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MERLEX || Meredith x Alex || GREY’S ANATOMY || S13E07 || “She talks sooooo much.”


Bozer wanting MacGyver to play General Wang

Bozer: So, do me a solid, and give me wang. Ay, don’t make me beg for it, alright. I made you waffles, FROM SCRATCH.

MacGyver: Okay, just one condition, change the name.

My Top5 favorite ships ever

Just because I love listing my ships and have thought about it just yesterday.

#1. Bellamy and Clarke (The 100)

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How could anyone not? It’s got all the tropes in one, and it’s just so freaking natural. Their slowburn has got to be the best paced, best written relationship I’ve ever seen on TV. The actors deliver. The contrasts, from physical to personality contrasts are so beautiful, and their devotion to one another and capacity to understand each other is mindblowing. As we like to say, they don’t just die for each other, they live for each other. This is one of those few relationships with a love bigger than that of friends, bigger than that of lovers. They’re family and beyond. They’re soulmates, star-crossed everything. They aren’t just made for each other, they make each other the best versions of themselves.

#2. Olívia and Miguel (Velho Chico)

Again, all of my favorite tropes combined. Even the siblingry incest I love so dearly lol Imagine what would happen if Romeo happened to be fathered by a Capulet. Now, what if he didn’t find out she was a Capulet during that ball? What if they became the best of friends instead? What if they slowly fell in love, just as they would slowly become best friends? Imagine if his mother finally told the truth about his father being Juliet’s father just in time for them not to break those friendship boundaries. That’s Olívia and Miguel. They’re best friends, they’re family, they’re eventually lovers. Not even the knowledge that they are family can keep them apart. They try. They try really hard, and they don’t stop being best friends once through all the shit they’re going through. That’s how you know a duo is truly meant to be. They were to each other the best of friends, the best of siblings, the best of lovers. They were each and everything each other needed, at the right time. No boundary was ever enough to keep them apart, to keep them from loving each other. That’s how you know you’ve got a golden powerhouse of soulmates.

#3. Harry and Hermione (Harry Potter)

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Also honorary #1. The only reason they’re at third place here is because the two above have the epic friendship on check plus the other epic tropes. If not for that, Harry and Hermione would be absolute #1. They invented the best friends as soulmates trope for me. Whenever I look at a couple that’s really devoted to one another, whose love is the purest of things, I immediately compare it to them. They’re the definition of what I think love should be like. They protect each other, they can’t imagine their lives without each other, they can even see each other when one of them is invisible. They’re that pairing that, no matter where life takes them, it would just be too unfair for anybody else, trying to compete with that. No one in their lives could ever be more important to them than each other. 

#4. Mar and Thiago (Casi Ángeles)

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Again, a thousand tropes I love combined. A love stronger than their realities, stronger than time itself. He taught her how to read, she taught him how to live. He gave her hope, she gave him love. Two lost souls facing two very opposite realities, the poorly loved son of a wealthy decadent family and the abandoned girl born and raised by the streets. Four seasons, more than 500 episodes, all the life changes one can imagine, all the turning tables there are, yet these two would always fight back to each other in the end. They loved one another even when they hated each other. They screwed up, but fixed it every time. They’d die and live for each other. Like, seriously, he almost took his life to save her. 

#5. Justin and Alex (Wizards Of Waverly Place)         

This kind of thing doesn’t just happen. It’s gotta be one hell of a ship if you’re gonna face your own values for it. I was at doubt with to which ship I would give the last spot on this list, but then I thought, this was the ship that made me give up any restrain on shipping and embrace it. This was the ship that started the AnaxSiblingryIncest trope. This was the very first, guys! Yes, I had shipped Luke and Leia already, but they weren’t born knowing they were siblings, unlike Jalex. Jalex was so strong that it broke it all. I just didn’t care anymore. These two matched in a way that got the majority of an active disney channel fandom to ship actual siblings together. A ship so strong that even the goddamn media shipped it. Brother and sister! A ship so strong that had disney’s execs try to almost completely erase their interactions and it still wasn’t enough. They’d still admit to making each other’s lives complete. It doesn’t get bigger than having the whole cast and crew shipping a brother and a sister together because of how much chemistry they have, you guys, it just doesn’t.

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