaleesi | @annabethjacksxn | @appledore | @argentsxarrow | @arthrdarvill | @aryapendragxn | @astudyinfanart | @baneandalec | @bcukysteve | @bradbury-charlie | @bradleeyjamess | @brainygranger | @bucyk | @calpaldi | @captcnkirk | @castiell | @clarasfray | @claratargaryen | @clarissafarchild | @clvntbarton | @crystalread | @daenerrystargaryen | @daylghter | @dclete | @deducingsammy | @devoutdean | @diaxaprince | @direwinters | @drahgons | @dreamyclara | @drogonflames | @enchantedean | @eveharlow | @expectopatrvnum


@firelitcas | @flowerscas | @hayleysatwells | @hehulk | @herboloqy | @hermionegrangern | @hvrleyqvinn | @jamcsbucky | @jediknightrey | @johnwtasons | @jonsnows | @keradanvrs | @khaleesee | @lady-margaery | @leiasorgana | @lordsnovs | @lovelyargents | @malfoysdracos | @mariahill | @mastersmeg | @mccoyleo | @mightymalfoy | @milcsmorales | @montgscotty | @newtmazing | @ninazcniek 


@ohrphanblack | @ollvianders | @ontrenzalore | @paarkers | @papajensen | @pasteloswin | @peggycarthr | @perfectopposite | @petermaxlmoff | @poedameron | @precioussammy | @profesorhagrid | @protectmccall | @queens-clarke | @ravehclaw | @rebelamy | @rebeltennant | @recklessdean | @reichanbach | @rileysuns | @rogerrstark | @rosetylr | @s-blck | @sadcompanion | @sansapond | @scarlett-maximoff | @scotlmccall | @scottlamg | @scottmcclaws | @skywars | @spiderroos | @starcwars | @stcvcroger | @steverohers | @stormsborn | @tardislight | @targayrens | @tchallae | @thatexactleaf | @thehowlingcommanbros | @thirstychris | @unwinchesters | @wally-west | @wadamaximoff | @wcndamaximoff | @winchstrrs | @winterflell | @wolfsbaene

these are all incredible blogs that I adore, plus all of the people tagged are so nice and wonderful!! and since I’ve probably forgotten some amazing blogs, here’s my blogroll  ^.^

so i meant to do this a looong time ago, so here it is! i’ve made this with a hell of a migraine so please forgive me if i forgot you 💙

☁ links ☁
networks, blogroll

❄ holmeswins squad ❄
@highfunctionalsociopath @itsalwaysjohnwatson @wadebug @bisexualsoldier @cumber-scott @blocoderay @unseeng1rl @holmrs @lestrange-returns @bohemianns @zjohnlock @femlockaf 

💧 friends i love 💧
@daddy-freeman @clueingforlooks @thejohnlocktrash @girljohn @johnlockiseternal @joolsie @enjolraa @hockeyjohnlock @hisbuck @martinsbaby @namyumuse @betulookgoodinthedancefloor @vitoriademaria @coelho-perdido @bakerstreetlife @spazju @110bpm @foxmuldxr @mascherry @bisexualamy

👟 mutuals = sweethearts 👟
@aconissa @acespaceprince @consultingaytective @emojilock @femlocktm @femlocks @johnhatesmary @notmileskane @oldpaul @princesherlock @ricolettis @sherlock @sherlocksbelstaff @sherlockwatson @stimmysherlock @beetectiv @tinybeeholmes @marsixm @setlockhell @johnsjawline @princesherlock @johnlocken @monetlock @johloc @bebybee @letthechoirssing @lestrads @sapphlock @tenderlock @plutobf @consultingwives @dracotm @acdwatson @chimpsinsocks @crowndetective @futch @jiohn @theworldsonly @captainjohnwatson 

💎 angels i admire from afar 💎
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this is exciting!! i finally hit my first 100 milestone!! so to celebrate, i’m doing a follow forever! everyone tagged, your blogs are some of my favorites and keep doing what you are doing!! and to my mutuals [italicized], i love you all to krypton and back <3 (also bolded are in both SGNW and SG GC)

Supergays Group Chat:
@propunk-supercorp @lenaluthrr @karedanvers @alexdanvarz @superskara  @lenaluthhor @queerseth

Supergay Network:
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@agtalexdanvers @alexdanversdaily @call-the-danvers @chyflor @dailychylerleigh @dailysanvers @danversdonut @hot-damnvers @incorrectsupergirl @officialsanvers @saviorsanvers @supergaysource @superqueer @supersanvers @wouldyousingalong

        I just— am so blown away. I actually made Sachiko’s blog in late 2014 and abandoned her not long after ( and rp altogether tbh ). I only came back the October of 2015 and since then have had such a wonderful experience? Truly, I’ve met such unique and interesting people while having the pleasure of writing with them ( Honestly so many of you are hella talented!! ) I feel so incredibly blessed to have met the people I have and have the opportunity to get to know you all— which I’d really like to do! 

