alex's drawings

headcanons for my otps

i saw this on insta & thought it was cute so here we go!


  • nicknames in french & spanish
  • activist!john
  • alex plays the piano, john sings
  • celebration of their ethnicity
  • john drawing alex
  • 3am agua breaks(this is totally stolen from cornerstone)
  • sitting on the kitchen floor
  • historical lams: invented a code so they could be gay™ in their letters without fear of being found out
  • swearing in spanish or in french
  • shit talking people in public in spanish/french(my fam does this)
  • love notes in jacket pockets


  • baz plays the piano/violin, simon dances
  • couples cooking classes
  • “baz stop using your fire magic to warm things up youre gonna start a fire”
  • boyfriends who wash each others hair
  • baz speaking *insert every language bc baz is a fucking genius and u know by now hes learned 10+ languages to try to impress snow* to simon
  • watching the office together on saturday nights with takeout
  • the professor suits baz has to wear 
    • “at least its not as bad as our uniforms were”
  • simon is a loud + touchy drunk
  • fighting!simon
  • overprotective!baz
  • sea salt and vinegar chips are always on the grocery list


  • glasses!dean
  • scars from hunting
  • cas taking care of dean when he gets in fights
  • cas is totally into musicals
    • just imagine cas changing the music from whatever rock song dean is playing in the car to les mis or chicago
  • dean can sing
  • theyre both geeks
  • mario kart is intENSE
  • at first dean has to explain a lot of awkward things to cas
    • its like sex ed
  • flowers in their hair
  • cas loves documentaries
    • “isnt humanity fascinating dean?”

okay thats all i have right now.


Flying with Supergirl is always so great… for most people.


Little homage to the classic X-Men cover. Saw a Rick and Morty version of this and wondered why no one had attempted one with Gravity Falls yet.

Will most likely make this a print eventually.

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