alex's dad is the best


In this hour alone, we got:
• Sanvers’ “I love you”s
• Winn, once again, being the smartest guy in the room.
• Alex exceeding human levels of badassery
• Lena being a motherfucking queen
• Sanvers saying “I love you”
• Kara being so crazy worried about Alex
• J’onn being the best space dad
• Kara and Lena have a “date”
• Minimal Mon-El
• Maggie and Kara hugging and realizing how badass of a team they are
• Did I mention Sanvers said “I love you”?

Sanvers Minific Roundup (ft. a lot of Sara Lance, and Alex leaving all the DCverse girls shook)

Maggie tells Alex she doesn’t want to have rough sex right now –

James and Winn support Maggie while she (and Kara) support Alex through a particularly rough patch –

Nb!Alex and Maggie have sex for the first time since Alex came out –

Winn gets a call from his dad and turns to Alex and Maggie for comfort –

Adrian finds out Kara is Supergirl by being a total badass (ft. concerned queer mom!Maggie) –

The Superfamily goes on a trip to the zoo –

Gentle, hands-on Sanvers smut (kink- and toy-free) –

Maggie gets shot (she’s fine yall I’m not Jason Rothenberg) and has to learn to let Alex take care of her –

Nb!Alex comes to the Superfriends (ft. Best Space Dad Ever to Space Dad) –

Ace!Alex, Maggie, and a very sexy cuddle session –

Alex gets her teeth pulled and Maggie and Kara take care of her (ft. rambling!Alex on laughing gas and novocaine) –

Alex is newly sober and has all the support from Maggie and Kara –

Sara Lance won’t stop flirting with Alex, so Alex kisses her, and everyone is s h o o k –

Alex and Kara comfort a depressed Maggie (ft. Alex building Maggie a Depression Tent with blankets and pillows) –

Maggie bottoming for Alex (that’s… literally all the prompt asked for) –

The return of praise kink!Alex –

Alex is depressed, and Adrian watches how Healthy Lesbian Relationships work –

Sara Lance decks Manhell (ft. Sanvers and SuperCanary feels) –

Maggie feels shame about bottoming, and Alex reassures her –


Alex and Maggie being Amazing Queer Mommas to Adrian and other tiny queers –

Alex stirs up some bi feelings in Caitlin Snow (aka Alex rolls up and Caitlin is shooketh) –

Sara Lance and Felicity Smoak get up to queer shenanigans in a virtually empty airport –

First Broken Heart

George Washington x Reader, Hamilsquad x Lil sister!

OC Modern AU 

Sequel to: Meeting the Family, Becoming Part of the Family, Baby Washington, Welcome to the Family, Bonding 

Author: Lil Laddie

 Words: 1621

 Warnings: Violence, bad break up, overprotective big brothers 

Request: Have you considered writing another sequel for Meeting the Family? Where Alex and the baby bond or going to the distant future where her big brothers beat up boys that flirt with her or the guy who broke her heart? Or both? It’s always up to you, but I would love to read it! -anon 

A/N: I hope this is what you were looking for when you requested it! I honestly love writing about Gwash fam and maybe in the future I want to write about the hamilsquad being the most annoying teenagers that George can’t even handle lol. But I hope you guys like this one! I love y'all! Have a flipping incredible day!!😘 

Over the years you and George had watched the boys and your little girl grow up. Before you knew it, Eleanor was in high school and had a boyfriend that she was head over heels for. The once loud house was now quiet as the boys now went to college or had a steady paying job and apartment. Time had passed much too quickly for your liking and you would sometimes wish to have the old days back when all 7 boys lived with you and George.

“(Y/N)!” George called, running into where you were reading your book in the living room.

“Yes?” You replied, not looking up from the book that was much too intriguing to put down.

“I just got 7 different phone calls from 7 different boys we know. Apparently, they all have decided to come down here for a weekend to take a break from school and work.” George smirked, waiting for your reaction.

“What? They are coming home?” You squealed, jumping up from your seat in excitement.

“Yes.” George chuckled, watching you dance around the room with joy.

“When will they be here?” You grinned, the thought of your boys coming home to see you making you be on cloud 9.

