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Hey Ed

If you really want to look bigger…

…maybe stop hanging out with GIANTS…

…and definitely stop letting them carry you like luggage.

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She walked away while her shoes were untied
And the eyes were all red
You could see that we’ve cried
—  Do Me A Favour
The Fall Outs and Fly Offs of Confessions

When Lena confesses her love to Kara, Kara thinks ‘this is it, I’ve ruined another friendship by not loving them back.’ 

Because she knows that she likes guys, even if she hasn’t liked the ones she is friends with.

And when Lena stops by less and less, when Jess the receptionist tells her “this is actually a really important meeting” more and more, Kara is crushed.

So it’s isn’t until she brings it up to Alex and Maggie at the bar after a bit of alien ale, that she remembers.

“Well, actually,” Maggie says gently, one hand resting on her sister’s arm, “you technically could like girls too. Not that you do, but ‘I like guys’ isn’t really an argument. Has to be that you don’t like the other thing.”

Kara wants to be able to quickly say ‘well, I don’t’, but she hasn’t really thought about it. She came to Earth just as she was beginning to experience romantic feelings, and Earth has always made it seem like boys were the only option. She didn’t feel anything for any humans when she landed. They were too different, and she had too much going on.

In fact, other than celebrity crushes, when has Kara experienced feelings for anyone on Earth?

Have I loved anyone?

Oh. Yes, of course, she remembers.

On Krypton.

She had crushes on many people, just before it died.

As Kara cycles through the people she had a crush on, a boy from her lessons, one who lived across from her, a flash of long, jet black hair, the blue sun of Casador and a girl whose family was in the same tourist group as hers enter her mind.

She leans back suddenly. Alex and Maggie are mildly startled.

“I like girls.”

She stands up, knocking against the table and nearly spilling all of their drinks. 

Alex and Maggie are thoroughly startled. 

Kara stares at them intensely, not really seeing them. They exchange a quick and confused glance. 

Kara practically flies into the ceiling.

“I like Lena!”

Kara heads immediately for the door, almost crashing into a yellow fella, a table, and the waitress trying to clean it up, before she finally just super speeds out of there. 

They laugh and Alex reluctantly pulls out ten dollars and hands it to Maggie.

“I bet they’re together by the end of the week.”

Alex shakes her head. “Today.”

“You’re on, Danvers.”

Ok but Alex Standall...

• Would most definitely be the one to sit in the front of someones car and turn the music up to as loud as anyone could stand it. It would most likely be Zachs car as from listening to the tapes he mainly trusts him the most.

• “Ugh, this is such a good song!” He would scream and his hand would instantly dart to the dial to turn the radio up.

• And he would sing. At the top of his lungs and roll down the windows and scream the lyrics to passers by on the pavement.

• Zach never tried to shut him up because to see Alex look so free and energised was amazing! Instead he would roll down the other windows and pop open the sun roof to allow the air to blast through the car.

• And when Alex could sing no more he would stick his arm as far out of the window as possible and let the wind buffet into his hand and savour those last few moments after the song ended when he wasn’t weighed down with guilt and grief.