alex the hellhound
The Hound of the MacLeods - Chapter 1 - BluePhoenix73 - Supernatural/Castle [Archive of Our Own]
The supernatural doesn't really exist in Kate Beckett and Richard Castle's New York, so when a hellhound gets loose and kills someone in Manhattan, Crowley, the King of Hell himself, calls on Sam and Dean Winchester to track it down and bring it back to him. A reinterpretation of Castle episode 7.03 "Clear and Present Danger"... with a little Supernatural twist.
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Ever since I saw the episode of Castle where the guy “makes a deal with the devil,” I knew this had to happen.

It just took me a while to do it.

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2x09 vs 2x12

messy-buns-and-shotguns  asked:

text: AJ... You said Alex turned into a hellhound? Well Ace just came back saying he killed a hellhound at the house where Dean was killed... He came to me all scratched up and bloody and he said there was a hellhound there so he had to kill it... Idk if this means anything but still

He’s still alive I feel it