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playlist to go to sleep to.

1. mad sounds - arctic monkeys

2. sense - tom odell

3. firefly - ed sheeran

4. holding a heart - toby lightman

5. nothing arrived - villagers (live from spotify version)

6. i wanna be yours - arctic monkeys

7. she treats me well - ben howard

8. break the silence - the dig

9. work song - hozier

10. lilywhite - luke sital-singh

11. hot gates - mumford and sons

12. time of war - the vantage

13. losing you - aquilo

14. petrichor - keaton henson

15. shiver - lily rose

16. grand optimist - city and colour

17. broken - jake bugg

18. the end of all things - panic!  at the disco

19. a rush of blood to the head - coldplay

20. new slang - the shins

21. special death - mirah

22. konstantine - something coporate

23. i will follow you into the dark - death cab for cutie

24. berlin - ry x

25. skinny love - bon iver

26. chord left - agnes obel

27. follow you down to the red oak tree - james vincent mcmorrow

28. pictures - benjamen francis leftwich

29. in dreams - ben howard

30.  hey now - london grammar

31. arsonist’s lullabye - hozier

32. prayer in c - lilly wood and the prick

33. promise - ben howard

34. stay tonight - tom odell

35. smoke - daughter

36. ghosts that we knew - mumford and sons

37. till i lost - tom odell

38. it’s hard to get around the wind - alex turner

39. piledriver waltz- arctic monkeys

40. hiding tonight - alex turner

colour of the trap - miles kane

Jesus I only planned to put twenty songs down.

2017 NHL All-Stars in ‘South Park’ form

Me watching everymanHYBRID
  • *thinks it's just a YouTube series*
  • ME: *first few episodes* So far, so good!
  • ME: *when canyouseethewords is brought up* Who dat?
  • ME: *when greenfeathers is introduced* Who dis?
  • ME: *during "Damsel"* Who dis?
  • ME: *when the doctor is brought up* Who dat?
  • ME: *when Jeff calls Officer Matten* Who dat?
  • ME: *scrolls through Tumblr and sees Seven Trials* What dat?
  • ME: *about everything* Who dis? What dat?
  • ME: *finishes all uploaded videos on the emH channel* WHAT
  • ME: *watches Night Mind videos*
  • ME: *stares off into distance*
  • ME: *whispers* I understand so much more now.
US Nationals and Canadian Nationals

So now that they are over I would like to extend my congratulations to all the skaters and here were the highlights

Welcome to the US National ChenpionShibs, Asian Americans dominated the field with this fabulous lady skating an incredible short program and fiery free skate. 

Congratulations Karen Chen on her gold medal and her first US Nationals title

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Congratulations to my boy Nathan and his gold medal and first US Nationals title along with becoming the first skater ever to land 5 QUADS IN THE FREE SKATE AND 7 OVERALL EVER and take gold with a MASSIVE lead and 318 points. This kid is only 17 and doing all these quads a year after hip surgery, seriously one to watch out for in the coming competitions and seasons. I was literally breathless and shaking the whole way through both his programs

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Now onto my loves, a huge congratulations to Maia and Alex Shibutani for defending their title as reigning US Ice Dance champions and their second US nationals gold medal. These two are a huge inspiration for me and are the new torch carriers of an incredible era for Ice Dance, not only in America but also around the world. These two are definitely ones to watch for the coming Olympic season

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I didn’t get a chance to watch pairs this time but congratulations to Haven Denney and Brandon Frazier on their Nationals win

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As for Canadian nationals

Congratulations to Patrick Chan on his 9th National title, PChan’s short program is one of my favourites for the whole season

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congratulations to Tessa and Scott for their 7th National title, so much love for these two, their free dance is stunning!!

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Congratulations to Megan and Eric for their 6th straight national title,

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and congratulations to Kaetlyn Osmond for her 3rd national title, seriously a wonderful skater

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Other highlights for me were Mirai Nagasu’s extraordinary short program and record breaking score (seriously I love Mirai Nagasu so much and I want her to be happy, I would sacrifice so much to see her happy) and Tessa Hong and the way the crowd rallied behind her when she struggled during the free skate, she is only 14 and i’m predicting great things from her. 

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As for the men, oh god I have adopted so many new sons (if you ever hangout in the sywtwfs live chat this is a running joke that I have to many sons) Jimmy Ma, Vincent Zhou (2nd place baby), Sean Rabbitt (and that little butt slap), Antony Cheng and MY SON Elladj Balde (I love him very much and I hope to see more from him this was a painful nationals to watch for his fans I just want him happy). 

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In other news, I am now the Vice President (one of the) of the Antony Cheng fanclub and Chairwoman of the Jimmy Ma fanclub. Also Joe Johnson is adorable and the jj style in the K&C killed me haha.

I’m super excited for the rest of the season and I’m currently working on getting all the asks answered.

Here’s to an awesome Nationals season!! and congratulations to all the new stars (I loved Nathan before he was famous and I am so proud)

*Wakes up in a cold sweat* Child’s Play 3 came out in 1991, only a year after Child’s Play 2. Andy is only about eight years old in CP 2 and he’s sixteen in CP 3. But this doesn’t make sense: Andy Barclay can’t age eight years over the course of one year. Does this mean CP 3 takes place in the future? If so, doesn’t that throw off the timeline for all of the other movies? 

You may ask: But Erin! Maybe the first two movies just took place in the past! But if you look at the newspaper clippings in Tiffany’s doll display in Bride of Chucky, you will see the newspaper reporting the death of Charles Lee Ray is dated November 9, 1988, the same as CP 1′s release date, which means the first movie took place at its current time as it corresponds to the real world. 

Or maybe CP 3 takes place in an alternate universe but there isn’t a single universe where Chucky doesn’t find Andy because that’s just Andy’s luck.

Karen: Chucky’s been talking to you too hasn’t he?
Andy: Yes.
Karen: What’s he been saying?
Andy: All kinds of things. His real name is Charles Lee Ray. And he’s been sent down from heaven by daddy to play with me.
Karen: Anything else?
Andy: Yes. He said that Aunt Maggie was a real bitch, and got what she deserved.


If you ask me, anti-heroes are the most interesting characters in any form of writing.