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Ivar Ragnarsson x Reader (Requested by Reader)

Hello! How are you? Can I request a jealous ivar fic? The plot is up to you because you’re an amazing writer!

You loved Ivar, you really did; but sometimes, he was too difficult to deal with. He had his anger issues and his insecurities, just like every other viking. He had a way of ‘throwing a fit’ when he didn’t get what he wanted and sometimes, he was just too much for you.

You weren’t dating him or anything, although you sometimes wish you were. You had grown up with Ivar; going around as kids. You would pull his little wagon that he sat in behind you as you went and scared other children or followed his mother around. You had grown up like siblings and were still incredibly close.

You stuck through with him and helped him cope with his disability and his brothers always picking on him because of it. After the death of his mother, you seemed to be the only one who was truly there for him, besides his father. But eventually, his father had died too. You were with him when he got the news and you will never forget his reaction.

You seemed to be the only consistent thing in his life at the moment. So, when Sigurd had started to hit on you, you couldn’t help but notice Ivar starting to act strange. You had tried to confront him about it, but every time he would just ignore you and crawl away. Until today. He had tried to crawl away and had gotten a pretty far distance when you shook your head and ran for him.

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Supergirl Ao3 Fic Masterpost

Since it’s the hiatus and y'all might be looking for something to read, here’s a comprehensive list of all my Supergirl fanfictions.

All 19 (and counting!) of them.

Here we go!


certain dark things


SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

“The pain comes in waves, like the crash of the tide against the shore- the sea merciless and unrelenting in its assault of the sand. It threatens to consume her, to drown her, to pull her from the safety of land and batter her against the jagged edges of the rocks that protrude from the waves until she is in pieces, scattered, like so many grains of sand.

Like falling snow slipping through grasping fingers, like smoke wafting from the end of a lit cigarette, like dandelion seeds dancing on the wind.

Intangible, untouchable, like fine mist on a cool morning.

The pain comes in waves, and she is utterly helpless against it.”



SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

Kara zor-El looks down at her chest, at the glyph that has never held any meaning other than hope in her eyes, and is shamed.

This, her family’s emblem- el mayarah, stronger together- has never made her feel more set apart than it does in this moment.

Inspired by one of the Kara/Lena scenes from 2x03

mild AU in which Lex was killed by Kal-El during his attempts to destroy Metropolis

the girl of shadow


Alex-centric fic.

Alex Danvers has dedicated her whole life to protecting her sister, and she would do it all again in a heartbeat.

She’s just not sure who she would do it for.

Inspired by For The Girl Who Has Everything | 500 word Alex angst challenge

of potstickers and preferences


SuperCorp adorableness. Kara-centric.

Because really, who serves potstickers at a gala?

Shameless fluff. Fix-it fic (sort of) to make up for the lack of Kara/Lena interactions at the gala.



Winn-centric. Winn/Alex brOTP.

In which Winn does something stupid, Alex seizes the opportunity to put on her Big Sister pants, and the family we find isn’t always the one we were born into.



Sanvers. Alex-centric.

Shit hits the fan at work, and Alex finds herself struggling to cope in the aftermath of a mission that goes sideways.

Maggie is there to help her get through it.

a reason to smile


Sanvers. Alex-centric. Drabble.

The result of the most dangerous question on the planet- ‘what if?’

What if Alex had met Maggie before, back in college, during her party girl days?



SuperCorp. Kara-centric.

kintsukuroi (n.) - the art of repairing something with gold, and realizing that the object is all the more beautiful for having been broken


It’s the anniversary of the day of Krypton’s death. Kara’s not in the best state of mind, and Lena tries her hardest to reach her.



SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

SuperCorp, post-winter finale.

Fix-it fic for the totally unresolved matter of Lena Luthor in the aftermath of her mother’s arrest.

Lena’s settling in for a quiet night of drinking away her sorrows, but Kara’s not willing to let her fall into a bottle.

in the absence of the sun


SuperCorp. Lena-centric.

It’s the anniversary of the day Lena’s mother died, and Kara opens up some old wounds when she digs into it.

Kara’s only trying to help, but the story of that night is more complicated than she knows.

Oneshots in the uncompleted ‘SuperCorp AU’ collection:

of art room supply cabinets and a lack of caffeine


SuperCorp. Kara-centric.

The last thing Kara Danvers expects to find in one of the art room supply cabinets is a person. Vaguely suggestive figurines? Sure. Abandoned sculptures? Maybe. But definitely not a person.

And especially not one with dark hair, green eyes, and a downright killer smile.


The university SuperCorp oneshot AU you were all hoping and praying for.

of misunderstandings and morning detentions


SuperCorp. Kara-centric. High school.

Kara Danvers has detention. So does a certain kryptonite-eyed individual.


She’s just perfecting her vacant stare when the sound of the door hinges squealing in protest breaks her concentration. Her attention snaps towards the doorway, where a girl with dark hair, green eyes, and an absolutely wicked smile meets her eyes- and winks.

A bright crimson flush spreads across her cheeks as she quickly averts her gaze, having suddenly developed an intense desire to count every single one of the tally marks scratched into the battered desk in front of her. “Miss Luthor, we don’t have all day to wait for you to get inside and shut the door,” McCarthy snaps, gesturing towards the other students- most of whom suppress a long-suffering sigh as he glowers. “Take a seat.”

Multi-Chapter WIPs:



SuperCorp. Angst. Slow burn.

Lena’s just trying to drink away the day when she gets a not-so unexpected visitor on her roof.

Post 2x08.

Fix-it fic.

Kind of.

give me touch


SuperCorp. Introspective.


Kara needs it.

Lena hates it.

A look into why they turned out this way.

these memories, they haunt me


SuperCorp. Lena-centric. The Morgana reincarnation!AU you didn’t know you needed.

“I know you’ll be there for me when the time comes.”

Kara’s departure is hasty, and for that, Lena is grateful.

If she’d lingered a few seconds more, she would have seen Lena’s lowered eyes flash gold.

My interpretation of the Lena/Kara scene from 2x04 and Lena’s shady look at the end of it.

tabula rasa


SuperCorp. Sanvers. Other pairings.

who can we become, when we no longer wish to be ourselves?

what remains when we are hollowed?

Alternate Universe- Dollhouse

our souls entwined


SuperCorp. Daemons!AU

Alternate Universe. Set in a world where the people of Earth have Daemons, physical forms of their souls that exist outside their body in the form of animal companions.

In which Lena is a girl with witch-blood in her veins, and Kara is a girl whose soul has never settled.

This is the story of two girls who have never fit in with anybody else- except each other.

stranger in her skin


Lena-centric. Growing up. Eventual SuperCorp.

“She is fourteen the first time she tries to run away.

It’s not something she plans- she just walks out of the house one day and doesn’t feel like coming back.”

Lena-centric fic set during her childhood. Basically the teen!Lena growing up fic you didn’t ask for and got anyways. :)

dust and shadow


SuperCorp. Harry Potter!AU

The SuperCorp Hogwarts AU you probably weren’t looking for that my trashy gay brain couldn’t help but writing.


Kara is only nine years old when her world ends.

There’s a flash of green light that passes through the glass of the windowshield as though it were as insubstantial as smoke that strikes her father squarely in the chest and then the wheel jerks and the world is spinning spinning spinning-

Her mother’s screams echo in her ears as the world turns upside down and right side up and upside down all over again. She’s reaching for her, fingers outstretched- Kara! -but her mother’s belt won’t loosen and neither will hers and all she knows is that she wants to get out, she wants to move-

They stop falling.

This was all typed and formatted on mobile, so just know I definitely did suffer while making this.

Happy reading! :)

why? || alex standall

prompt: I was wondering if you could do a Alex imagine where you guys become super close because your always there for him with everything going on, the tapes etc and he’s really in love with you and can you make it super detailed like with how he feels and at the end when he shoots himself make it so like he talked to you before it happened.

warnings: suicide, blood, death :(

a/n: this is a really detailed request and i hope you enjoy this imagine ! feedback is appreciated and requests are open :) plus i love my baby alex

After hearing about Hannah Baker’s death, the whole school had been more depressing than usual, and 10 specific people had been more grouchy and suspicious. But out of those 10 people, you had grown close with one, Alex Standall. Even though they weren’t allowed to speak of the tapes, Alex confided in you. Alex had told you what he had done, and at first you couldn’t believe it. Alex was nice, at times, but he had a good heart.

You didn’t talk to him for a good one and half week. Alex had realized how boring his life was without you, even though he hung out with Bryce and his gang. They were still a bunch of idiots. Alex had realized how lonely he was over the time you ignored him, and as well as his feelings for you. Alex was head over heels in love with you. He loved how you helped him cope with the tapes, your love for Monet’s and how your smile could make his heart skip a beat.

