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The Doctor and River Song`s love story is the closest thing to a fairytale you`ll ever get in this universe.

I already said this before here but I`m going to reiterate it again. Their love is responsible, trusting, understanding and patient. It is a love that made sense against all odds.

It`s in contrast to the highly unpredictable, spur of the moment, thrill-seeking, and very dependent “romantic” relationship he had with Rose and Clara. The Doctor and Professor River Song– both have their own identity as an individual, they both can exist separate from each other and yet know and fully understand the special love they have for each other. 

There is no need for grand gestures of burning up the sun, or punching through a hardcore stone. There is no need because both can fight and survive as an individual. Yet, they know in the end there is always a River to the Doctor and a Doctor to a River. Always there looking out for each other. Both having an independent existence that chooses to intersect with one another. And that is enough. That is the closest thing to a love story the Universe can craft between the Time Lord and the daughter of Time.


You have fear of
You do not see that you end each and every day.
That you d i e in love.
In sorrow.
In doubt.
In desire.
That you r e n e w you each and every day.
In love.
In sorrow.
In doubt.
In desire.

That you are always other.
That you are always the same.
That you shall die by immense ages.
Until you have no fear of dying.
And then you will be eternal.

Chant VI, Cecilia Meireles - translated by goldestina

I ship Ten x Rose so much but now I`m like....

I mean they`re still one of my OTPs but but but but you gotta admit…this is like the OTPs of all OTPs– they effin TRANSCEND TIME, SPACE AND THEIR OWN TIMELINE.

Ten x Rose was that kind of love you look back to knowing that you`ve grown as a person, it was the first time you were willing to sacrifice everything for the sake of that love. It`s like having your first love, although it`ll be hard to believe that the Doctor didn`t have any romantic love before.

Eleven and River`s love is a responsible, mature kind of love wherein they are aware of the consequences of their relationship, aware of what`s to come and what is bound to happen and they have perfectly accepted that. Moving in an opposite timeline yet–continuously looking out for each other. I salute this relationship for the mutual understanding, acceptance and the ever so entertaining flirting they can manage in times that they are together despite time discrepancies. 

I want to write more….. but my college responsibilities is pulling me back into the time-space continuum.