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“Nothing will change even if the Gate of Deities ends up in your hands.”

“That’s not what’s important. I have no interest in that gate.”

Stan is still a Gryffindor and here’s why:

• throughout the series we see Stan portrayed as a cunning and conniving old man, who remains ambitious about his wealth

• this only brushes the surface of Stan’s character, so that would mean he’s not a Slytherin. Yes, it’s a part of him, but certainly not the most important part, and not what the sorting hat would look for when placing him.

•when the sorting hat sorts people, it’s when they are around 11. It’s really a good point, and I’m sorry for tagging you in this again, when @callmehotpants said that the eleven year old we saw in ATOTS was no doubt a gryffindor. He was reckless, careless, and confident in himself, not to mention angry, traits people most people associate with the Gryffindor house.

• Not to mention extremely brave, which is his main character trait that led him to a lot of his goals. He left his family, tried to make a living for himself, DROVE A FUCKING VAN OFF A CLIFF AND SURVIVED, and when he fucked up and his brother landed in the portal, he abandoned his entire life to fix his mistakes, which is in my mind a very gryffindor thing to do.

• ALSO just because you’re placed in a house, doesn’t mean you have every attribute connected with the house. I’d say the only thing Stan doesn’t have that the rest of house normally does is morality. Though I think deep down Stan is moral (I mean he spent 30 years of his life trying to fix something he screwed up,) his morals definitely do not make him pick of the litter. And there have certainly have been Gryffindors without obvious morals, Ron Weasley is known to be cruel without thinking, and he’s a huge Gryffindor. AND CAN I JUST SAY!!!! THE WEASLEY TWINS!!!! Ok that is all.

• Stan is wreckless, thoughtless, and often times boorish, but he remains fiercely brave and headstrong and unafraid of challenges. That’s why he’s a Gryffindor more than anything.

I fucking know Gryffindors, I’m fiercely proud of my house and I know one when I fucking see one.

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Can I hug Erin? She's just,,, a happy ball of sunshine and I love her,,, Alex, you a lucky man <3

Erin: !!!! Yee!!!
Alex: yeah, I know. Erin cleared my skin, watered my crops, and fed my family. … That last one isn’t a joke