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Alexander Hamilton // One Shots

1. Cheap Pants -  College AU

Alexander Hamilton // Series

1. Lunchtime (Part One / Part Two) - “Are you wearing my pants?”

Hercules Mulligan // One Shots

1. Loud Mouth - Hercules has a soft side

2. Changes - “Friends with benefits. Oh, wait. I like you” 

3. Non-Negotiable - “Accidental waving” 

Lafayette // One Shots

1. Love Sick - “Can I kiss you?”

2. Late Night - Coming home drunk

3. Fresh Snow - Snow War

Lafayette // Series

1. Jeopardy (Part One / Part Two) - Friends to maybe something more.

George Washington // One Shots

1. Unreadable - “Wanna bet?” 

Philip Hamilton // One Shots

1. Yo-Yo - Soulmate AU

Philip Hamilton // Series

1. Legacy (Part One / Part Two / Part Three) - “So maybe you’re a fool, headfirst in love / with ink beneath your fingernails. ”

John Laurens // One Shots

1. Overdue - “You’re overdue for this book and I really want it.” 

In the Heights

Usnavi de la Vega // One Shots

1. Smooth Operator - “How long have you been standing there?”

2. Breaks - “I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”

3. Throne - “Do it. I dare you.”

4. Home - Reader is new to Washington Heights

RPF (Real Person Fics)

Okieriete Onaodowan // One Shots

1. My Favorite Cousin - Reader is Anthony’s cousin

2. Peace - Reader owns a bakery/Lin sets them up.

Alex Lacamoire // One Shots

1. Second Date - Lin sets them up.

2. Grand Tour Alex admits he’s never been to San Francisco before, you give him a grand tour.

Lin-Manuel Miranda // One Shots

1. Manhattan - “The one night stand I had is actually my boss.” 

2. Sisterly Love - “I told my family I was in a relationship/fake boyfriend”

3. A Man’s Opinion - “I’m helping you pick out an outfit for your date tonight and I’m totally in love with you.”

4. Slytherin - Reader is an understudy for Eliza

5. Mixtape - Reader is a single mom

6. What’s Next? - Oak plays matchmaker

7. 5 Things - You frequently have one night stands with Lin

8. First Dance - Lin and Reader meet early on in their careers

9. One Cream, Five Sugars - Lin spills coffee on the reader

10. Green, Green Dress - Based off of Green, Green Dress from tick, tick…boom!

11. Embarrassed - Lin is a fan of the Reader

12. Settled - Lin and Reader were college roommates/he invites her to the Tony’s

13. Tell the Kids - Reader is Lin’s assistant on Mary Poppins.

14. Armani Suit Reader is a part of an auction for a date with her.

15. Rehearsals - Reader is the choreographer for Marry Poppins and Lin needs extra help.

16. Drunk HistoryDrunk! Lin confesses something to the reader.

17. Secret Santa - Lin is Reader’s Secret Santa.

18. Christmas Without You - Christmas Eve with Lin

19. First Date - Lin and Reader are set up on a blind date.

20. Cool - Reader is a famous singer that sings a Hamilton song at her concert.

21. Mother Knows BestThe Oscars’ luncheon breeds a new relationship for Lin.

22. One Time… Lin is an upbeat theater camp counselor. Reader is anything but.

23. Side A - Based off of ‘Love is a Mix Tape’ by Rob Sheffield.

24. Parallel Lines Who Meet - Loosely based off of Stephen Sondheim’s Comapny.

25. BacheloretteYou’re starting to question your place in life when you find out your best friend is engaged.

26. Need A RideAnything seems possible in the front seat of your beat up Chevy.

27. We’ll Have TonightNew York City is your own weekend mistress.

28. EverythingProm night with your best friend is the perfect night for Lin to get something off his chest.

29. Love on the Brain - You and Lin toe the line between best friends and soulmates.

30. Rinse and Repeat - A regular customer catches your interest.

31. Hour by Hour A late night attempt to buy pot leaves you with the strange roommate of your dealer.

Lin-Manuel Miranda // Series

1. Backstage / Wedding Plans / Through the Years / Red Lights - Reader is a celebrity and goes to see Hamilton.

2. Impress Me (Part One / Part Two) - Reader conducts an interview with Lin and is also babysitting.

3. Impact (Part One / Part Two) - Reader is married but is in love with Lin.

4. Still Hurting / Rewind - Reader was recently cheated on and has to go on as Eliza.

5. Tells Your Story (Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five) - Reader is asked to be a part of the Hamilton Mixtape