“They will be here Friday afternoon. I already told Eleanor and she is ecstatic to see them again. It’s been much too long since we last saw them.” George said, pulling you to his side and pressing a gentle kiss to your lips. “The whole family will be here again.”

“You’re still the best dad they could ever hope for.” You complimented, kissing him softly before running out of the room to get ready for the boys.

“All I get is one kiss?” George called after you.

“You can have more once the house is ready! Our boys are coming home!” You giggled, knowing George was left in the living room with a look of disbelief on his face.


Friday had come before you knew it. You and George were pacing the house waiting for the boys to arrive. Eleanor was yet to come home from school, having gone straight to her boyfriend’s house for a little bit. She said she would be home for dinner and would spend most of the weekend with her older brothers.

Breaking the tension of both George and you watching the clock, Hercules slammed open the door and ran at the two of you. Alex, John and Laf  followed quickly after him.

“I’ve missed you guys!” Hercules cried, squeezing both you and George tightly in his arms before the other three stole you and George away in hugs.

“We’ve missed you boys, too!” You laughed, all of them shoving each other out of the way to get another hug from both you and George.

“The favorite child is here!” Thomas announced, strutting through the door with James and Aaron on his heels.

“Boys! Welcome home!” You exclaimed, pulling all three of them into a tight hug.

After lot’s of hugs and kisses, it had finally settled down. Everyone was gathered around you and George in the living room, just like they always had when they were younger.

“Where’s Eleanor?” James asked, noticing that the girl was not in the house.

“She’s at her boyfriend’s house right now. She’ll be back for dinner.” George said, the boys faces all dropping the once wide grins they had.

“Boyfriend?” Aaron asked, his eyebrows furrowed in disgust. “She’s too young to have a boyfriend.”

“Aaron, most girls have a boyfriend in high school. It’s normal.” You shrugged, not really seeing the reason for concern.

“She’ll get hurt! They won’t be able to treat her right!” John exclaimed, his face filled with worry.

“No one’s good enough to be dating her! They probably don’t deserve her!” Lafayette yelled, the other boys nodding their heads in agreement.

“Boys, if we didn’t trust this boy we wouldn’t let her date him. You can talk to Eleanor about it tonight at dinner. She’s fallen hard for this boy, I doubt you could convince her not to date him.” George said, the boys scowling at the thought of a boy having control over their little sisters heart.


All of you were in the kitchen, talking and laughing as George and Laf cooked. Those two were always the chefs of the family. The sound of the front door slamming caught your attentions. As did the loud sniffles and hiccups of Eleanor crying.

“Eleanor?” You called, sprinting to find her, the following your lead.

You ran up the stairs to Eleanor’s room. The door was shut and her quiet crying had turned into loud sobs. She was muttering something you couldn’t understand under her breath. You knocked lightly on the door, hoping she would actually open it.

“Who is it?” She called, her voice raspy from all the crying she had been doing.

“It’s (mom/dad).” You said softly, hearing a squeak come from her mattress.

The door was flung open and Eleanor fell into your arms hiccuping. You held her gently, rubbing her back in a soothing motion.

“What happened?” You asked, your voice barely above a whisper.

“H-he dumped me! I loved him!” Eleanor sobbed, holding onto you for dear life.

You held your daughter close to your chest, trying to calm her down. While this was happening, the boys stood a couple feet away watching the two of you with a mix of sadness and rage. No one was allowed to break their baby sisters heart like that.

“Here’s the plan, me, Herc, and Thomas will beat the boy to a bloody pulp while you four go comfort her. Also, figure what he did to her and text it to one of us.” Alex growled, taking charge of the situation.

The boys nodded, splitting into the two groups. George watched them from the bottom of the staircase,  his arms crossed over his chest. Alex, Herc and Thomas almost didn’t see him as they stumbled quickly down the stairs.

“Where are you three going?” George raised an eyebrow, the boys looking at each other in panic.

“We, uh, so you see…” Thomas started, racking his brain for a valid excuse.

