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We’re Quite Sorry Ma’am. (Poly!Hamilsquad x Reader)

I love poly!Hamilsquad shit like omf guys. They are all so cute and amazing and aaaaaahhhh.

   Era/Time: Modern

   Angst/Fluff/Smut: Fluffity fluff fluff!!

   Pairing: Hercules x Lafayette x Reader x Laurens x Hamilton

   Warnings: None! I mean cussing maybe but I mean its me what do you guys expect. This is a nice a fluffy fic because I love and appreciate you guys! Oh wait again, I don’t speak french so sadly I had to use google translate.

   Wow it’s very cold outside. You shivered, setting up your microphone and speakers. You were a street performer who sang and played the guitar. It’s not like you needed money, you actually had a really well paying job. You found it quite peaceful and nice to play for others. The money, of course, was always a plus.

   This one particular morning though, four surprisingly attractive men stopped on the street to listen to you. Your usual crowed surrounded when you saw the four men push their way to the front, earning very aggravated and annoyed grunts from the others. You smiled singing and and playing your guitar. You looked up seeing the four mystery men entranced in your music.

   A few more hours of this goes on and you raked in $40 for playing. The strange this is is that the four men were still there. They had put in a five dollar bill three times. You were packing your stuff up when a tall and strong looking man came up to you.

   “Hey ma’am I just wanted to let you know that you are really good” You found yourself surprised by his sudden speak up and dropped your mic stand. “Oh god I’m sorry ma’am I didn’t mean to scare you like that.” Immediately the man picked up the stand. “I’m sorry I just didn’t expect for you to immediately be right behind me and talk, and (y/n)… You can call me (y/n).” You say looking at him.

He smiles nodding and handing you the stand. You pack up the stand and smile at him. “Maybe I could get your name?” You say smiling and looking at the man. “Hercules Mulligan, but you can call me Herc.” You smile. “What about us Herc we’re here too!” You heard a man yell from behind him. “Alex chill!I just got her name.”

   You look at the three other men questioningly. “Those are my boyfriends.” You look at him, “wait, all three?” Hercules looked nervous as he nodded awaiting you response. You smile “Interesting but it seems nice!” You wave over the other three men as Hercules visibly relaxes.

   “This is (y/n).” You smile and wave. The first one to move is a tall man with his hair tied up in a neat bun. He stuck his hand out for you to shake as he introduced himself. “I am Marquis de Lafayette but you belle fleur can call me Lafayette or Laf.” You smile blushing  at what he called you. “Well monsieur Lafayette J'apprécie le compliment.” Lafayette’s eyes widened when he heard you speak french. He blushed smiling and kissing your hand.

   “I’m Alexander Hamilton, and I want to say your voice is absolutely amazing.” You smiled blushing. “John Laurens, m’lady.” You giggled blushing and smiling. “Would you guys mind helping me put my stuff in a cab?” You ask looking at the four. They nodded picking up all your equipment leaving you with only the money you earned. “I mean I can carry one thing..” You giggle looking at them. Alex shook his head at you. “We got it.” You smiled nodding and hailing a cab.

   Right before you got in your can John grabbed your hand. “Can we get your number?” You smile nodding and writing your number down, giving it to John.

    —-Few days later—-

   You haven’t heard anything from the four since you met up with them. You were starting to loose hope that they would talk to you when suddenly you phone dinged.

    You first thought that it was your friend Angelica but it was actually Alexander. You tilt your head to the side confused as to what the text was about.

   Alex: Hey (y/n)! I know we haven’t talked since we met but and I hope you still remember us but, me and the others were wondering if you’d wanna hangout later tonight? six o’clock-ish?

   You looked at the time trying to see how long you’d have to get ready if you were to say yes. Your clock read 4:45 pm. You would have about an hour and fifteen minutes to get ready. That would be more than enough time.

   (y/n): I’d love too. I’m going to start getting ready now. You picking me up or do I have to hail a cab?

   Alex: We will be picking you up. See you at six! <3

   You looked at the text message over and over again. A heart? Why would he add a heart? He barely knows you. Maybe that’s just something he does with everyone. You brushed it off and decided to start getting ready.

    You decided to take a shower first. You walked into the bathroom, leaving the door open due to the fact that you live alone. You started the shower and left it to warm up while you undressed. You stripped your clothes off and looked at yourself in the mirror. Damn did you look good. You looked like a fucking super model, not to brag or anything.

   You got in the shower once you were satisfied with the temperature, washing your hair and body. Shaving your legs (if you do that, if not just ignore.) You smiled feeling ow smooth your skin was, turning the shower off and stepping out into the now very steamy and stuffy feeling bathroom.

   You stepped out into your bedroom, towel wrapped around your bare body. You got in your best clothes (tight long dress that hugged all your curves just right in your favourite colour/nice tux/or whatever you’d prefer.) You fixed your hair and smiled at yourself. You looked damn good.

