alex x piper

Talking about fandoms with a friend
  • friend: did you know that there are people who ship the main character with the antagonist? Or with their best friend? Just to make everything gay..
  • me, a gay, who ships gays due to the lack of representation of said gays in medias: *shocked gasp* unbelievable

It isn’t a choice, but it is a decision
Come out of the closet
Break out of the prison
Love who you are
Let no one inhibit


Imagine sleeping with Alex to make Piper and Stella jealous.

Your time in Litchfield has been everything, but soothing. Instead you found yourself in a mess you didn’t even know was going on, until it was too late.

You and Alex were friends, but you had to admit to yourself that you did like her. She was gorgeous! She always knew the right things to say to you. Lately she’d been having problems with her girlfriend Piper, who she wasn’t even sure was actually her girlfriend anymore.

Piper had started this panty business, which was illegal, but she didn’t care. She also had become really, really close with Stella, who was also in on it. You sat in your bunk writing in your journal like you do every night, when Alex walked in.

“Hey princess” Alex sat next to you, she always used your nickname, instead of your real name. She calls you princess, because you never fail to get what you want and you have an attitude.

“Hey Lex” you smiled closing your journal and setting it to the side.

“Can I talk to you?” She asked you.

“Of course!” You smiled to her.

“Meet me in the chapel in 30 minutes” she whispered in your ear, sending shivers down your spine. You nodded your head and she got up and left you. Your roommate stood at the doorway into the cube after Alex left.

“What was that about?” She asked you.

“Nothing, Stella” you sighed, picking up your journal, continuing your writing.

“Oh, come on, (Y/N)! You can tell me” Stella smirked. You sighed, taking off your glasses, and looking at Stella.

“She wants me to meet her in the chapel, she wants to talk to me” you blushed. Stella’s smile fell from her face, her stomach turned. Stella always had the biggest crush on you and now so did Alex. She had competition and she was almost positive, Alex was going to win.

“Are you sure she just wants to talk?” Stella questioned you. You stood up from your spot.

“Stella, Alex and I are just friends. Even if I like her, she doesn’t like me. She loves Piper” you told the Australian girl. It pained you to admit that out loud, but it was the truth. You left Stella standing there with a straight face and went to find Alex at the chapel.

“Lex?” You called out to her.

“You made it, princess” she whispered in your ear, from behind you. You blushed, feeling the goosebumps on your arms. She ran her finger tips across your neck, moving your hair to the side, before she started to kiss behind your ear and down your neck. You bit your bottom lip to hold back a moan, before Alex turned you around and crashed her lips into yours. She pushed you on the stage and then pushed you down on the ground, before climbing over you and passionately kissing you again.


You stopped by your cube on the way to dinner, to pick up your brush, so you could fix your hair. When you finished brushing through all the tangles, you made your way to get dinner. The line wasn’t too long and once you got your tray you sat alone at the end of a table.

“Avoiding me?” Alex asked setting her tray down in front of you.

“No! I just didn’t see you” you defended yourself.

“Relax, princess” she took your hand in hers.

“Whoa, what do we have here?” Nicky asked, sitting down with Stella and Piper. Piper sat next to Alex. Nicky sat next to Piper. Stella sat next to you. You moved your hand away from Alex when you saw Piper.

“Someone’s getting touchy” Nicky laughed.

“Where were you earlier? I was looking for you” Piper asked Alex.

“Oh now I exist, huh?” Alex snaps.

“What do you mean?” Piper asked, confused with Alex.

“Don’t play stupid!,” Alex spat at her girlfriend “I was with (Y/N), in the chapel! We had sex.”

Your eyes grew wide and you felt the heat rise to your cheeks. You looked down at your food. Piper didn’t have a facial expression. Stella looked hurt. Nicky just laughed.

“You fucked?” Piper asked Alex, venom dripping from her voice.

“What can I say Pipes? She’s hot!” Alex said getting up and throwing her food away. You were still blushing.

“So how was it, princess?” Nicky asked, using your nickname. You smiled and shook your head.

“Princess?” Stella looked at you, faking a smile.

“Alex calls her that, since she always gets what she wants” Nicky commented.

“I like it,” Stella smirks “Princess.”

She winked at you and you blushed again. Piper was clearly mad, since she got her tray and left. Prison was not what you thought it would be.

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