But even though Alex had you in life, he was still depressed. He knew you could make him happy but it wasn’t enough. After everything that has happened and everyone else trying to save their asses and keep their reputation, Alex couldn’t care less about himself. You had noticed Alex’s shift in behavior after he requested to play ‘Gloomy Sunday’ and his outburst while ripping ‘Suicide Is Not An Option’ posters off the wall.

“Hey Alex. Are you okay?“ You blurted out, as you sat down next to him at lunch. “I’m fine.” He replied but you didn’t believe him. “You don’t look fine.” You point out before Alex stands up. “I’m fine Y/N, stay out of it.” He spoke before grabbing his stuff and leaving. You sat there in disbelief, your head in your hands. Had the tapes made such a big impact on Alex? “Fucking asshole.” You said before getting up and going to your 6th period.

Alex had left school campus and decided to walk home. “I’m such a fucking idiot.” He said to himself, kicking at can laying on the ground. Alex couldn’t help but feel bad about how he spoke to you. God dammit the boy was in love with you. Alex was full with regret and went straight to his room, his dad and brother not home. Alex took out a gun he had hidden under his bed. “Not yet.” He murmured to himself before taking out his phone and dialing your number.

You had decided to skip 6th and 7th and walked home as well. You answered your phone after hearing the ringtone you had set specifically for Alex. “Hello.” You answered. “Hey Y/N, I’m sorry about what happened at lunch.” Alex started off. “It’s fine really, I shouldn’t have nagged you about it.”

“No you’re right Y/N, I’m not fine. I’m tired of this school, I just want everything to end.“ Alex spoke and you had stopped walking, your hand covering your mouth. “Alex, please stop. Stop.” You spoke, picking up your pace and started walking towards his house, assuming he would be there. “Y/N, I’m sorry. But before I go, I just want to let you know that I love you. There Alex Standall said the 3 damned words. I love you Y/N Y/L/N, and I’m sorry.” You were crying at this point and running, your sobs grew louder as the call ended and you heard the dial tone.

Alex sat on his bed with the gun in hand. He pulled the gun up to his head, with his fingers already on the trigger. He heard loud knocking on his door and your loud screams. He couldn’t believe he was going to do this, and leave the girl he loved behind. But it had to been done, after everything that happened, the guilt was eating him alive. So after a couple of moments, he closed his eyes and relaxed before pulling the trigger.

You heard a gunshot. You couldn’t believe it, and so you finally entered Alex’s room and the sight made your stomach drop and your heart break. Tears were streaming down your face and you rushed over and sat next to Alex. You dialed 911 and told them the incident and where you were. You hung up the phone and cupped Alex’s head in your hands. You could feel the blood flow into your hand and seeing it stain his platinum hair. “Why’d you have to do this? Why’d you have to leave me?” You said into his chest, your words muffled and tears staining his shirt. “I love you Alex.” You said, kissing his forehead as you heard the paramedics come in and take his body.

This is sad and i lowkey started to tear up. and sorry if this sucks and i think i ended this well.

Dating Montgomery De La Cruz:
  • Being one of the only people that gets to see the calm, sweet side of Montgomery
  • An insane amount of PDA
  • Lots of nicknames for each other (his friends usually make fun of him for it)
  • He would be an amazing kisser like oh my gosh, don’t even get me started
  • Cheering him on at his games
  • He’d always get you to wear his letterman jacket while he’s playing so everyone knows you’re his
  • Monty is very protective of you and won’t hesitate to protect you if someone disrespects you in any way
  • Keeping him out of trouble (or at least you try your best)
  • Sending each other looks from across the hall / classes
  • Looking after him when he gets drunk
  • Great sex
  • Tutoring him (sometimes ;) )
  • Him actually being really jealous but refusing to admit it
  • Hugs, hugs and more hugs
  • Always having his arm around you

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Title: Yard Work
Fandom: X-Men
Characters: Alex Summers x Reader
Reader Gender: Not specified
Word Count: 1,025 words
Warnings: None
Notes: This idea has been sitting in my head for a few months now, and I finally decided to write it. It didn’t turn out as well as I dreamed, but it’s still alright. I hope you all enjoy it. ☺ Edit: I realized I posted the already-saved draft without editing it to give thanks to @paperclipmac for beta reading this for me. Thank you, my dear Sierra. 💜

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When you and Alex were teenagers, you could never picture him living domestically. Alex Summers didn’t seem to fit in with the idea of a white picket fence, a dog, and kids playing in the yard. But he would tell you all the time, with an expression full of sincerity and love, “I’m gonna marry you. I’m gonna put up that stupid fucking fence, and we’re gonna have the cutest damn dog in the neighborhood, and even cuter kids.”

And he was right.

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YO so @agentalex and I were headcanoning and we have a sanvers prompt for one of y’all to write for the sake of humanity:

imagine, if you will, a Hangover-esque fic, set a couple of days before maggie and alex’s wedding. maggie goes missing in vegas after her bachelorette party, and kara, lena, vasquez, lucy and sara lance have to find her before alex finds out. 

classic shenanigans include: there’s a baby and they don’t know where it came from. the mafia is after sara and she thinks she knows why but everyone else is like WHAT THE FUCK. lena and kara are handcuffed together and nobody has the key. somebody has shaved vasquez’s hair into a mohawk. alex keeps calling kara but kara just ignores all the phone calls but it turns out that she’s calling to let them know that maggie arrived at their apartment at like 4am crying about how much she loves alex and she’s so happy they’re getting married.
In Rao's Light Archive of Our Own
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Rating: Explicit
Words: 5908
Chapters: ½
Summary: “It’s not like they weren’t having sex. Lena was extremely satisfied when it came to the bedroom in almost every sense. Almost. Kara would touch her, and love her, and worship her. She used to count her orgasms and now, she really couldn’t keep up. Kara’s focus was entirely on her, and her pleasure. But Kara wouldn’t let Lena return the favour.” 


Lena recruits the help of Alex to dampen Kara’s powers enough to finally touch her.

@queergirlwriting I did the thing :D

Exchange Romance

A/N: Here it is! My first attempt at a Bughead fanfic. The formatting is a bit weird here because I wrote this on Google Docs. I haven’t written in a while and I edited this myself so sorry for any mistakes. I’m actually really proud of this and might possibly turn this into a multi fic if you guys like it so please let me know!

Summary: Betty Cooper is an exchange student from New Zealand who goes to America to live with the Lodge’s. She becomes fast friends with Veronica and her boyfriend Archie, but will how will she get along with their other friend Jughead?

Word Count: 6,101 (sorry guys, I got a bit carried away)

25 hours flying and an hour long bus ride should be enough to tire anyone out but Betty Cooper was too excited to sleep. She was just minutes away from meeting her host family, the Lodges. Veronica, the daughter, had talked to Betty on social media a bit and she seemed really nice, and really rich. The photos on her Instagram showed Veronica wearing clothes worth more than Betty’s house and she was always tagging various models or socialites in her Facebook photos. Her life here was certainly going to be a big change from her life in New Zealand, and she couldn’t wait.

The bus pulled into the station and Betty recognised her instantly; a short Latina girl with immaculate hair and flawless makeup. Pearls, that Betty soon came to realise as her staple accessory, were strung around her neck, shining under the yellow light of the street lamps. A slightly older woman, who Betty realised was probably Mrs. Lodge, was standing next to her. Veronica ran up to Betty as she climbed out of the bus, pulling her into a tight hug.

“Hi B! I’m Ronnie. It’s so good to finally meet you in the flesh!” The older woman walked up behind her, sky high heels clicking on the uneven pavement.

“Miha! I’m Hermione. How was your flight?” Betty followed them to a long black car and filled them in on her trip.

“Oh my god, B your accent is to die for! All the boys at school are going to be crawling at your feet.”

“Um, thanks, I guess. When does school start?”

“Monday. Hopefully that’ll give you enough time to get settled and catch up on some sleep. Maybe Ronnie could even introduce you to her friends so you’ll know some other people before you start.” Hermione replied, her voice softer than her daughter’s but just as friendly.

The car trip back to the Lodge’s apartment only took about ten minutes but Ronnie took it upon herself to fill Betty in on all of the things which she deemed ‘essential’ to survive at her new school. Her boyfriend Archie and his best friend Jughead seemed to pop up a lot so she guessed that she would be seeing a lot of them over the next ten months. The excitement that Betty had felt on the bus was still there but now dominated by sleepiness. She managed to make it through dinner without closing her eyes for too long but she went out like a light as soon as her head hit the soft pillow.