      BASICALLY this is just a small post of appreciation to say THANK YOU SO MUCH because I really do appreciate having this blog and all that follow it. Being kinda ill right now limits what I can do in my day to day life, but being able to focus my energy into writing and reading your writing and chatting with you guys is really super healthy?? So, you all inadvertently really make a big impact on my life and make a massively positive difference. So, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THAT. 

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So during the holidays, I reached the biggest milestone yet - 1K followers! I’m so humbled and honored that so many of you want to see my things on your dash. I wanted to do a little something for you guys to show my appreciation. Sadly, I haven’t had time to make any cc but with the favorite simblrs tag going around, I figured this was the best time to do a follow forever thing-a-majig. 

I follow a lot of simblrs and I’m constantly finding new, amazing ones so this is by no means a complete list. It’s also not in any particular order. But here’s a little shout out to some of my favorite simblrs: many who inspire me daily, who have helped me when i’ve asked questions, who have been there supporting me since day one. And of course, I couldn’t list all of the amazing people I’ve met here as that would take forever, so just know that you’re all super rad even if you aren’t on here! 

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To celebrate hitting 1,000 followers the other day I’m doing a follow forever! I appreciate every single one of you 1,000 and I’m so happy you’re here! When I first started this blog I thought there was NO way I’d ever make it to 1,000, and I’m incredibly thankful that you guys helped me get there!

#-C                                                                                                                        4everafaller abutterfly-on-your-shoulder alexa-eve animating-gravity ashley1297 ask–bipper ask-the-good-person askpixelthepony24680 ava-ria avafalls awesomepurplefaller awkwardgravityfallsscreencaps awkwardphotosofdipper awkwardpicturesofmysterytwins bigdippxr billdippin billdiptrash bipper-gifs bktrx blackjacktheboss boomsheika brobuscipan-12 caramelkeks cherryviolets chourios coniferqueenxx coolhumanbill countdowntofreakout coypuuu crazy-cipher cryingsalmon

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2015 has been a hell of a year— the lows have been crushingly low, but the highs have been euphorically high, and one thing is for sure: I couldn’t have made it to the end of this year without you all. All of you; the people who stopped me from losing my mind while writing a letter in German, the people who listened to me while I was down and comforted me, the people who encouraged me to go to the gig in Philadelphia, the new friends I made at that gig, the people who let me talk their ears off about my all-consuming celebrity crushes, the people who tag me in music and book memes and make me feel valued. And even if we don’t talk that much or at all (we should fix that, by the way), everyone’s blogs have brought me smiles and for that, thanks a lot. Everyone. And of course, Virginia and Bianca, I can’t ever thank you enough for what you did for me in Philadelphia that night. :) So thank you all for being here and here’s to many more years of that!


@1863-project @adreyhepburn @afeelingdeepinyoursoul @ahlindsayjones @aint-that-a-kick @anthonyperkined @archiegrants @auerbach1979 @avagardners @avasgal @babygrandd @bagginshieldhell @bertrampotts @billieviper @bluesytb @buscemy @capaldi @carygrantism @carygrantslover @charlesdances @cinemamonamour @cinemaocd @classickat @classicmoviegal


@danefonda @darlinghepburn @davis-astaire @deanmartiann @deborahkerr @deneuveing @desilous @diamours @disneydayandnight (+ @filminghere ) @doomwiitch @eldredpeck @eleanorspowell @errolivia @fa-la-fa-lee @francescabattistelli @fuckindiva @fuckyeahfredandginger @gayworth @genecurrankelly @gingerastaire @glamourofthegods @gonewiththeoldies @gottatap @grcntscary @greenkneehighs @gregorypecks @gummgarland 


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@vestatilleys @vinceveretts @vivienleighed @votedmostlikelytofail @whimsical-vanilla @wild-blooms @williamholdens

hello friends! as you can probably tell I made this post to celebrate another year and for it to be full of love, happiness, health and as many supergirl episodes as possible. (altho I’m 2 days late, lol sorry)

these are some of my favourite blogs I follow and I crazily adore! I hope this year all of you wonderful people fulfill your dreams and make some beautiful memories and experiences that help you grow! you all are loved :)

@gaygentdanvers // @supersanvers // @aledanvers // @dailysupergirl // @supermysteriouscat // @detectivessawyer // @biverly-earp // @sanvers-is-gay // @sanvxrs // @gaydanverssisters // @alexzorels // @heda-sanvers // @maggiesalex // @karadavers // @sawyersource // @sxnvrs // @sanverscentral // @alexpuppydanvers // @canonsanvers // @alexdavnrs // @danversgay // @wildsanvers // @detective-maggie-sawyer // @alexdanversaf // @alexdabvers // @danversdaily // @sapphicsanvers // @aledanvers // @haughtdanvers

cheers to all of you and may 2017 be a lit one!!!

