alex z manson

This keeps getting further and further away from the original redesigning goal. I mean, this time, the only thing that was kept about the character was “stranded on an island, gone nutty”. But then again, I can’t really remember anything else that character was known for. Dx

Well, if I do any further redesigns or go somewhere else with this story, I won’t tag it as part of a redesign of TP’s characters anymore. I’m pretty sure it’s gone way beyond being any sort of recognizable parody or re-make of his daily-gag-comic.

Taisiya, the Hag

When Alex told Atlas he wanted to stop by the uncharted island just ahead, all he got was a funny look and the simple statement that there was no island anywhere near them. Telling Uncle Peisly got similar results, and no matter how he threatened, Sammy assured him they weren’t trying to pull one on him. So Alex had no option but to stick their arses on a small boat, and lead them to the island that was very clearly there. And they still didn’t acknowledge the island being there until they set foot on its shore.

According to Uncle Peisly, the island had to be cursed, and they should leave immediately. Alex refused to believe in such witchery, being of the mind his crew just wanted to make fun of him, and insisted they explore the island.

And that’s how they came across an old woman by the name of Taisiya.

The eldery woman had been stranded on the island for over three decades, so her sanity was understandably damaged. With a constant flickering of her left eye and her self-directed mutters and laughter, Alex reconsidered his thoughts about exploring the island. The captain wanted to leave the woman behind, because an insane old woman wouldn’t be anything but a burden in the ship; and Sammy was freaked out enough by the old woman to agree. Atlas did not want to leave her alone on the island, though, and Uncle Peisly agreed with him for once.

So Taisiya was the second woman to join their crew.

While the woman had her moments of clarity and more than a handful of wisdom to pass on, Taisiya’s unstable character more often hinders Alex’s travels. She freaks out most of the crew, but no matter how many times Alex tries to lock her in the storage rooms, she always finds her way out somehow.

Taisiya is a strange woman, but she behaves more or less the same with everyone, except for Alex. In her delusions, she will often seem to confuse Alex with a lover she once had, while other times she’ll mother him instead. Alex assumed these were just particularly bad lapses of insanity… well, until he heard her utter the name of Zacharias Manson.

It was no use trying to ask about his father, though, given how fragmented the woman’s memories were. So, still looking for his father’s treasure, Alex has to wonder: had Taisiya really known his father? Why was she stranded in that island for over thirty years? And most important of all, why had Alex been the only one able to see said island?

And I keep doing this. It’s actually kind of fun, you know. I might just switch up the names, drop half the references to the characters I’m ‘redesigning’, and just try to someday tackle this as a story of its own. I certainly keep on adding little twists and turns to it.

It’s a bit funny how redesigning these characters is what’s getting me to try out a style other than cookie-cutter anime for some characters. Odd. I suppose I’ve got Mr. Dobson to thank for that, though I’d been meaning to do it for a while now.

Uncle Peisly did not get genderbent, unlike the main three characters, because… well, just because. I thought h was fine with that gender, and since the redesigning gives almost no hint of who this could be if someone doesn’t know the characters being redesigned, it’s fine as it is.

Uncle Peisly

He arrived to Alex’s hometown to tell him two things: first, his father was dead; second, he was in possession of a map that would lead them both to riches.

Peisly Manson is a seasoned man of adventure, and despite his stocky appearance, can really hold his own in a fight. He will only show his talents when his life is in danger, though: most of the time, his prime interests are booze and beautiful women. A survivalist, he believes that the most important thing in life is self-preservation, and will not hesitate to betray or back-stab someone to get ahead in life.

The only person he will stick his neck out for is his nephew, Alex. Despite only having met him when the lad was already twenty two, Peisly will often go out of his way to protect and teach Alex the ways of piracy. Alex sees him as a substitute of sorts to his own father, who he never got to meet.

Despite his outward cheery and careless behavior, and his affection for Alex, Uncle Peisly doesn’t get along with Atlas. The dislike is mutual, although both of them are very good at being passive-aggressive about it. Uncle Peisly maintains that Atlas is a bad influence for Alex’s pirating life, while Atlas argues Uncle Peisly is a bad influence for Alex as a human being. Sammy will often act as buffer between them.