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SNL goes all-out in their video sketches and for that I am grateful

long hair!reader x sincerely three

as a person with long-ass hair, i loved coming up with these because i think they’re really accurate??? and i’m living???

evan –

-         would adore it when it was down and draped over your shoulder

-         is really good at braiding and would totally!! braid!! flowers!! into it!!

-         “you look like a forest queen!!”

-         “no, you dork!! i look like a woodland nymph!!”

-         *giggling ensues*

-         always makes/buys you flower crowns

-         he got you twelve for your birthday

-         you always let him braid it when he’s anxious because doing repetitive, mundane tasks helps him calm down

connor –

-         always. steals. your. fucking. hair ties.

-         “connor, i swear i just bought, like, 200 hair ties. where did they all go?? ”

-         *hides a shit ton of them in his end table* “uhhhh, i don’t know babe!!”

-         when he pulls his hair up into a bun, he pulls yours up too so you guys can match

-         ruffles the top of your hair a lot

-         *ruffle ruffle* “you’re adorable. i love you.”

-         “fuck you. you’re messing up my hair.”

-         he’ll pull you toward him by your hair so he can kiss you when you’re being a hard-ass and won’t come near him

jared –

-         there never is a time when he’s not pulling your hair

-         literally

-         needs your attention? *hair pull* wants to annoy you? *hair pull* wants a kiss? *hair pull* wants to cuddle? *hair pull*

-         and you can bet your ass that this kinky motherfucker always pulls on your hair when y’all are making out

-         when he’s not pulling on it, he’s brushing it so it can be ‘of the optimal texture for intense pulling’

-         can’t style it??? like??? at all???

-         he tried to braid it once and he made it so knotted that it took you three. hours. to comb it out

-         you still love him though


Your name’s baby? B-A-B-Y Baby?


4/15/17 - waited outside NBC studio for 4 hrs to meet all of the SNL cast (didn’t see kenan thompson and micheal che tho). met Sara Bareilles after her broadway show Waitress. and the director of the reboot of ghostbusters just happened to be at NBC studio. 

kate mckinnon is so fucking cute and talented i kept yelling we’re gay at her. cecily is so niceeeee we waited till 3am for her but it was so worth it. i kept yelling totinos at vanessa and i think she was confused af. melissa is so down to earth and humble. sasheer literally walked straight at us cuz we had the loudest cheer. aidy and leslie didn’t come over but it’s okay i still love them. i wanted to post pics of the other dudes from SNL but tumblr only allows 10 pics…oh well. best night ever tho :))))

I’ve never believed that Katie Hopkins, Tomi Lahren, Ann Coulter or Alex Jones ever truly meant what they said. (Didn’t Jones’ lawyer admit in the custody trial what his client said was basically BS and for entertainment?) It’s purely about money and book deals and publicity for these people. It’s so, so cynical.

Tomi: “Syrian refugees are just cowards who run away! Americans stay and fight!” (Seriously, she said this once.)

*Me* “OK, now you’re so much of a cartoon villain you might as well tie a helpless damsel  to the railroad tracks and wiggle your twirly moustache while dramatic piano music plays in the background. Just stop this shit. Stop it. It’s insulting.”