“You do know that it’d be illegal for you three to attack this young boy right?” George asked, watching all three of them turn pale at his words. “Don’t doesn’t mean you can’t scare him though. I’m pretty sure his address is on a paper on the entry table, but I’m not sure. Someone must have left it lying around.”

“Thanks dad you’re the best!” Herc grinned brightly, as did Alex and Thomas.

“For what?” George asked, turning to walk up the stairs.

“For giving us the address.” Alex said, wondering why he had to remind his dad.

“I have no idea what you’re talking about. In fact, I never saw you before you left.” George turned at the top of the stairs to give the three boys a stern look. “Understood?”

“Yes sir!” Thomas said, giving him a mock salute.


“Was I not good enough?” Eleanor asked, crying into Laf’s shoulder as James held one of her hands tightly.

“Honey, he wasn’t good enough for you!” John exclaimed, only making the girl cry harder.

“If I was too good for him, then why did he dump me?” Eleanor cried, turning to look at John with a glare. “Wouldn’t it have been the other way around then?”

“Ellie, none of these high school kids ever going to be enough for you. You’re amazing and all these kids will pretend to be enough and when they realize they aren’t the run away.” Aaron said, pulling your hair back from your face in a braid.

“Then why did he tell me I wasn’t pretty enough and that he was going to start dating this other girl at my school instead?” Eleanor sniffled, all the boys in the room stiffening at her words.

“He told you what?” George asked, his whole body tense and his jaw clenching.

“He told me I-I wasn’t pretty enough.” Eleanor repeated, her voice cracking from the dryness.

“I’ve never felt more of an urge to kill something.” James muttered under his breath, pulling Eleanor away from the others and into a tight hug. Behind him Laf was quickly typing a text to the others about what they just learned.


You were waiting by the door when Hercules, Alex and Thomas tiptoed inside.

“It’s past midnight, where have you three been?” You asked, watching them jump in shock.

“Sorry didn’t see you there.” Alex chuckled nervously.

“George won’t tell me where you three went. He’s acting like he knows nothing, but we all know he’s a terrible liar. What did you three do?” You asked, the three of them exchanging a silent conversation through nods.

“All you need to know is that we made sure that Eleanor got that apology text from her ex.” Thomas said, avoiding eye contact with you.

“Okay, as long as you boys didn’t hurt him that’s fine. Thank you for doing that, Eleanor did a lot better after he sent that text.” You smiled lightly, the three boys beaming at your praise.

“We did it cause we needed to. Who else is going to protect our baby sister?” Herc smiled.

The four of you didn’t notice, but Eleanor watched from the top of the stairs, smiling at the scene below her. Her big brothers were always going to be on her side and she couldn’t be more grateful. She loved all of them more than anything.

“Thank you.” She whispered, before going back to her room and not having a single thought of the boy that had broken her heart.


-Thomas has a daughter Martha “Patsy” Jefferson, his wife died a few years back

-Alex has a son named Philip, his wife also died.

-They meet through work and the only thing they have in common is losing their wives and having one child

-They fight relentlessly

-Until one night Philip and Martha both tell them, they would be cute together

-They start talking and one thing leads to another, Thomas kisses Alex

-Philip and Martha fight on who’s the better dad

-Thomas finds it hilarious

-Philip and Martha find them making out around every fucking corner

-Thomas tries his best tbh

-Martha prefers Alex over her own dad

-Cause Alex tells the best jokes and her dad is a fucking n e r d

-Philip really loved Thomas cause Thomas let’s him off the hook easily if he gets in trouble.

-Thomas has a soft spot for Philip

-Alex and Thomas have to be so careful of what they do around their kids cause they don’t want to scar them.

Meet Me Inside

Ok I love the @hamil-tots so so much and this has been going round in my head for days so I wrote it down. Sorry if it’s already been done.

Charlie Lee had a cast on his arm.

“The doctor says I have to keep it on for six weeks,” he said proudly. He was speaking so loudly that Alex could hear him from the other end of the playground. Alex thought it was pretty funny he was acting like a hero when everyone knew he’d broken his wrist because he’d been swinging from the top bar of the swing-set and fallen when Mr Washington had come to tell him to stop.

“What an idiot,” Alex muttered to John Laurens, who was sitting next to him on the bench, and he grinned and nodded.