The screeching of her alarm woke Betty up with a start much earlier than she would have liked. She got out of bed slowly and changed out of her pyjamas, not wanting to waste her first day in America lying in bed. She wandered into the dining room to find a full breakfast spread already on the table with a note from Hermione saying that she’d be back late this evening due to an event she had to attend. Ronnie hadn’t woken up yet so Betty helped herself to coffee and french toast before heading back to her room to finish unpacking. About half an hour later, the doors burst open and Ronnie strutted into the room. She looked like she’d been awake for hours, although Betty had a feeling that was due to the large mug of coffee she was holding with both hands. She was wearing makeup and a nice dress but no heels. For someone so small she definitely knew how to command attention.

“All right B, we have a big day ahead of us. First up, shopping, of course. Your wardrobe is adorable but I think we need to spice it up a bit. Don’t worry, it’s all on me. Daddy is very generous with my spending money and there is more than enough to go around.” Betty nodded in response, slightly overwhelmed by her energy but also happy that she had planned something for them to do. Ronnie didn’t mention her father very often but given the Lodge’s lifestyle, she assumed that he was very well paid and therefore very busy.

“Then, I asked the boys to meet us at Pop’s for lunch. Their milkshakes are to die for. I don’t know what we’ll get up to this afternoon but we’ll probably end up at Archie’s watching the boys play video games or something. Sound good?”

“Let me just finish this and then I’ll be good to go. Give me five?” Betty replied while continuing to fold the stack of clothes on her bed.

“Five minutes! Betty are you insane? It’s gonna take a lot longer than five minutes to get me ready to go out. I’ll come and get you in half an hour, maybe more if my hair is going to misbehave like it was yesterday.” Betty tried to suppress a laugh as Ronnie paraded out of the room. She didn’t quite understand why Ronnie would wear that just for lounging around the house. Betty used the extra time to sort out her desk and organise the few belongings that she’d bought with her. Although she had bought a sizeable stack of books, she couldn’t help but miss her extensive bookshelf at home. She made a mental note to ask Ronnie where the nearest library was as the two Lodge woman didn’t exactly seem the bookish type. How wrong she was. Ronnie still hadn’t emerged from her room 45 minutes later so Betty decided to explore the apartment a bit. The third room that she peeked into was huge with books covering every spare inch of the walls. She walked inside, awestruck, and started running her fingers along the shelves. She didn’t even hear the her host sister as she entered the room five minutes later.

“I thought I might find you in here.” Betty jumped at the sound of her voice, startled into dropping the book she was holding.

“Sorry Ronnie, I finished unpacking and you weren’t ready so I w-”

“It’s fine B. This is Daddy’s library. I must admit, I’m more a movie person than a book person and since Daddy is always away for business trips it doesn’t get used very often. Help yourself to whatever you want. And by the way, my close friends call me V.”

“Thanks V. You all ready to go?”

“Of course. I can’t wait to show you around. The shopping scene here definitely isn’t on the same level as New York or Milan but it’ll be enough for now.” She linked her arm with Betty’s, pulling her away from the books and into Riverdale.


Four hours later, the blonde collapsed into a red vinyl booth while the raven haired princess sat down elegantly across from her. Betty could have fallen asleep right then and there, and it wasn’t entirely due to the jet lag. Veronica may be small but she was a force to be reckoned with when she was armed with a credit card. Between the two of them they had bought more clothes than Betty had bought with her from New Zealand, proved by the numerous bags surrounding them in the booth.

“Archiekins just texted me saying that him and Jughead are on their way. They should be here in five. Do you want to order now or wait for them?” Ronnie asked her while fixing her makeup in  a small compact mirror she had whipped out of thin air.

As much as Betty wanted to order now, she couldn’t get her mother’s voice out of her head. Telling her to be polite and wait for everyone else before starting because no one likes a greedy girl. “We can wait, as long as they don’t take too long. Who knew shopping could be so tiring?”

“Oh my sweet innocent Betty, how else do you think I stay in shape for cheerleading? Heaven forbid having to go to the gym. Just the thought of it makes me gag. People seeing me sweaty? No thank you.” Betty’s laugh was covered by the twinkle of the bell over the door. “Archiekins!” Ronnie jumped out of the booth and wrapped her arms around Archie’s neck, kissing him deeply. “Hey Ronnie, long time no see.” She giggled as they sat down in the booth across from Betty.

A tall boy with dark hair, covered by a crown shaped beanie slid into to booth next to her. “No kiss for me Ronnie? I’m crushed.” He put a hand over his chest, feigning hurt although the twinkle in his eye revealed his amusement.

“Haha, very funny Jughead. Boys, I want you to meet Betty. She’s from New Zealand and she’s staying with me for the year so please try to behave. I’ve grown immune to your childish behaviour but I don’t want you to scare her off.” Ronnie shot Jughead a look full of ice and even Betty was a bit intimidated for a moment. Jughead gave Ronnie a innocent smile before turning to face the blonde sitting next to hi.

“G’day mate.” Jughead’s face held a huge grin as he put on a what he thought was a New Zealand accent, causing Betty to burst out laughing. “What?” His face fell slightly but he kept grinning at the sound of her laugh.

“It’s nothing it’s just that’s an Australian accent, and a god-awful one at that.” She answered, her eyes wet from laughter. Jughead’s face turned red and he ducked his head a bit, his grin shrinking from embarrassment. Luckily the waitress chose that moment to come and take their orders.

They sat in the diner for the next couple of hours, talking and laughing and eating. The boys spent a lot of time mocking Betty’s accent and she spent a lot of time laughing at how clueless they were about New Zealand. She felt like she had known these people all her life. The smile glued to her face showing how happy she was with her new friends.


Just as Ronnie had predicted, the group left Pop’s and ended up in Archie’s room after stopping of at Veronica’s apartment to drop off their shopping. The boys set up their video game and then started playing on Archie’s bed, leaving the girls to sit on Jughead’s bed on the other side of the small room. Fred came into the room at about 6pm to tell the boys that he was going to be out late and seemed surprised to see a pretty blonde girl sitting next to Veronica.

“Hi, I’m Fred, Archie’s old man.” he said, reaching out his hand towards Betty.

“Nice to meet you Mr. Andrews. I’m Betty, Veronica’s exchange student.” She shook his hand firmly, a friendly smile plastered on her face.

“Oh yeah, Hermione mentioned something about that. New Zealand right?”

“Yes Mr. Andrews. I just arrived yesterday.”

“Well welcome to Riverdale and please, call me Fred. Are you two staying for dinner? I was just going to leave the boys some money for pizza.” Betty looked back over at Ronnie questioningly, not really sure what was normal in situations like these.

Veronica piped up from her spot on the bed. “Sure we can Fred. Someone’s gotta keep these boys out of trouble when you’re not around.” She looked over at Archie and flashed him a playful smile. Betty’s eyes met with Jughead’s and a small smile crossed their faces.

Fred started to leave the room. “Knew I could count on you Veronica,” a grin on his face once his back was turned. He’d seen the look that Betty and Jughead had shared and recognised the look on his face as one he saw on his son’s face when he looked at his grilfriend. Jughead had a crush on the new girl.


Shortly after, the four of them were sat in the Andrew’s living room, waiting for the pizza to arrive and watching cartoons. Archie and Ronnie shared a large leather armchair and Betty and Jughead were sitting on a couch in the middle of the room.

“Why would you order a hawaiian pizza Jug? Everyone knows that pineapple doesn’t belong on a pizza.” Archie said from his chair. His thumb drawing small circles on Veronica’s hip as she curled into him.
“But pineapple on pizza is the best thing. I honestly don’t understand how you don’t like it Arch.” Betty countered from her side of the couch.

“Thank you Betts. At least someone here has good taste.” He sent her another one of his small smiles and she felt butterflies in her stomach at the sound of her new nickname, sending her into panic mode. How could she have a crush on this boy already? She had only met him a couple of hours ago but they just seemed to click. Her panic was interrupted by her mother’s voice, always present in the back of her head. “This year is for academic purposes Elizabeth. You need to have something interesting on you CV for university applications ok? This means no boys. They will distract you and then that’ll waste this whole year for you, do you understand me?” Betty returned his smile before quickly looking down at he nails, picking at the chipped nail polish. The doorbell rang before they could continue their discussion. Jughead got up, grabbing the cash off the coffee table before disappearing down the hallway. He returned moments later with five pizza boxes stacked in his arms.

“Why do we have five pizzas if there’s only four of us?” Betty asked, opening the box containing the hawaiian pizza and helping herself to a slice. Ronnie untangled herself from Archie before reaching forward to grab a slice of the vegetarian pizza.

“Well, that’s one pizza each plus two for Jughead.” Ronnie answered matter of factly. Betty almost choked on her mouthful. One pizza each? If only her mother could see her now. After years of controlled diets and calorie counting this was certainly a change. Burgers for lunch and then pizza for dinner? It was a miracle that her new friends were all so in shape. Especially Jughead, considering Betty had picked up the vibe that he wasn’t exactly the sporty type.