6. Snapshots (Part One / Part Two) - Lin and Reader both miss their subway.

7. Only Us (Part One / Part Two) - Reader owns a bookstore Lin often frequents.

8. Bound to Happen (Part One / Part Two / Part Three / Part Four / Part Five / Part Six / Part Seven / Part Eight / Part Nine / Part Ten / Part Eleven) - The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

9. Beyond the Sunrise, a collab with @alexanderhamllton (Prologue / Chapter 1 / Chapter 2) - Mixed up orders leads to a new and unexpected person in your life.

Daveed Diggs // One Shots

1. First Sight - Rafa sets them up

Daveed Diggs // Series

1. Street Cred / Noted - “You’re a celebrity I admire but you’re flirting with me?”

Anthony Ramos // One Shots

1. Stars in the Sky - “I’m in love with you, this could ruin everything.”

Jasmine Cephas Jones // One Shots

1. New YorkLoosely based off of ‘San Junipero’ from Black Mirror.

Wrong One (Jamilton + Laf)

AN: yet another late fic of questionable value

Tag Crew: @huffleheyguys @artisticgamer @hamilton4starwars @iamnotthrowingawaymyshit @hmltntrsh51 @megabooklover18 @theoverlordofeverything

Warnings: none? 

Word Count: 1,639

Part One - Part TwoMasterlist

Gilbert came back from his run to find Thomas hunched over a mug of coffee at the kitchen counter. That was an unusual sight on the weekend. 

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A/N: 52 Followers!?! Whaaaa??? I’m so excited so here’s an imagine!! Sorry this took so long, but I’ve been trying to get back into he swing after winter break. I’m also trying to think of more ideas for imagines. If you have any requests, feel free to ask! Anyway, this is based off of what happened to me when I came back from MLK weekend (Except no cute guy for me) and I was so pissed that I turned it into a fic! Enjoy my shitty roommate’s decisions :)

Pairing: Reader x Thomas Jefferson

Warnings: Stripping ;), Implied smut, Swear words, Mention of sex

Word Count: 1707

Originally posted by alexander-hamiltunes

You hated your roommate. It was a month into your first semester at King’s College and you wanted to rip out your hair. Your roommate, Eliza Schyler, loved to have her boyfriend, Alexander, over 24/7. If they weren’t at your dorm for the night, you were sure they were bugging Alexander’s roommate. You were finally pushed over the edge when you came back to your dorm over the long weekend to see that your bed was a mess. You furrowed your brows and set down your bags on your side of the room. You distinctly remembered making your bed before you left, so you were trying to figure out why it wasn’t made.

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John Laurens X Reader: Future

Ship: John Laurens X Reader

Time Period: Modern Time AU

Warning: Some angst but not a lot. Panic attack. One bad word. Talk of past and future.

Word Count: 1618 words

Prompt: “Can I hold your hand?”

Request: Anonymous - Love this blog 91 with John?

Children named after @turtlegirl2016 and @feral-tomcat-hamilton

@feral-tomcat-hamilton also helped me on ideas


2nd Person POV: John’s POV


[Dear Future John, honestly, this couldn’t be more awkward to write. It’s weird to talk to myself. I don’t know where to start. It’s really weird to think that in three more grading periods, we are going to be out of high school]

You and John had exactly eighteen weeks before school was over, another week after that for graduation. You didn’t know what to think or say. You had spent four years with the same people and it poked at your mind that a year from now. You wouldn’t see them.

  John felt the same way. When it came to you, he couldn’t imagine going a day without seeing your face. A face he could never get tired of. A beautiful one, too.