“My dad says it’s Mr Washington’s fault,” Charlie continued in the same irritating tone, speaking even louder if such a thing was possible. “My dad says I was im-prop-er-ly-sup-er-vised and he’s going to talk to the school board.” The line of children waiting to sign Charlie’s cast all looked up at him and gasped.

Alex and Laurens looked at each other in dismay. Alex wasn’t too sure what the school board was, but he could tell from Charlie’s voice and the reaction of the other kids that it wasn’t good news for Mr Washington. He jumped up from the bench and began to walk back towards the classroom.

“Where are you going?” John shouted after him, but Alex just waved a hand and kept going.

Inside the classroom, Mr Washington was pinning some drawings to the display board, but he turned and smiled as he heard Alex enter the room.

“Oh, hello Alex, isn’t it a little early to be back from playtime?” Mr Washington asked, bending to pick up another drawing. Alex could see it was one of Eliza’s; she always did the best colouring in.

“Umm…Mr Washington?” Alex started hesitantly. Coming to tell Mr Washington had felt like a good idea in the playground, but now he was here it felt a bit too much like telling tales. Then he reminded himself that Charlie had started it and continued all in one breath. “Charlie is in the playground telling everyone that his dad is going to get you into trouble for when he broke his arm.” He looked up at Mr Washington nervously, waiting for his reaction. To his surprise, Mr Washington just smiled and sighed.

“Don’t worry Alex,” he said, turning to pin the picture to the display board. “I’ve spoken to Charlie’s dad before and I’m sure I will again before Charlie moves up a class. I can handle it.”

Alex stared at Mr Washington in shock. “But he is saying it was your fault that he hurt his arm!” he exclaimed. “You can’t just let him talk about you behind your back! Someone should do something!” He could feel tears starting in his eyes at the injustice of it.

Mr Washington turned and knelt down in front of Alex so he could look him straight in the eye.

“Alex,” he said, in a stern voice, “I want you to stop thinking about this. I’m not worried, so you shouldn’t be either. And I don’t want to hear that you’ve been fighting with Charlie, ok?” He looked deep into Alex’s eyes, and Alex was forced to nod in agreement.

Mr Washington straightened up and turned back to his pile of pictures.
“Good,” he said, picking up the next picture on the pile. Alex could see it was his own. “Now go outside and play with your friends. There is still some playtime left.”

Alex ran out of the classroom and back to the bench, where John was waiting for him.

“What happened?” he asked, knowing from the look on Alex’s face it was nothing good. Alex filled him in on his conversation with Mr Washington.

“So I can’t even tell him to shut up!” Alex finished angrily. He looked at John and felt his frustration grow when he saw John smile.

“You can’t,” said John, mysteriously. “But Mr Washington didn’t say I couldn’t!” And with that he was gone, sprinting across the playground to where Charlie was still telling his story to any child who was in the vicinity.

Alex stared in admiration and wonder as, without breaking his stride, John Laurens reached into his pocket, pulled out a juice box, opened it, and threw it at Charlie. The box burst at Charlie’s feet, covering him and the two closest members of his audience in apple juice. Alex burst out laughing and jumped up to cheer John as he ran back towards their bench.

His cheers were cut short, however, as Mr Washington came barrelling out of the classroom, from whence he had witnessed the whole episode.

“John Laurens, time out, now!” he shouted, and John stopped in his tracks, before walking slowly and dejectedly towards the time out corner.

“Aaron,” he continued, seeing the boy standing off to the side and observing, as usual. “Please take Charlie and his friends to Mrs Washington to get some dry clothes.” Aaron nodded and rounded up the three sticky, dripping children to take them back towards the building.

“And Alex,” Mr Washington turned towards the bench where Alex was still standing stock still and staring. “Come inside with me.” Alex walked towards Mr Washington, who turned and strode back towards the classroom, leaving the small boy trailing in his wake.

When he entered the room, Mr Washington was sitting at his desk with his hands folded in front of him. One of the chairs from the kids’ tables was pulled up to the side of the desk.