“I’m a growing boy.” Jughead stated as if he could read her mind. He picked up one of the boxes and set it on his lap, causing the other three to burst into laughter as he started on his first slice. They kept talking and laughing until the pizza was finished. Betty only managed to eat three quarters of hers so Jughead happily finished off the remaining slices. They watched cartoons in comfortable silence until Betty felt herself drift off to sleep.


She woke up and felt someone stroking her hair. She sat up quickly, causing her to smack her forehead into Jughead’s chin.

“Ow. Oh my god I’m sorry.” Betty exclaimed, reaching up to run her fingers over the red spot on his face. “How long have I been asleep for?”

“A couple of hours, it’s about 11pm.” He replied, removing her hand from his face and holding it in his.

“Where did Ronnie and Archie go?” She asked while fixing her ponytail.

“Umm, they went upstairs a while a go so I thought it might be safer to stay downstairs with you. Plus you kind of fell asleep on my lap so…” He was thankful that the lights were off so she couldn’t see his cheeks redden. She was thinking the same thing. Not only because she’d fallen asleep on him but also because of his implication of what Ronnie and Archie were doing.

“I’m so sorry about that. Sadly one good night’s sleep isn’t enough to get over my jetlag.” He chuckled a little and stroked his thumb over her hand.

“Do you want me to walk you home? You probably don’t know you’re way around yet and you might have to wait a while for Ronnie.”

“Yeah that would be great thanks. I think I left my phone upstairs though.”

“No worries. I’ll tell Ronnie to take it with her when she leaves. Is Hermione home?”

“No she left a note this morning saying that she would be out late tonight. I don’t think that she’d mind though. I mean I only met her last night but she seems pretty understanding. Unlike my moth-” She broke off and looked up at Jughead who was looking back at her, waiting for her to go on. “Nevermind. We should probably go.” Her voice was soft and quiet as she looked down at her nails. Jughead took the hint and stood up. Leading her out the door. Her hand still grasped in his.


They walked home in a comfortable silence. Jughead occasionally pointing at things that they walked past to explain it or tell her about something stupid that Archie had done there when they were kids. His hand held hers the whole walk home and Betty was disappointed how quickly they arrived at a familiar door. She turned around to face him.

“Thanks for walking me home.” Her voice was soft and she looked up at him. It took her several seconds to look away and then she stood up on her toes to kiss his cheek. “Goodnight Juggie.” She quickly turned around and walked inside, closing the door softly behind her. He stood there, frozen in the summer breeze. He lifted his hand up to brush his cheek where her lips had been just seconds earlier. He turned and walked the whole way home with a smile on his lips, fingers brushing his cheek.


Veronica proved to be a lot more effective than an alarm clock since she managed to wake Betty up an hour after her alarm was supposed to go off.

“Good morning B! Ok, so, Jughead came back to Archie’s last night with a smile on his face. I have seriously never seem him smile like that. Ever. So spill. Don’t you dare forget a single detail because I will find out.” Betty yawned, slowly sitting up and stretching her arms over her head.

“I don’t know what you’re talking about V. I fell asleep on him while we were watching cartoons at Archie’s and when I woke up you had disappeared with Archie. Jughead offered to walk me home since I didn’t know how to get back here. That’s it. Nothing happened.” The blonde said sleepily. She didn’t need to look at Ronnie’s face to know that she would have a small pout on her lips.

“So you didn’t kiss him?” Disappointment evident in her tone.

“No V. We didn’t kiss. We did hold hands while we were walking but I don’t think he meant anything by it.” Betty tried to keep the disappointment out of her voice by getting out of bed and picking up one of their shopping bags from yesterday.

“You did WHAT? You held hands with Jughead? Oh my god B I think I’m gonna pass out from excitement. This is too much for this time of day. I need more coffee.” With that she was gone. How she managed to move so quickly in heels was beyond Betty. She chuckled and started to put away the clothes Veronica had bought her yesterday. Ronnie returned just as abruptly as she had left, this time accompanied by two large steaming mugs.

“I think you’re going to need some coffee to get through this conversation.” Ronnie said, offering Betty a mug. She accepted it with a grateful smile and took a slip before setting it on her desk and then sitting back onto her bed.

“B I don’t think you understand the gravity of the situation. Jughead is great but he’s not really a people person, let alone a girl person. Archie is basically his only friend and I think the only reason he puts up with me is for Archiekins. They’re basically brothers. There were rumors going around school last year that Jughead was gay but Archie helped stomp those out pretty quick. Jughead holding hands with a girl is like Archie losing a football game. It just doesn’t happen.” Betty blushed at Ronnie’s words and smiled down at her coffee as she felt the butterflies wake up in her stomach. Jughead liked her. Holy crap.


Monday came around a lot quicker than Betty expected. She had spent some more time with Archie and Jughead over the last couple of days. They’d hung out at Pop’s and then at Archie’s which led Betty to believe that this was some sort of routine they have. Nothing had progressed with her and Jughead which left her feeling a bit discouraged but then she remembered it had only been four days and she was there until the following June. Plenty of time to get closer to him. She was a nervous wreck on Monday morning. The nail polish on her fingers was completely destroyed and her bottom lip was turning red due to her teeth attacking it. Veronica went to school with her early to get their timetables from the office and give her time to sort out her locker. Archie and Jughead came and met them before class. Archie wearing a blue and yellow letterman jacket she hadn’t seen before and Jughead wearing his signature beanie which Betty had definitely seen before. She said hi to Jughead as Ronnie and Archie made out against Veronica’s locker.

“What do you have first Betts?” Jughead asked as his hand reached up and rubbed the back of his neck. He had to lean in a bit to be heard over the noise of the corridor and Betty picked up a scent which she had begun to identify with him. It was comforting to have something familiar in such an intimidating place.

“American History with Mr. Moreau.” She replied, her voice raised slightly.

“Oh cool. You can, um, sit with me if you want. I know Ronnie’s not in that class.” His eyes dropped from hers from a second but returned quickly. She could tell that he was nervous and the butterflies in her stomach obviously felt the same.

“Yeah that sounds great. You might have to help me because I know nothing about American history.” Betty sent him a small smile which made his eyes light up. He loved her smile. It was so warm and friendly. It was so Betty.

“Can you walk with me to class Juggie? I don’t know my way around yet and I think Ronnie’s busy.” He looked over at his best friend and laughed.

“I think that this is becoming a pattern Betts. Class is this way.” He’d grabbed her hand and pulled her gently through the crowds of students. It felt so natural, holding hands. Ronnie’s words came back to her and she smiled down at her feet.


The four of them had their after school routine down to a science. Archie would drive them to Pop’s after school for milkshakes. Ronnie and Archie would head back to school at about 5pm for cheerleading and football practice respectively while Jughead and Betty would walk back to the Andrew’s or the Lodge’s to do homework. Betty had asked Ronnie, during one of their gossip sessions, why Jughead lived with Archie and Fred. She had shrugged it off and said that something about Toledo before going uncharacteristically quiet. Betty decided not to push the subject and instead asked Ronnie about some new heels she’d seen on the doorstep that morning which perked her right up again.


Although they had a certain routine with Ronnie and Archie, Betty and Jughead also had their own little tradition; old movies and late night take out. They found out pretty quickly that they both shared an appreciation for old movies, especially Tarantino much to Jughead’s delight. It was a Thursday night and they were watching ‘Rear Window’ in the Lodge’s extravagant living. Their burgers were finished hours ago and they were curled up on the couch. Betty’s head in Jughead’s lap as his fingers ran through her hair.

“Juggie.” Betty said, turning slightly to face him. “What happened to your family?” Her voice was so quiet he could barely hear her. His fingers kept playing with her hair and he looked down at her, sending her that small smile that woke up the butterflies in her stomach. His eyes looked slightly sad and Betty suddenly felt guilty for prying, hearing her mother’s voice in the back of her head scolding her for being nosy. “I’m sorry, you don’t have to answer if it makes you feel uncom-”

“No, Betts, it’s ok. I had a feeling that you were going to ask at some point. I mean it’s not exactly normal to be rooming with your best friend in high school but since when has anything about me ever been normal?” He tried to hide the darkness of his statement behind a laugh but Betty could hear the sadness in his voice. She reached over to grab his other hand and squeezed it tightly.

“Um, so my Dad isn’t really in the best place. He, um, he has a drinking problem and one day, oh god. Betts, one day my Mum couldn’t take it anymore and she took Jellybean and left. I ,um, I haven’t seen them since. That was four years ago” He wasn’t looking at her anymore but Betty could still see the wet tears on his cheeks. Her eyes started to tear up as well. She sat up and stroked his cheek, one of his hands still stroking her hair. Betty leaned forward to place a kiss on Jughead’s cheek and then hugged him tightly. Jughead’s sobs were becoming audible as Betty shook against his chest. They stayed like that until the credits stopped playing and they’d run out of tears.