     You two were practically attached at the hip. He knew all of your secrets and vise-versa. You lived for the nights when you guys whispered quiet words into each other ears, lips skimming each other’s ear lining.

    Now you were going to be separated.

[It’s sad to say that you and your best friend will might be separated, but we both need to realize that will never happen because you both would die without each other. We both know that you are going to have to hold Y/N’s hand at graduation due to her social anxiety. Hopefully, she will hold our hand because of ours]

     “Y/N, can I hold you hand?” John asked in a quiet voice with noticeable hope. You shifted in your seat awkwardly, your graduation cap almost falling off of your head and hesitantly nodded your head.

    Your sweat palm pressed into his as you slowly curled your fingers around his. You played with the rim of your dress while one of the speeches droned on and on.

    John watched you look down, your hair cascading beautifully. He scanned down and up, his eyes went higher to the auditorium behind you. He pressed on to look for his dad, Henry. Not a sign of his arrival was found. He looked at everyone else watching, everyone who did show up, everyone else’s parents.

    Your head shot back up to stare at John. His eyes watered slightly with tears on the border line of falling, you opened your mouth in shock. You followed his line of vision to the auditorium, you followed his actions and searched for Henry, failing to find him in the crowd of onlookers.

John felt a tear drip down from one of his eyes. He rubbed his hands together on his lap, trying to calm down but soon enough his shoulders started to shake from cries.

   Your head snapped to look at John, and immediately frowned at the sight. You slid to be on your knees in front of him, both hands in his knees. He stared down to you, making tears hits your head. You put both hands on the side of his face to show some kind of sign of love.

    “Hey,” You murmured to him, “It’s going to be okay, you already have family here. You have me.”

[I know you are eager to leave. Petty feeling are bottled up and you don’t want them anymore but give it time. You’ll find where you are meant to be.]

John watched you and your new boyfriend walk down the hall, hand in hand. Jealousy boiled up in him.

Only if he had a bit more time to tell you how he felt.

[I hope you go into King’s College like you wanted to, I hope you won’t let our dad stop us from pursuing what we love. We are going to go to New York and own it.]

   John stepped off the plane, missing your presence beside him already but you were all the way across the country trying to get a writing degree. He went to go get his baggage and left as quick as he could.

Melancholy fell over him, making everything look dark to him. Shadows feel over the city, making it look grim.

Then his phone rang.

It vibrated in his pocket as he fumbled with one of his hands to take it out. Immediately after he took it out, he saw your profile picture. It lit up on the screen and seemed to make the sun finally come out.

He pressed accept as fast as he as he could.

[Make sure the people we are close to don’t suffer. Protect them like you have always tried to do please.]

John watched you shuddered and shake on the screen. He felt helpless, like he couldn’t protect you. He failed.

    You shoved your head into your hands, trying to cover you face. Tears dampened your fingers as your body shook uncontrollably.

   John’s mouth opened with shock and sadness.

   “I-I don’t.” You stuttered, “I don’t want to stay here, John. I can’t handle it.”

   John shook his head and stared straight at his computer screen. He wanted to reach through and hug you. He wanted to comfort you and cuddle you.

But he was being useless.

     “My room mate doesn’t even come home and when she does she brings men with her. I can’t even keep up with my grades or sleep, J-John! I hate it here!” You continued, “It’s too loud and my professor hates me! I get pushed around and everyone loathes my writing!”

     John thought for a second before sputtering out an answer to your problems.

   “Come live with me.”

   “W-what?” You muttered, you quickly wiped off your tears of your face.

    “Get on a flight and come live with me,” He assured again. You nodded and chuckled in disbelief, you couldn’t believe what he was suggesting.

    “But I don’t even have the money for a flight. I don’t have a degree in anything and I would have no use to you,” You told him.

“First of all, that’s not true, you have s millions of skills that are very helpful. Second, you can still write, you can write a book,” John smiled, as you shrugged you shoulder quite a bit, “Plus, I can pay for your ticket here.”

“I can’t let you do that, you are in college, you need all the money you can get,” You pointed out with a quirk of your eyebrow.

