alex turner & josh homme

You can never tell how a band is going to respond to having to record their album in a shower. At Rancho de la Luna, that’s how it works. It’s basically a house with a mixing desk in it so Alex would sing in the kitchen or in the bathroom. The drums might be set up in the hallway or wherever. Jamie Cook’s guitar amp was in the shower. They didn’t flinch hough
—  Josh Homme on recording with the Arctic Monkeys on Rancho De La Luna for the first time

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In NME's video, Queen's Josh Homme on life, they show him (and Troy van L.) pictures and ask their opinions. About 1.45 in they show them a picture of Alex and Troy just says "wow, he really is hot" haha.

“Mr Turnahh” “very smooth mothafucka” hahah I love Josh!! Thank you for telling me about this!!