Betty let go first, untangling herself from Jughead’s arms but staying close. He caught her eye and then bought both hands up to cup her face.

“Jug?” Her eyes were wide and filled with wonder. He leaned forward quickly, almost as if he was trying to stop himself from getting psyched out. He pressed his lips against hers. Softly at first, as though he wasn’t sure of himself. He pulled away and waited for her to open her eyes, hoping he hadn’t just ruined everything. The smile that he’d fallen in love with crossed her lips slowly before her eyes opened to look into his.

And then she kissed him. Again and again. Whispering sweet nothings in his ear. At some point his beanie fell off his head and she ran his fingers through his hair while he did the same to her, her hair tie long gone. Eventually they pulled apart and fell back into each other’s arms, staring up at the black screen, their smiles bright enough to light up the dark room.


From then on, Jughead and Betty’s tradition changed. Not much, but enough. Their homework sessions were interrupted by stolen kisses, movie nights accompanied make out sessions and their takeout dinners always took a lot longer to finish. Somehow, their friends were still oblivious. Ronnie hadn’t pulled Betty aside to talk about how she looked at Jughead for a little bit longer than normal at Pop’s or how they always seemed to stand just that bit closer together. Neither of them were particularly surprised that Archie hadn’t noticed anything. Betty had only been in Riverdale for a handful of weeks and even she could tell that Archie wasn’t exactly the sharpest tool in the shed. It was a Friday afternoon and the four of them were sitting in their usual booth at Pop’s, sipping on various milkshakes. Ronnie and Archie stayed for a bit longer than usual because there was a game on that night. The red headed boy and the raven haired girl were trying to convince their friends on the other side of the booth to come and watch the game.

“Come on guys, it’ll be fun! And what else are you going to be doing tonight anyway? Watching boring old movies?” Veronica practically yelled at the pair before taking another sip of her chocolate milkshake. She had a certain glint in her eye which Betty had come to come to associate with determination. She looked over at Jughead and saw a similar gleam in his eyes.

“First of all Ronnie, we were planning on watching ‘Rebel Without A Cause’ tonight which isn’t a boring old movie, it’s a cinematic masterpiece.” He paused to let the point sink in but Ronnie just rolled her eye. “And second of all, why would we want to go and see a football game? You just watch some sweaty jocks run up and down the field and occasionally barrel into one another. No offense Arch.”

“None taken bro. What do you think Betty?” Archie took his attention away from Ronnie for the short time that it took to ask Betty the question.

“Well, I’ve never been to a football game before so-”

“WHAT? How have you never watched a game of football before? I know that New Zealand is a long way away but do you guys live under rocks? Honestly B. There’s no debate now. You have to come, even if it’s just to watch me cheer, ok?” Ronnie flashed Betty a sweet smile as she stuttered in agreement, still not used to her host sister’s ways of negotiation. Almost before she could blink, Betty and Jughead were sitting in the back of Archie’s car on the way back to Riverdale High.


Betty walked into the football stadium and was slightly overwhelmed. Even though it was relatively empty due to their early arrival, it seemed impossible for a school to need such a large stadium, especially just for football. Jughead watched her quietly, a chuckle falling from his lips as he watched her gape at her surroundings.

“Nothing quite like this where you’re from, huh Betts?” He quipped. He threw his arm around her, making the most of their friend’s absence.

“No not really. I mean, we have stadiums like this for regional rugby games but definitely not for any sort of school games.” Betty couldn’t stop looking at the expansive concrete jungle she was currently walking around. Jughead couldn’t stop looking at her.

“You really are something else Betts, you know that?” He said, pulling her closer and kissing the top of her hair. They found a seat in the middle of the stadium and sat in a comfortable silence. The seats around them slowly filled up as they watched the various athletes warm up. After about the first five minutes of the game, Jughead turned to look at Betty.

“Hey Betts.”

“Yeah Jug.”

“Do you even know how football works?”

“Not a clue.” Betty replied with a cute smile on her face. Jughead kissed the end of her nose and then proceeded to teach Betty all of the rules of the game. All those years being Archie’s best friend obviously payed off. She wasn’t really listening to what he was saying but watching him all the same. He was surprisingly enthusiastic about football and was actually cheering for his school by the end of the quarter. Betty was getting into it as well but mostly just copying Jughead since she still had no idea what was going on. She did cheer enthusiastically for Ronnie when she performed at half time though. Veronica had taken it upon herself to explain all of her routines and workouts to Betty when she first arrived. Even though she had no desire to actually be a cheerleader, she definitely had a new appreciation for them.

By the end of the third quarter, Betty thinks that she understands the basics of the sport and is starting to understand the need for such a large stadium. It’s addictive to watch and the atmosphere is unlike anything she’s ever experienced before. No wonder everyone comes along to watch the games.

Archie scored the winning touchdown just as the time ran out on the fourth quarter. Jughead went mental, along with the rest of the crowd, and kissed Betty square on the mouth. She forgot where they were and kissed him back, hard. Her arms wrapped around his neck as he lifted her up and spun her around. It was a bit hard in the confined space of the stands but it didn’t matter. They pulled away and smiled at each other, slightly out of breath before Jughead set her back down on the ground. Betty’s face changed suddenly. Eyes grew wide with panic as she looked around, searching frantically for Ronnie and Archie on the field. Archie was celebrating with his team and Ronnie was bouncing towards him with the other cheerleaders.

Betty stopped panicking and wrapped her arms around Jughead’s neck. Her fingers played with the dark hairs that had escaped his beanie. She kissed him soft and slow. A complete contrast to their last kiss but just as breathtaking. They broke apart slowly before walking down from the stands to congratulate their friends.


As soon as Archie’s car disappeared around the corner, Ronnie turned to Betty.

“Why didn’t you tell me about Jughead? How long have you guys been going out? How did this happen? Oh my god B, you have to tell me everything! I just have to get changed and then we’ll have some girl talk, ok? Be back soon.” Veronica disappeared and then reappeared half an hour later in silk pyjamas. She still had her pearls on. Betty smirked. Trust Veronica Lodge to look fabulous in pyjamas.

“Ok so spill. I want to know everything.” Ronnie said as she sat down on the edge of Betty’s bed.

“Well we kind of … had a moment a couple of weeks ago. We were watching a movie on the couch and I asked him about his family and it just sort of happened. He kissed me and then we’ve kind of been together since then, I guess.”

“Omg B, I’m so happy for you! What did I tell you about that accent? I can’t believe he told you about his family. I’m pretty sure Archie is the only one who knows what really happened. The only reason I know is because my dear, sweet, lovely Archiekins is the worst secret keeper ever. Jughead seems to really like you.”

“I really like him too. We haven’t really talked about it but it feels right, you know?”

“Yeah, I know. You guys are the cutest together!”

“Umm thanks, I guess V. By the way, how did you find out?”

“You two were sooooo obvious at the football game. And by the way, that kiss at the end of the game was totally hot.” Veronica teased before getting up and sashaying out of Betty’s bedroom. Betty flopped down onto her bed, her cheeks on fire. She quickly fell into a peaceful slumber, dreaming about grey beanies and flannels.


Fred had the boys helping him out on the construction site all weekend so Betty didn’t get to see Jughead until Monday at school. The two girls found Archie and Jughead leaning on their lockers waiting for them.

“Sorry for the delay boys but this hair doesn’t look like this by itself.” Archie smiled at his girlfriend whilst Jughead rolled his eyes. Betty leaned up and kissed him, leaving a surprised look on his face.

“What was that for?” He asked Betty before looking over at the other pair that made up their friend group. Archie’s faced was shocked but Ronnie just winked at the blonde girl.

“Oh, um, Ronnie saw us at the game so I just kind of assumed she would’ve told Arch already.” Betty trailed off, trying to hide her embarrassment by picking at her nail polish.

“Hey.” Jughead said softly. He grabbed her hands, forcing her to look up at him. He kissed her softly before pulling away and flashing her a butterfly-inducing smile. “I think it’s pretty safe to say he’s figured it out by now.” Betty smiles back at him. He wraps his arm around her shoulder and kisses her forehead. The duo walk together to their first class, leaving Ronnie to deal with an awestruck Archie.

“But, but, but I never even saw it coming!” Archie explained to Ronnie as she slowly dragged him in the opposite direction.

“I know my dear Archiekins. I know.” She replied, a smile crossing her face as she thinks back to Betty’s display of confidence. “But it kind of makes sense doesn’t it?”