   You were all ready to go with five minutes left to spare. You smiled, grabbing your purse/bag (or just you know shoved the shit into a pocket of some kind) and putting your apartment keys, wallet, phone, and some mint gum into it. Shirt wait you didn’t text them your address..

   You quickly pull your phone back out and text Alex your address.

   Alex: Oh shit thanks! That would have been awkward since we don’t know where you live.

   You smile at his text and put your phone back into your bag quickly. A few minutes later your doorbell rings. Smiling you stand up and walk to your front door, opening it slowly.

   Standing at your door was Lafayette in a nice suit. He stared at you taken aback by how amazing you looked.

   “Oh mon dieu, tu es incroyable….” (Oh my god, you look amazing)

   You smile at his kind words “Pourquoi vous remercier, vous n'avez pas l'air trop mauvais vous-même” (Why thank you, you dont look too bad yourself.) He smiles and blushes at your words and offer an arm to walk you out with. You felt like a princess, not gonna lie. You loved this feeling and you were starting to wonder if you loved these guys.

   You got to the car and well…. It wasn’t a car. It was a fucking limo. You gasped looked at the limo. “You guys didn’t need-” You were cut off my Laf putting a finger to your lips. “Yes we did, we wanted to make up for not keeping in touch and it is Valentines day after all.” Laf smiled and you hugged him.

   You saw one of the guys step out of the limo and clear his throat. When you looked up, John was standing by the door. Squealing you ran over to John and hugged him. My god was your squeal adorable. The four men’s hearts fluttered when they heard you.

   You got into the limo, you tightly hugged Herc and Alex before lightly kissing them on the cheek. Soon you all got situated and the driver drove off. Laf kissed John on the fore head and you smiled at how openly affectionate they were to one another.

    A few more hours later and you had had the best night with these four. When you all got back in the limo, the four looked weirdly nervous. Laf and Alex mumbled to one another as John and Herc exchanged nervous glances. Soon Alex cleared his throat, looking at you.

   “(y/n)…. You are amazing.. I- We have never met a person quite as amazing as you and if anything to call you amazing is a huge understatement. I Alexander Hamilton, for the first time in my life, am at a loss for words when it comes to you-” Alex was cut short Herc which made you giggle slightly but quickly gained your composure back.

   “Long story short (y/n)…. We want you… will you be our Valentine?” You smiled brightly blushing bright red as the four visibly relaxed, they took your reaction as a yes and immediately showered you in hugs and kisses, whispering sweet nothings to you. This was the best Valentines day ever.

    I know this is a bit late but you know, better late than never! Happy Valentines day you guys!!

Band Members and Their Birthdays Pt.3
  • Alex Suarez: April 6, 1981
  • Ryland Blackinton: March 31, 1982
  • Andrew Mrotek: July 4, 1983
  • Ian Crawford: September 29, 1988
  • Dan Pawlovich: February 27, 1987
  • Kenneth Harris: October 29, 1980
  • Ronnie Radke: December 15, 1983

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How to Dress

Reader x Alex

Request: “you expect me to walk home with you dressed like that” Alex is jealous and overprotective

word count: 370+

The thumping of music slightly faded as you and Alex walked out of the club. The night air washed over you in a cooling sensation that left you smiling.

“Do you want me to call a cab?” Alex asked already pulling out his phone. “No, let’s walk.” It was particularly warm out and even in your dress that was a little shorter than mid thigh and was kinda low cut. And walking at night was always nice, to see the lights and it helped that to get to your apartment you didn’t have to go through any bad neighborhoods.

“You expect me to walk home with you dressed like that?” Alex asked incredulously, his eyebrows nearly at his hairline.

“Um, yeah.” You said simply as you sent a stare his way that dared him to say anything else.

“But you look like that!” Alex said a little louder as he gestured over your dress.

You raised an eyebrow at him.

“I can dress however I’d like.” You weren’t going to let anyone tell you what you could and couldn’t wear even if it was Alex.

For a moment he looked like he was going to argue with you even more. Until his shoulders slumped and he defensively crossed his arms over his chest.

“Fine.” He murmured sulkily. He stuffed his phone into his pocket and began to walk forwards.

“Hey,” You said softly. He turned around and faced you.

“Sorry,” Alex murmured getting closer to you. “I just don’t like other guys seeing you like that.”

“It doesn’t matter what they see, I only care about you, not anyone else.” You wrapped your arms around his neck. He seemed to settle into your arms and let out a loud breath.

You pressed your lips against his, trying to prove your point. Slowly, you felt him respond to the kiss. His lips moved against your in a rhythm of reassurance. You pulled back and let out a sigh.

“Alright, let’s walk home.” Alex said as he pulled you into his side and slung an arm over your shoulder.