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hi little sis what about roadtrips with warren + alex?

asdfg i’m adding that to my bio byee (i also did this in headcanons)

warren & alex + road-trips

  • y’all can’t tell me you don’t fight for who gets to put the music
  • it’s war
  • you get the back seat because there’s no way that they would accept to be in the back seats
  • you get “mad” at them and get the headphones on, ignoring them
  • alex is driving, no exceptions
  • the first time you went on a road-trip with them you had a destination
  • warren wanted to go to the beach because alex once told him that he used to surf (x) so he wanted to learn
  • alex tried to teach him
  • didn’t end up well
  • but he tried!! don’t judge him (oh but you laughed at him)
  • it was a nice weekend
  • at this point you were honestly used to the random roadtrips with your boys
  • stressed? roadtrip
  • sad? road-trip
  • happy? road-trip
  • celebrating something? road-trip
  • bored? road-trip
  • (okay, not exactly)
  • you didn’t really had an specifical destination sometimes, the three of you just disappeared for weeks
  • food is something important in road-trips
  • when i say important, i mean it
  • warren likes to have something in his mouth, a gum, lollypop, your fingers (this is canon let me live)
  • alex likes to have a drink near so you have to think about that when you make the quick stops to buy food
  • the talks on your trips variate in a funny way
  • one time you had a two hour discussion because there was a bee and one of you asked if they had knees
  • do you know what i’m talking about?
  • two hour discussion about if bees had knees or not
  • guys please !!
  • alex is definitely the responsible one :’)
  • the majority of the time you get your shoes off
  • once warren and you made alex stop in the middle of the road to walk around the pavement in your bare foot because there was vapor coming from it
  • alex: *sigh* what are you, twelve?
  • warren & you: *running around* :D
  • thank god the fact that cars weren’t going around that place because you two would have done it the same way
  • stealing warren’s lollypops and saying “I looooooove you” when he sees you
  • haha where do i get this relationship? :’

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So we all talk about the guys in the Avengers movies

But how come we don’t ever talk about the guys in the X-Men movies

I mean











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