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“If you wanted me to rip my clothes off should have just asked.” (Jace Herondale, City of Bones)

omg haha

I don’t know if someone has already pointed this out,
but Magnus Chase, named after the Magnus Bane who is dating a guy named Alec (short for Alexander), is now dating a guy named Alex (short for Alexander?)


So, this is ‘A True Story’

First comic I ever made, back in 2008. I used to carry these around like business cards, good for making friends. It kinda streamlined the very rehearsed origin story of my reasonably conspicuous scar. Since then, I’ve met so many people with similar stories, kids who’d been given this comic as a pep talk before surgery. Turns out that sharing your story can help in lovely ways.

Available to purchase on alexeclark . bigcartel . com

  • Me reading TMI at the age of 13: omggggg! I love Jace! Him and Clary belong together! Clace 5ever!!
  • Me reading TMI at the age 19: Okay but what sort of political structure foes the Clave follow? How do shadowhunters make money? Do they have to pay taxes? Also how is Alec doing? Does he know he is loved? And how old Magnus truly is? Doesn't anybody in Clary and Simon's school notice that have been missing for forever?

“Look, if I have a job for the next six years of my life I’m going to be the happiest motherfucker in the world. I’m under no illusion—this game is incredibly fickle, that’s what this industry is, and I’m very aware of that. If I can do this in the next six years, that would be great. If I can’t, that’s fine too. They better start making them quick, though, because none of us are getting any younger and I’m not entirely sure how long I can carry on. If we’re doing the last movie when I’m 30 and I’m meant to be playing 19, 20—I’m starting to look a little bit ropey at the moment anyway, there’s lines coming—I’d be fucked.” (Jamie Campbell Bower for Interview Magazine)

Listening to ‘Hello’ by Adele reminds me of when Malec broke up. Alec kept on calling Magnus, but Magnus never replied and Alec just kept on staring at his phone hoping that Magnus will call him or reply to his message.
The lyrics fit so perfetly.

Hello from the other side

I must’ve called a thousand times

To tell you I’m sorry for everything that I’ve done

But when I call you never seem to be home

Internet friends😇

Hi (:
My name is emely and I’m looking for some Internet friends :) I don’t care about your age/sexual orientation/gender/… But I’m 16 years old and from Germany
I like a lot of band like 5sos,twenty one pilots, the 1975,p!atd,fob,atl green day or the chainsmokers but also artist like Halsey, Melanie Martinez, Troye Sivan, Drake or Ed Sheeran (:
I also like stuff like Dan and Phil, Tana Mongeau, coll is cool and the gabby show on YouTube.
I like a lot of movies/books like divergent, the maze runner, the breakfast club,… But also TV shows like shadowhunters, stranger things, supernatural, sherlock, the vampire diaries, Bates motel,American horror story,…. Stuff like that haha
Sooo if you like any of these things you can like/reblog this or just text me (:

(you can also like or reblog if you don’t like any of the things I just said but want to talk to somebody about your problems or just about how today went I’ll answer you always and I’m sure we can find a topic to talk about😇)

Heaven and Hell

@ashes-and-glitter asked for it.

“Do you ever think about it?” Alec asked softly.

“What?” Magnus asked, pulling Alec back towards him so Alec’s back was on his chest. He’d just sat up, and the sudden shift had sent cold air against Magnus’ bare chest. Alec had been keeping him warm.

Magnus put his arms around Alec’s shoulders, trapping him there.

“Life after death.”

“Technically, there is no ‘life after death’; that’s a contradiction,” Magnus pointed out. Alec didn’t bother to say “You know what I mean.” He waited patiently for Magnus’ response.

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