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Asher Fabray| 21 | San Fransico, California [OPEN]




Asher Fabray is the oldest of the Fabray quadruplets. He was also the only male of them. Which kind of made him the protector of his sisters. Their parents were workaholics, so they were hardly ever home when they were growing up. Asher may be a jackass, but he would do anything for his sisters. Asher in high school was the football star, he was also the track star. Even now he is the guy everyone wants to know. He is the one every girl fantasized about. The guy all the boys wanted to be. The sad thing he knows it, and because of that his ego could fill an entire skyscraper. He knows he looks good and he wont deny it. He was a party boy, you’ll never find him home on a friday night. He was the king of cool basically. All around the definition of Mr. Popularity. He isn’t always like that though, sometimes he is a dork. The only ones who have ever seen the dork side of him were his sisters. Asher doesn’t really care about many people, in his head he is his own number on priority well him and his sisters. He came to win and win is what he knows he will do…or will he?