“Take a seat, Alex,” Mr Washington said calmly, indicating the chair. Alex shuffled reluctantly over to the desk and sat down as he’d been told, then with much trepidation raised his eyes to meet Mr Washington’s. He was surprised for the second time that day as Mr Washington looked more sad than angry.

“Alex, I know John did that for you,” he said gently. “It’s good that you have friends but you can’t ask them to do things that you know will get them into trouble.”

“I didn’t!” Alex burst out. “John said he wanted to do it, Charlie was annoying him too!”

“Ok,” Mr Washington replied. “But do you think John would have done it if he hadn’t seen how upset you were? Now he’s in a time out because he wanted to do something to cheer you up. Do you see how you have to take some of the responsibility for that?”

Alex looked down at the desk in shame. He knew what Mr Washington was saying was true, and now John was in trouble, all because of him! No, not because of him! Because of Charlie! He looked back up at Mr Washington, his face red and indignant.

“John did it because Charlie wants to get you in trouble,” he said loudly, not quite daring to shout but too upset to keep quiet. “Charlie’s dad is going to talk to the school board and then you will have to go!” He could feel the tears starting in the corners of his eyes again, and he brushed them away roughly with the back of his hand.

“Alex, Charlie’s dad is just trying to do what’s best for his son,” Mr Washington replied, still keeping his voice calm. “He’s just looking after him, like dads do. And like I do for you,”  he added, hoping to calm the boy down. But Alex looked up at him furiously.

“You’re not my dad!” he shouted, and burst into tears. Mr Washington stared down at the boy in surprise and dismay; he had only meant to let Alex know he cared about him. Alex’s head was down on the desk and his shoulders were shaking with the force of his sobs.

Mr Washington got up, walked to the door of the classroom and called through to Mrs Washington.

“Mrs Washington, please can you call Alex’s mother?” he said softly. “I think perhaps he should go home for the day.”

anonymous asked:

Fic idea: Maggie unconsciously tells Alex she's a good girl outside of the bedroom. Alex is super embarrassed but also preens.

She doesn’t mean it like that.

And she doesn’t even mean for Alex – let alone her space dad and best friend and her freaking sister – to hear it. She just kind of says it.

Mutters it, really, because she’s always in awe of this woman, and she’s always proud of her, and it just slips past her lips, under her breath, when Alex single-handedly comes up with a way to power down Cadmus’s latest weapons tech remotely, without putting any agents at risk.

“Good girl, Danvers,” she mutters when Alex finally takes a breath after explaining her plan to the others.

She means it like nice going. She means it like that’s my girl.

She means it like holy shit Maggie how did you land the most brilliant woman to ever exist?

But when Alex goes bright red and when Alex splutters and when Kara notices and groans and when Winn notices breaks out into a laughing whoop and when J’onn notices and good gods and retreats from the room, Maggie realizes.

Realizes that Alex didn’t hear nice going that’s my girl holy shit I am so lucky to be with the most brilliant woman to ever exist.

Instead, in those little words, Alex heard the long nights, the early mornings. The bedroom talk and the bathroom talk and the kitchen counter talk and the shower talk and the back closet of the NCPD precinct talk.

The good girl, baby, that feels so damn good.

The god, you’re so tight for me, good girl, take me in just like that.

The you wanna be a good girl and strip for me, babe?

The oh, good girl, I love it when you beg for me like that.

The ugh, fuck Alex, be a good girl and cum for me.

Maggie is about to apologize and Maggie is about to backtrack, but when her now overheating face turns up to look at Alex’s, her girlfriend is standing straighter, her eyes shining brighter, her smile lifting higher.

Because she’s Maggie’s girl – and good, too – and damn, is it hot.

But she’s also Maggie’s girl – and good, too – and damn, is it perfect.

i completely forgot about this until now BUT when i was at the caps/leafs game during warmups:

first, ovi was skating over to the boards by the blue line and backy chased after him (in a total ‘whatever i don’t really care’ sort of way) and they had a super intense conversation in super close proximity (as they do)

and THEN when they were leaving the ice, backy was skating away first and ovi like sprinted after him, grabbed the back of his jersey to pull nicky up short, and then nicky turned around and they high fived and went off the ice together