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Ottawa Comiccon is proud to present Look at these eyebrows, a special 60-minuteDoctor Who Q&A event featuring Peter Capaldi (The Doctor), Alex Kingston (River Song) and Jenna Coleman (Clara Oswald), together on stage. Fans will get to listen to their stories about traveling with the Doctor through time and space and, well, Cardiff, and take some questions from fans along the way.

So I met this guy today I thought was cute

He had pretty greenish brown eyes, a cute smile, and he was super tall. Like 3 steps taller than me kind of tall. So I ask him what his name is and he goes, “Alex. Short for Alejandro.” (Me:)

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Haikyuu!! Text post meme part one, part two, part three, part four. (Hey hey! Do the clicky thing with the captions~)

In the Alanna books, it’s mentioned once or twice that Alanna and her friend, Alex, spent a good deal of their time competing with each other to decide who was the best page/squire. However, you only really see one instance of this, and it doesn’t go well. SO HERE’S SOME ALAN(NA)/ALEX COMPETITION FOR YOU

They both lost this battle. Raoul had to make them stop before they were arrested for being a disturbance to the peace, and their friends unanimously decided never to mention this again.

I just want to see more of Alex and Alanna as friends. Excuse me while I go turn on some Adele and cry into my copy of The Hand of the Goddess.

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