Head Cannons: Hamliza

Ship: Hamliza (Alexander Hamilton x Elizabeth Schuyler)

HC’s: How They Met

 - They meet in the most rom-com way ever.
 - Eliza goes to Peggy and Marias café with Angelica where she (literally) bumps into Alex.
 - He accidently spills his (boiling hot) coffee all over her.
 - After stopping Angelica from tearing him a new one Eliza tell him it’s alright and smiles at him.
 - And Alex just stops.
 - Eliza is the most beautiful woman he has ever seen?
 - Her smile makes the dull grey sky turn a lighter shade of blue.
 - Her eyes are sending him to another world.
 - He just Stares.
 - Angelica calls him out and Eliza is giggling.
 - He apologises a million times and says he’ll pay for her coffee as an apology.
 - She says he doesn’t have too but he Insists.
 - Peggy and Maria watching this go down with Cheshire cat smiles and knowing nods.
 - Angelica doesn’t approve of scraggly lookin’ Alex but she can see how Eliza is looking at him.
 - And Eliza can’t stop looking at him.
 - His hair, his smile, his eyes, oh, his eyes.
 - Eliza is helpless.
 - And so is Alex.
 - Eliza ends up asking him to sit with them.
 - He agrees, obviously.
 - Angelica makes an excuse to leave early, not being able to bare the shy small talk.
 - The shy small talk turns into Alex passionately ranting about politics.
 - Eliza watches his eyes light up with every word he says and she knows she is done for.
 - Alex asks her thoughts and she shares her timidly, not used to people really caring for her opinions.
 - And he completely agrees with everything she says.
 - He is impressed with how much she knows, because she knows a fair amount. (Eliza is smart guys)
 - They end up talking about everything, recent events in the world, their jobs, their interests, they basically play 20 questions at one point.
 - They lose track of time and Peggy and maria basically have to kick them out because it’s closing time.
 - As their leaving they both linger outside, not really wanting to part ways.
 - They both go to speak at the same time. (I told y’all, rom com shtick right here)
 - Alex bashfully asks for her number. She giddily puts it into his phone.
 - She walks away with a small smile and her heart pounding fast. (she glances back and they wave and it’s cute okay)
 - As soon as Eliza is out of sight Alex jumps up into the air, fist bumping nothing and grinning from ear to ear, yelling a loud “YES!!” and practically running down the street.
 - Eliza gets ambushed by Peggy and Angelica at home and she is Flustered and gushes about him and does the dazed , in-love sigh thing and Angelica and Peggy tease her mercilessly.
 - Alex goes back to his small apartment and straight to Johns room to yell about the cute girl that he is very much in love with and wants to see again and forever.
 - John is half asleep and tells him to go away.
 - He doesn’t.
 - Alex paces around his room debating on whether it’s too soon to text her.
 - Should he text or call?
 - Text.
 - Call.
 - Text.
 - He eventually writes (a small novel) a message to her and then puts his phone down and runs into the bathroom as if his phone is going to implode.
 - Eliza is just coming out of the shower when her phone buzzes.
 - She sees it’s from one ‘Alexander Hamilton’ and Smiles Real Big.
 - She reads (the small novel) his message and her cheeks are aflame, she squealing and hiding her face in her hands, She Is So Happy.
 - She re-writes her response five times before she finally sends it.
 - She goes to sleep with a Giant Smile and a fluttering heart.
 - Alex finally gets the courage to look at his phone and nearly falls over.
 - He reads her reply and totally does not run around his room jumping and hollering, no, no way.
 - He falls back onto his bed with a bright grin, staring at the ceiling and his heart hammering against his ribcage.
 - There is no way he slept that night.
 - He stayed up writing poetry about Eliza. A l l N I g h t. (so much p a p e r)
 - (idk what else to add so i’m gonna leave it there ;0)

It’s a good job I like you

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Anonymous asked: Fem!reader and Alex with number 14? You can choose whether there’s smut or not.

Prompt 14: reader and character is making fun of each other which leads to making out/smut

Ship: Alex Standall x fem!reader

Trigger warning(s): Swearing

Words: 591

A/N: I don’t write proper smut at the moment :) Also this got so serious so quick?? Feel free to ask again if you want a more light, humorous read! Lmao i just went with the flow, soz.

“You know what, you’re actually a dick Standall,” I say shoving him away from me.

For the past half an hour, we’ve been ripping each other down, but I was beginning to get fed up, the boy needed to give it a rest.

We’d been friends for a while, and our friendship was always full of banter, but it was beginning to get more personal, as I started to develop feelings for him. (He’d never know that of course, because I wouldn’t tell him.)

“Is that metaphorically or like literally? Because if you’re suggesting it literally, I’d beg to differ, I don’t look like a dick, or do I? God my mirror must be shit…” He trails off, glancing up cheekily to see my reaction. “Shut up, why do you have to take everything so seriously.” I huff, frustrated. “Well… I don’t have to, I just chose to, because it seems to get better reactions out of you,” He’s always got a reply for everything. “Yeah, but why me? You’re not like this with anyone else, it gets on my nerves. Popularity really doesn’t treat you well.” I taunt. He pauses, and stares at me for a while.

“Is this really what this is about? Popularity?” He questions, in a more serious manner. “God no, Alex.” I assume he doesn’t believe me as I receive no response, so I add “Why would I be jealous of the Alex Standall, with the perfect blonde hair, who can get any girl he likes, from band nerds, to cheerleaders, and only God knows what else…” to try to lighten the mood.

He bashes his shoulder against mine, in a playful manner, “Not anyone…” Alex breathes, barely making noise. “Sorry what was that? Standall? I can’t hear you over all your fans screaming,” I tease. “I said, not anyone…” “I can’t get any girl I like…” He replies hesitantly. “What do you mean? There’s a girl? Are you pining for her still after she turned you down, is that what you’re saying?” I question, turning slightly to face him.

“Not exactly,” He answers, not looking up. “Talk to me, that’s what friends are for,” I state, trying to read his expression, which is fairly neutral. “Alex,” I prompt, “I know we might not be the kind of friends who tell each other things like this, you can, I won’t judge or anything,” This is the most serious our friendship had ever got, I couldn’t figure out whether that was a good or bad thing?

After a long pause, I hear “I can’t tell you, because it is you y/n,” Thousands of emotions and thoughts are running through me, I must’ve been taking a long time to give any form of response, because Alex mutters “Sorry,” whilst turning around to walk away.

“Alex!” I call after him, I wait for him to turn around and face me, before disclosing “It’s a good job I like you then, isn’t it?” “Are you serious?” He exclaims, I beam at such a reaction. “Of course, idiot, now come here.” I chuckled. My heart pounds as he walks towards me, how is this happening?

“Is this okay? Can I kiss you?” He inquires, switching between glancing to my eyes and my lips. “Mhmm,” I encourage, so he leans in. 

The kiss is full of passion from all of the built-up emotions. All I can feel is tingles over my body and Alex’s hands on the back of my neck, playing with the hair there and I’ve never felt more at peace. 

Funfetti Cake

A/N: Using this prompt from @fanficspromptsandfun: Person 1 stress bakes all the time, and Person 2 and Person 3 wake up to find them baking a cake. Instead of getting mad they all just eat cake at three am. 
Alex Summers x Reader x Warren Worthington III
LENGTH: 350 Words

You sighed, finally giving up on the prospect of sleep. Frowning, you turned to see that both Alex and Warren were still asleep. 

With a huff, you silently swung your legs over the side of the bed and padded down to the kitchen. When you got to the kitchen you breathed deeply, thankful that you hadn’t woken up the boys. 

Throwing your hair up into a bun, you climbed a chair and opened a cabinet. Smiling, you looked through the boxes of cake and cookie mixes until you found what you were looking for. Funfetti cake mix.

Hopping down from the chair you placed the box on the counter. Humming to yourself you pulled out a bowl, eggs, butter and water. Once everything was mixed you popped the cake pan into the oven and smiled at your work. You turned around to clean up the mess,

“JEsus Alex!” you yelped, surprised by your boyfriend standing in the kitchen. He laughed and scratched the back of his head.

“Couldn’t sleep?”

You shook your head, sitting on the chair you pulled out to stand on.

“Oh baby.” said Alex, putting his arms around you and holding you close. “I gotta say the one good thing about this is that we now have cake.”

You and Alex chatted and cuddled until the cake was out of the oven.

“Will you get the frosting cans for me?” you asked, turning over your shoulder.

Alex nodded, bringing you armfuls of decorating materials. 

The cake was finished and you sat back in awe of your project. Sure it was kinda… drippy, but it was three in the morning. 

“Where’d you guys go?” came a soft voice from behind you and Alex. 

Turning you noticed Warren, eyes half closed, bedhead, and halfway through a yawn, 

“I couldn’t sleep.” you said, shrugging.

“I realized that she wasn’t in bed so I went looking.” said Alex. “Why’re you up?”

“I got cold.” said Warren, pouting slightly. 

“Well here.” you said, taking out three forks. “Help us with this cake?”

Warren smiled and padded over to the two of you.