Alex's 2017 Follow Forever !

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@angelsito 💕 @anqryboy 💕 @aroacephobe 💕 @autumngerard 💕 @awsugar 💕 @babylynz 💕 @ballato 💕 @bansheemcr 💕 @bleakweekend 💕 @boozsey 💕 @catholicfrnk 💕 @chokejpg 💕 @clasifieds 💕 @cobravevo 💕 @coffeefrances 💕 @creepylynz 💕 @dcwees 💕 @demolitionfrank 💕 @desolationrow 💕 @doompatrcl 💕 @emopunk @frankierosghost 💕 @frxnkieroshands 💕 @fuckbilliejoe 💕 @funsghoul 💕 @haaarp 💕 @hallaluna 💕 @hesitantcat 💕 @honeycharms 💕 @implicitdemandforwitchcraft 💕 @jerseypunk 💕 @jetsetgerard 💕 @jimmymsi 💕 @jimmyurjne 💕

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One monday afternoon, at about 5pm, I decided that I needed a twenty one pilots blog.

Little did I know that this decision would pretty much change my life.

A lot has happened since then!
I started to draw again (Thanks to endless inspiration by Tyler and Josh, their music, and the amazing artists both here and on twitter who never cease to create their art and inspire me to do the same.)
I started to write again (even though that’s kind of on hold, I will forever be thankful for the help, the brainstorming sessions together and the incredible stories other writers have come up with.)
I saw the boys live (twice. No words can describe what I feel thinking back to these experiences.)

But most importantly:
I met you guys.

I met funny, inspiring, supportive, creative and talented people, friends who’ve stayed for months, acquaintances, people I’ve just met or talked to briefly - but each and every one of you has made a difference in my life, and I want you guys to know that thanks to your ongoing support and help, I am more the person I was meant to be than I was ever before.

Thank you.


@teeentyonepilots @katiethebeat @blurrryspace @spookysdeath @thinkyoulovex @wdbwotv @flightlessnerds-ao3 @the-taste-of-silence


@kokiri-kelly @werebr0kenppl @prettyyweeper @spookyjimrippedmas @21dashes @dork-with-a-uke @joshsfrend

#follow forever

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@ahouseofgold @anahthema @chalupacabras @chilltyler @cottoncandyvvitch @durbanskie @genericbastilleblog @joshler @jawshdun @kylsimmons @laney-boy @melisica

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@no-skulls @obvlivions @oneanddun @plsbnkd @raeconart @skiesarepretty @spoookyjimxmas @stillstreetjosh @spookyjim-joshua @takeeittsloww @take-it-slow-tyler @twenlyonepilots @use-ur-glutes @ukulelee-screamo @vintagetyler @vesperteeen @wellfallinline

Every single one of you - written down here or not - means the world to me. I will never be able to thank you enough for the change and the positive development you’ve brought to my life.

If you follow me - thank you. You deserve the world and nothing less. Keep growing.

If I follow you - thank you. You’ve helped me through dark times, if you know it or not. I am grateful.

Lots of Love,Alex. ♥

i made a follow forever about two or so months ago but i really disliked how it all looked and how messy it was. but in those two months, i’ve become much more active on here and i’ve met some really wonderful people and have followed really fantastic blogs. so, along with celebrating the new year, it’s time for an updated (and a HUGE) ff!

just really quickly, i wanted to give a very special mention to a dear friend and someone who is extremely important to me, gamingmakesmehigh. angel is a very dear person in my life and i’m so thankful for him. he listens to me, always speaks of me so highly when i don’t deserve it, and is always checking up on me more than people irl do. he’s someone i hope to keep in my life, if not forever, then for a very long time. oh, and his blog is top notch and a major favorite of mine!

i used to really oppose the italics and bolded deal, but i’ve come realize it’s to appreciate those who deserve extra recognition for being great mutuals and friends. so, here we go.

- italics are blogs that are particular favorites of mine and/or are very lovely mutuals that i feel need to be acknowledged especially.
bolded are blogs and bloggers that have become good friends of mine, have taken time out of their day to send me encouraging words when i have my moments of anxiety, or are always there making me laugh and smile. basically wonderful friendships that i don’t deserve.

and before i end my incredibly long letter to you all, hover over the  for a special message from me to you.

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sorry for talking so much. i hope everyone has a great new year! ❤