alex x julian


Shadowhunter Boys

I haven’t shared this one before.  Here’s Lonesome Lenny’s explosion!  I snuck in a few frames of a skull dissolving in the mushroom cloud when I did the clean frames for it.  It’s my nod to Julian Gollop’s UFO: Enemy Unknown and it’s skull-shaped explosions. Sadly, I think it can barely be seen in-game.  :(

Imagine Requests

He Knows pt. 6
Hector Bellerin (Childish)
Alex Chamberlain
Erik Durm x Julian Draxler with Reader
Hector Bellerin (No prompt)
Hector Bellerin (Drunk)
Dani Alves (Smut)
Aleksandar Kolarov (Fluff & Smut)
Rafinha (You as a Doctor outside the country and come home)
He knows pt. 7
Ronaldo x Reader x Neymar pt. 2
Messi (Him upset with you)
Paulo Dybala
Paulo Dybala (Smut)
Neymar (Smut)
Roman Burki
Andre Gomes
Rafinha (Smut)
Roman Burki (Based of Take Care by Drake)
Julian Draxler (Smut)

If I missed any requests let me know!