“It would be worth it.”

“Tell New York that I’m coming.”

[I’m always afraid to talk about the future but I think we need to bring it up now. You need to admit your feelings to Y/N.]

John had prepared himself to admit all of his feelings to you, hopefully it went well.

He walked into the shared living room where you were sitting on the beige leather couch watching tv.

He sat right beside you, a little close than normal. He grabbed your hands and held them up to his chest, easily getting your attention on him.

He would admit himself, it was very cliche.

You thought it was very cute.

You couldn’t not have more feeling for him after his speech.

You said yes to being his girlfriend.

[But let’s not focus only on Y/N. I hope you have your dream group of friends, people you can rely on]

“OH FUCK YOU, ALEX.” Eliza yelled out, watching her race car roll off the track on the screen.

“I mean, you kind of already do that.” He smirked and responded, causing a wave of groans from the group of friends.

“Come on Johnny, you have to admit that was a good one,” Alex laughed, trying to get a high five out of John.

“No, no, it wasn’t,” John denied and hit Alex in the back of the head with a thud.

[With the best wife. She needs to be loving and kind. Not to mention smart.]

John thought you looked drop dead gorgeous in your wedding dress.

It fit your body in a beautiful way, and it highlighted your curves. John couldn’t describe how perfect your hair cascaded on to your shoulders.

He couldn’t get over your eyes and how they sparkled so bright.

[I also hope you have the family you have always wanted. Children and pets that you would hold so dear.]

You had give birth to El early in the morning. And to say the least, they were an angelic baby. They were always happy and giggling, a trait that had to be passed down from John.

Your second child was similar and different in two ways. You had given birth to Blair late at night. Blair was much like El but a little more quiet. You had deathly similar eyes with Blair. They were about one year apart in age.


     The third time was a little bit different, this time you had given birth to a handsome baby boy which was two years younger than the others. You had named him after John this time. John Junior or now nicknamed as J.J. He had a very sleepy and laid back personality as a baby but as he aged, he grew up and acted very much like John.

   John had everything he wished for in this family. He also couldn’t get over J.J’s curls.

[I hope this letter finds you and your family in good health. Take care. Past Seventeen Year Old You, John Laurens.]

Hercules Mulligan X Reader: Scotch

Ship: Hercules Mulligan X Reader

Time Period: Modern Time AU

Warnings: None

Word Count: 1012 words

Prompt: None

Request: None

Extra Info: Not my original idea. Saw it on someone’s prompt idea list and really liked. Credit goes to them. If you know who made the prompt, tell me. BTW, if you don’t like soda, I’m sorry. Pretend you do. I didn’t edit or proofread it. Oops

Y/NN - Your Nickname
Y/FD - Your Favorite Drink
Y/LN- Your Last Name


2nd Person POV: Reader’s POV


You wanted soda, and nothing could stop you. No matter what. You had one stressful week, that’s understated. You boss had recently fired you for a reason you didn’t even know of. You almost got evicted. And your phone got cracked.

You earned a soda.

You walked out of your apartment looking like a mess. A pretty mess but yet, a mess.
Your hair was in a ruffle on top of your head. You lacked makeup on your face, but you didn’t seem to care. All your effort for your outfit, went into skinny jeans and a tee. You ran out fast enough for you roommate not to see you.
You just wanted some soda. Some caffeine. That’s all.

You quietly walked into the store. Searching isle to isle for the right flavor. As you walked towards your imminent drink. A familiar face stopped you.

John Laurens.

But it wasn’t only him, all of them. “Them” being the whole Hamilsquad. Lafayette, John, and Alex. But it seemed like there was a new addition. Quite a cute one to you.

He was tall, taller than Alex and John, but not quite as tall as Laf. He was buff, tough, probably more than everyone but that’s debatable. He was distinguished with dark skin and eyes. Beautiful. Even if bags aligned under his eyes. He had short messy hair, not shaved, stubby. Handsome. He was cloaked with facial hair but not as much as Laf and Alex. He had a navy blue bandana wrapped around his head. He wore a clean, yet, linty white shirt with black sweat pants.