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Alex Summers

(Okay, it’s been like 80 years since I’ve written anything and I’m really sorry. School and life has been a bit hectic. I thought I would have two weeks off from school before summer classes started, but I was wrong. I start another semester on Monday. I was really lacking the motivation to write even though there’s so much I actually want to write! Anyway @disneygirl2202 requested this and I just want to say thank you for being so patient with me and I really hope you enjoy it! (ps the title is a Doctor Who reference because Amy and Rory will always be my faves.)

Together Or Not At All

“Will you two give it a rest already!” you hear Scott yell from the living room.

“If Y/N would be reasonable, we wouldn’t be arguing!” Alex responds.

“And if you would just hear me out…”

Your words come to a halt as Scott storms into the kitchen and slams his fist against the table.

You and Alex both shocked, turn to face him.

The usually calm younger brother was now upset.

Scott straightens up and unballs his fist before speaking.

“You two have done nothing but argue since I’ve been here.” Scott says before he pauses for a moment.

You can see the hurt in his expression as he continues.

“Alex, you’re being drafted. You only have a few days left before you leave and this isn’t how I was expecting to spend them with you. With the both of you.”

Since Scott had arrived, you and Alex have barely acknowledged him. The both of you too caught up in fighting to even focus on anything else.

And it only made the pair of you feel worse.

Alex was being drafted to fight in a war and you were planning to join him.

The possibility that Scott wouldn’t only be losing his brother, but you as well were finally dawning on the both of you.

“For my sake, can you please just stop fighting.” His voice faltering as he gets the words out.

Neither you or Alex have a chance to reply before Scott walks out the kitchen.

The silence that fills up the room between you and Alex is unbearable.

One of you needs to say something before this quickly turns back into an argument.

So, you take a deep breath before walking over in Alex’s direction.

“Will you just listen to me. Hear me out on this, please.” You tell him as you reach for his hand.

Alex doesn’t want to have this conversation with you. He’s told you already that he doesn’t want you to follow him into this. Pressing the idea of “Wouldn’t it better and safer for you if you just stayed home and looked out for Scott.” until he returned.

“Do you remember what you said when you gave me this?” you ask him as you point to the ring on your finger.


“Do you remember?” you ask him again before he nods his head yes.

“Of course I remember.”

“You told me, that no matter what you’d be by my side. You said you’d follow me into battle or war without a second thought, and I told you I’d do the same.”


“There are no buts about this Alex. You and I made a promise to each other and from that day until our last I intend to keep to it.”

Alex sighs before he reaches for your hand and places a kiss on your ring finger. He pulls you in closer to him as he rests his forehead against yours.

“Together or not at all, right?” he says.

“Together or not at all.”

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#SanversWeek Day 2

It’s day 2 of @queercapwriting ‘s (who reposted my fic yesterday and gave me a little heart attack with how amazingly sweet they were in the tags.) #SanversWeek!!! *does a little dance* Todays’s prompt is: Nerd Girlfriends 

This was killing her grade.

It wasn’t her fault, per se.

If you ask her, Alex would blame whatever higher being above - Rao, God, an omniscient Overlord mayhaps - made Maggie Sawyer so damn beautiful.

(While cursing said being for making her so damn gay.)

This was Alex’s favorite class.

Chemistry was the one class that she didn’t need to study for, it just came naturally to her. And in a house where she had to get good grades, had to make her mother proud, had to honor her father’s memory… Being able to sit back and expertly solve chemical equations is something Alex had come to cherish.

Until about a week after the second semester starts.

Alex’s can’t truly explain what made her look up from her work the moment she did, right in time to watch the Principle Perry introduce a new student.

(And though Alex would hate to admit it, her heart lifted at the sight of the deepest dimples she had ever seen.)

Her chest tightened when Maggie said hello, and when Alex finally got to take the girl in, she could almost feel her pupils dilating to see more of her.

She was sunk before Maggie even knew who she was.

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markzuckerbergs  asked:

12, please!

“I can hear you pining from here.”

The bar was dark, atmospheric, with candles gently illuminating every table, making the customers look softer, somehow. Robert sat at the bar, whisky in hand while he brooded over his lack of interest from the cute redhead he had spoken to earlier, the same redhead that was currently talking to a very handsome man in a corner booth, and who was slowly inching closer to him. 

Robert sighed and took a sip of his glass, enjoying the burn but hating that he was left to drink it alone. He looked over at the booth and saw the redhead with his arm in the bloke’s lap and sighed. 

“You alright?” the bartender asked. He wore a black t-shirt and trousers that seemed to be the uniform of the place, soft dark curls resting on his head and stubble making his jaw defined and accentuating his lips. 

“Fine,” Robert said gruffly before he drained his glass. “Another?” 

The bartender nodded, lifting the good whisky down from the shelf and refilling his glass. 

“This one’s on me,” he said, shooting Robert a small smile. 

Robert gave him a skeptical look and the bartender’s eyes flickered over to the table. 

“I can hear you pining from here, mate.” 

Robert groaned. 

“That obvious is it?” he said dejectedly. 

“Only to the trained eye,” the bartender said, smiling. “I’m hoping the drink will wipe that frown off you, you might even find someone else then.” 

Robert smiled and took a sip; it was his favourite, smoky and full of depth with a slow burn down his throat. 

“Excellent taste,” he said, tipping the glass towards the bartender. 

“Thank you, thought you might be someone who appreciated a good scotch.” 

Robert nodded at him, setting the glass down on the counter and resting his hands next to it. 

“Work here long then?” he asked and the bartender shrugged.

“Started working here during my undergrad, now that I’m doing a graduate I just kept on… good to have a steady income,” he said and Robert smiled at him. Smart and good looking - but he wasn’t going to push it. 

“What are you studying then, if you don’t mind me asking,” Robert said.

“Psychology,” the bartender replied, now leaning on his elbows against the bar, accentuating his arms. “What do you do?” 

“Accountant.” Robert replied, “not as interesting but it pays well.” 

“Sounds dead boring,” the bartender said, a smile on his lips. “I’m Aaron,” he added, holding out his hand for Robert to shake. 

“Robert.” He shook his hand firmly before Aaron went off to serve a customer, a cute girl with a sizeable cleavage. Damn it. He had thought, maybe…

“Well that’s me leaving, then,” Robert said when Aaron came back, feeling dejected. “This clearly isn’t my night.” 

He made to drain his glass when the bartender gave him a look, that look he had wanted to see all evening. 

“Maybe not… but if you wait about an hour my shift will be over,” he said, and Robert looked at him, took in his blue eyes and his defined arms and felt his mouth water. 

“Right,” he said, giving him a once over, all thoughts of the redhead forgotten. “Maybe I’ll stay then.” 

The bartender nodded as he bit his lip, moving down the bar to serve a customer and Robert’s eyes couldn’t help but trail after him, resting on the curve of his jeans and sighing.

Later, when he pulled him through the door to his flat and captured that soft bottom lip between his teeth, Aaron tasting like whisky and possibility, Robert knew it would be a night to remember. 

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set’s in 2x11: alex get’s hurt and maggie and her share a passionate kiss in front of everyone.

based on the spoilers who turned out to be false.

ao3 link. comments and kudos are always appreciated!

Alex is not answering her calls or her messages and Maggie knew that something must have gone wrong. Because Alex would never ignore her, specially not when they had made plans. But Alex is not answering and Maggie is so worried sick, close to losing it.

And then, Maggie finally got a text from Alex and she felt her heartbeat rising, anxiety slowly settling in her stomach.

DEO is on lockdown, can’t make it to the concert. I’m sorry.

Maggie slowly breathed in and out, closing her eyes and trying to convince herself that Alex is fine, that Alex is not going to get her hurt, that she will see her again, no harm done to her.

It didn’t work.

Maggie grabbed her keys, pulled over her oversized police jacket (which she wouldn’t trade for anything in life) and left her flat, only one thing on her mind.


On her way out, she called James, wanting to make sure if he is locked in as well, but it turns out he wasn’t, but apparently Winn is and James told her he would meet her before the DEO.

When she arrived before the DEO, James was already there and the softness in his eyes calmed Maggie down to the point where she could finally breathe again.

He opened his arms and Maggie let herself into his embrace, closing her eyes.

“She is okay, you know that.” He whispered and Maggie nodded, knowing that Alex was the strongest person she has ever met. Nevertheless, the thought of losing Alex was making her heart ache.

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Free To Be You And Me

Request made by @veritytyleruniverse

Hey, so about the prompts, how about jamilton where they are dating but because they insult each other so much, everyone thinks they hate each other.

Wordcount: 1783 words

Beta-ed by my lovely @smolchinerd

Note: It’s finally done! I liked writing this! <3 I’m sorry it took too long, but I’m quite pleased with the result! Enjoy! <3

There was a routine. Alexander Hamilton would always arrive before seven in the morning with tired eyes, plodding heavily his feet across the lobby. He would stop for a coffee in a shitty cafe and he would bring the hot berbage to the office, still warm and humming in his hands. His briefcase hanging from his shoulder, and his clothes clean but a little wrinkled in some spots.