“And this is the last part of the Hamilsquad, even though she doesn’t live with us, she’s one of us.” John told the stranger. I grabbed my Y/FD, not giving your attention anymore then you already did.

“Yup, that’s me, Y/N Y/LN. The only girl in the group, well, beside Freckle Face,” You droned. The group burst with laughter, well, everyone except John. He was blushing hard with embarrassment. He walked up to you and tugged on your sleeve.


“Okay, turtle-fucker, you’ll live,” You told him. He blushed even harder at what you called him. He shoved you playfully.

“Stressful week Y/NN?” Alex asked

“Exact, how did you know?” You replied.

“Your clothes, your face, your appearance. Usually you put in, how you say, effort to look good for people,” Lafayette responded for Alex, you shrugged, trying not to look ashamed, but it was pretty apparent that you were.

“I mean, I can say the same for you or was it a hangover?” You questioned

“Hangover,” All of them replied, even the stranger. You directed your attention to the stranger again. You noticed that he was staring at you. Once he saw that you noticed, he quickly turned away blushing. Not the same blush John had, though.

“Oh, I’m sorry but I didn’t exactly get your name.” You said to the stranger politely. He blushed even harder when he realized that. You put out the hand that wasn’t holding your drink. He took your hand and shook it, while into diving himself.

“Hercules. Hercules Mulligan.”

“Wait, why are you so polite to him?” John whispered to you.

“He gave me no reason for me not to.” You retorted back to him.

“I punch you in the face once and I get this shit! Woooow.” John laughed back.

“Uhhmmm, I-I’m sorry but I didn’t hear your name. John was distracting me.” You stuttered.

“Hercules Mulligan.”

For some reason, you automatically thought that he was joking with you. You’ve seen the movie, Hercules. The stranger was strong, Hercules was strong. Hercules was handsome, the stranger was handsome. It all made you laugh. His name was a joke to you. He was joking with you.

You thought.

You looked up to see all of the men staring at you with shocking faces. Hercules was frowning, sadness flowing over his features. Laf, Alex, and John watched with gaped mouths.

“No but I’m serious. What’s your real name?” You queried. He frowned even bigger.

“Hercules Mulligan.” He muttered. You frowned even larger than him. Regret and guilt filled you.

“Oh, I’m so, so, so, so sorry. I thought you were joking. I just thought of the Disney movie. I’ll buy you any drink in this store to make it up to you. I’m really, really sorry.” You quickly told him.

His frown got smaller and turned into a little smile. He did a soft bid while you were rubbing your face with shame. The men followed him as they went off into another isle.

“Wow, you screwed up yet again, Y/N,” you uttered to yourself. You slammed your palm into the middle of your forehead.

You watched the boys come back with the most expensive scotch in the whole store. THREE HUNDRED FIFTY DOLLARS. Bowmore 25 year.

The scotch could buy its own scotch. It could also pay your half of your rent. As soon as you saw it in Hercules hand. You pulled out your checkbook. You didn’t need someone hating you for the rest of your life. You didn’t want him, specifically him, hating you. You already liked him in the five minutes knowing his name. It was worth it.

The Hamilsquad all smiled jokingly at you. Even Herc. You snatched the scotch out of his hand. They watched you, stunned as you walked up to the cashier with you drink and the scotch.

378.80 dollars in total with tax. Unnecessary tax.

But it was definitely necessary to buy it. Even if you had to tell the cashier for them to cash it in two weeks. You handed the scotch back to Hercules.

“I-I w-was joking.”

“I wasn’t. I’m really sorry.”

He pulled you into a tight hug. Holding you close to his chest. He pulled back to look at you.

“You didn’t have to,” He smiled.

“I know, I wanted to,” You beamed.


Alex: Melinda… look, don’t do this. Okay, I know you’re scared. You probably looked down that aisle and saw your whole future, and it wasn’t perfect, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be great. Okay, don’t do what I did, or you’ll wind up pretending to be best friends with the guy who could have been the love of your life.