He would greet the receptionist with a smile and head to the elevators. He would go up to his floor and enter his office. Then, five minutes later, Thomas Jefferson would come out from the elevator and smirk at him from his office door. The southern would occupy his place in the office across Hamilton’s, and then they both would start to work.

Along the day they would snap or fight each other. Jefferson denying his approval of Hamilton’s plans, Hamilton yelling at him to ‘sign the fucking paper’. They would fight over how coffee should be prepared like: Jefferson says with milk and sugar, Hamilton says ‘as black as my soul’. They would fight over anything they could.

And then, there were the meetings.

For anyone with the honor of being in the meetings, the fights Jefferson and Hamilton have along the day are nothing. Nothing, compared to the disastrous fights that usually took place in the meetings.

So yeah. That’s the way today started. Everything was fine. Or so it seemed.

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Hamilton Reincarnation Fic

Originally posted by just-usmadd

Characters: Jefferson, Hamilton

Summary: Jefferson is not sure how exactly how to ask Alex if he remembers his past life without seeming insane.

“Are you seriously just gonna walk out of here without asking me?”

Thomas froze, a hand on the edge of a bookcase. Outside, the busy, rainy, city day crashed around them and was completely oblivious to the legends tiptoeing around each other. Inside, the quiet of the library forced both Thomas and Alex to keep their voices down. It was the only way to have a conversation without yelling at each other, they’d found.

Slowly, Thomas turned back. He raised a single eyebrow. “Ask… what?”

Alex snorted, shrugged obnoxiously, and leaned back in his chair so that only the two back legs touched the floor. “Nevermind, man. I’d… well, I assumed you actually had a purpose for meeting with me here.”

“Besides the school project.”

“Uh, yeah.”

Thomas rolled his eyes and walked back up to the table. “Look, kid. I don’t like you. I don’t want to spend any more time with you than is positively necessary.”

Alex stuck his tongue out (such maturity) and thumped his front chair legs down suddenly. “I’m not a kid, and we’re the same age.”

Thomas glared at him. Alexander Hollins.

Formerly, Alexander Hamilton.

Formerly, his sworn political rival.

Formerly, a royal pain in the backside.

No, scratch that. Continually, a royal pain in the backside.

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#SanversWeek Day 3: “You’re Drunk.”

Thought I’d do a double whammy and have a little fluff and a little angst :)

Alex is half asleep in the middle of her Criminal Minds rewatch when Maggie calls her. She only ever calls when there’s a case, or she’s in trouble, or Kara’s in trouble; she never said exactly where she was going tonight. It’s been two days since she was trapped in a water tank with barely any hope of survival, so she’s right to be worried for Maggie’s safety.

Picking up her phone and accepting the call, she sits up and grabs her gun from the side table next to her.


“Sawyer, you okay?” She relaxes at the sound of Maggie’s excited voice, but not enough to drop her gun.

“Yeah, it’s all good! I’m here with your sister and James and Winn and- if his name is Winn why doesn’t he ever win?- and Lucy and they’re not drunk but they sure are acting like it,” Maggie replies slowly, making sure to enunciate every word. “They invited me to pool night… I ended up winning big, Alex. Did you know I’m good at pool when M’gann gives me tequila?”

Right, pool night. That exists. She’s okay. “You’re drunk.” Alex laughs and sits back on her couch. “You need me to take you home?” Even though Maggie’s apartment is a five minute walk from the bar, there’s no way in hell she’s about to let her walk home alone. Not while she’s drunk, not in National City.

She doesn’t hear anything but silence, and she almost thinks Maggie’s hung up until she hears the mellow music playing in the bar. “Maggie?”

Then she hears a soft mumbling. “Do you… need I… to take me… wait, can you repeat that?”



“I’m on my way.”

All she gets out of Maggie is a quiet but lively, “Okay!” before she grabs her jacket and runs out the door.

It’s 1:30 by the time Alex gets to the bar, and it’s nearly emptied out by now, other than the woman who’s wrapped in a black leather jacket and nursing a glass of bourbon. She quickly moves over to her, knowing exactly who it is.

“Mags?” Alex rushes over to her girlfriend, who immediately whips around to see her, and when she does, she hugs Alex tighter than ever before. When Maggie almost falls off of her stool, Alex grabs her and pulls away for a moment. “Are you okay?”

That’s when she realizes how red her eyes are and how broken she looks, and she sits her back down.

“Oh, babe,” Alex whispers gently, “you’re really drunk.”

Maggie nods and buries herself in Alex’s shoulder, not letting go. Seeing Alex’s confused expression, M’gann offers a sad look from across the bar and says, “She hasn’t said anything since everyone else left and she started on that bourbon. She’s at her drink limit.”

Alex nods and helps Maggie up, holding her hand. “Can I take you home?” Another silent nod.

When they get outside, it’s warm and quiet as they walk down the street. “You wanna tell me what’s going on?” Alex asks softly, her arm around Maggie’s shoulders.

“You almost died,” Maggie immediately says in a near whisper, “in that water tank. We almost didn’t save you.”

“But you did, and I’m here, Mags-”

“What if we hadn’t?” She almost trips as she stops in her tracks to look at Alex, who’s breathing and alive and radiant as ever.

Alex sighs and places a kiss on the top of her head. “I’m not going anywhere.”

“But you can’t promise that, can you?” Maggie looks more awake now and more sober, but more hurt than ever. “Not with our lives, not with what we do.”

“You’re right,” Alex agreed sadly. “But I can promise you that you’ll never be alone. Not as long as we’re together, and we make so many memories, like our first vacation to Prague-”


“-and when we adopt our dog, and the first time we celebrate your birthday together, and our anniversaries, and when we paint the walls in our first house… even if something happens to one of us, we’re gonna have all of these things we’ll do together to hold on to.”

Maggie finally smiled and grasped Alex’s hand. “God, I love you, Alex Danvers.”

“And I love you, Maggie Sawyer.”

“You do realize that I’m gonna forget all of this and you’re gonna have to say that all over again tomorrow morning when I’m not as drunk, right?”

“Oh, crap.”

Imagine Alex showing you his power for the first time.

It’s obvious that he’s either nervous or scared, by the way his fingers were shaking as he pressed them to your forearm. “Stay right here…” His blue eyes caught hold of yours, a slight smile donning his cheeks, “Please.” Alex added on deeply, pressing a hot kiss to your forehead, “the last thing I want is you getting hurt.” Tucking back some of your hair, he let a shaky breath out, sliding his leather jacket off his shoulders and putting it on yours. “here.” He whispered, giving you one last glance before jogging a good forty feet from you. 

Watching him intently, you still felt the heat of his lips on your forehead, and his smell lingered closely on his jacket as you pulled your arms through the holes and snuggled into it. He was right to give it to you, for the night was uncharacteristically cold.

Alex moved with a slacked confidence, and you found yourself wondering if he knew how attractive he was, or if the confidence was just a wall he put up to appear emotionally stronger than he was. He glanced over at you, punching his palm softly, “Stay back, okay?”

“Okay, babe.” Giving him a small grin, Alex turned forward and drew a slow, deep breath in. It stung his lungs ever so slightly, for the night time air was chilly. Balling his fists together, he focused. Alex’s body swayed from side to side, front to back, giving you the impression that he was hula-hooping more than anything. That caused you to chuckle, but only for a second before you spotted the red rings encasing his body.

And with one, sharp movement, he was sending them flying forward, splitting one of the innocent trees a few yards away in half. He swallowed, his eyes looking at the tree for longer than needed. Alex was afraid of looking at you now, as if you’d shun him for being so destructive. He prepared for the worst. 

“Holy shit!” You gasped, walking towards him with a rather maniacal laugh. This caught him off guard, his eyebrows furrowing and creating a crease between them. He sputtered, trying to find words. “That was amazing.” Your hand was suddenly on his chest, and you could feel the burn of his bare skin under the fabric of his shirt. “Wow…” 

“Wow as in a good thing or wow as in you’re now terrified of me?” Alex inquired, looking down at the hand that was now tracing on his chest.

“Wow as in holy shit as in… I didn’t know this was the sort of power you had,” You laughed slightly, catching his beautiful eyes. They appeared darker than they were, but that was due to the dim lighting of the park. “When you explained it to me the first time, I thought it was going to be something small…”

Alex chuckled, tossing his head back as he did. The movement of his neck and Adam’s apple distracted you momentarily before he began speaking, “So, you like power?” His lips formed into the smirk you knew all to well, and all you wanted to do was kiss them.

“On the right person.” You replied smoothly, smiling at your boyfriend as he cupped your cheek and beckoned you for a kiss.