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Day 5: Domestic

There were a lot of reasons why Maggie had been hesitant to enter into a relationship with a woman like Alex Danvers. Her own history at destroying things, for one. Eventually though, they found their place with each other, and Maggie found new reasons to worry. They both led dangerous jobs with a duty to protect, it became obvious after the third apocalyptic event that National City was ground zero for danger. Maggie was sure a bullet or a phaser would end their relationship.

And then they moved in together.

Their things merged more or less seamlessly together, the new bedroom door ensured that there would be fewer opportunities for Little Danvers to barge in on them, and all and all things were going well. At least until Maggie suggested they head out together and stock the kitchen with basics.

She used to chalk it up to long hours at the DEO and the impracticality of expecting leftovers with the Kryptonian garbage disposal always over.

But on this, their first joint trip to the grocery store, Maggie Sawyer discovered the single biggest threat to the length of their relationship, to Alex’s health, was Alex’s diet.

“Danvers, seriously, one family-sized thing of Oreos is enough.”

“Not if Kara comes over.”

“Your sister can buy her own cookies. Here, let’s get some crackers to snack on-”

Which of course meant that Alex grabbed a box of Ritz crackers- Ritz - instead of the seven-grain healthy option Maggie had been pointing to. And when she protested, it led to a seven-minute disagreement over whether Alex could use “I’m a doctor,” as a legitimate nutritional argument.

Every aisle was much the same. Alex would put something into the cart, Maggie would replace it with something healthier, and a tug of war would commence. Sometimes the healthiest options would be on the top shelf, and Alex would pretend she couldn’t hear Maggie’s request to reach it “from way down there” and laughed when Maggie jumped and used a box of Cheerios to knock things down. One time, the argument didn’t end until Maggie literally climbed Alex in the middle of the canned vegetables to reach the can Alex was holding over her head.

Two hours into getting “just the basics” and Maggie was ready to kill Alex herself rather than waiting for the onset of heart disease. Maggie’s cart hadn’t held so much junk since she was 14 and it was the only kind of food her aunt could afford. Kara, at least, had the excuse of alien physiology and a never-ending need for calories. Maggie had no clue how Alex had made it so close to 30 on a diet of takeout and microwavables. Her daily intake of sodium alone could kill a man.

The fight over ice cream nearly came to blows. They had a normal-sized freezer, they did not have room for both actual food and thirteen different flavors of Ben and Jerry’s and one pint of her So Delicious.

“You already got canned vegetables, Sawyer, why do you need frozen ones?”

“Because we need them for different things, Danvers. Jesus are you going to be like this about the fresh stuff too?”

“We’re getting more?”

Obviously, they were getting more. Maggie would get vegetables in Alex’s diet if it killed her.

She took her time, even as Alex whined, picking up every fruit and vegetable and quizzing her girlfriend on names and ripeness. Maggie was pleasantly surprised that Alex even knew what an eggplant was, even if she made a face at the thought of trying it.

“Mom had a healthy eating kick.”

Maggie had attended the last Danvers Family Eating Holiday. Credit where credit was due, Eliza Danvers was a much better cook than her daughters. But she wasn’t exactly generous with the seasonings, so Maggie wasn’t surprised that Alex wasn’t enthusiastic at the thought.

“You’ll love my eggplant lasagna,” Maggie promised.

That promise did require some backtracking into the Natural section of the store, where Maggie could pick up lactose-free cheeses and cheese substitutes. This was probably the one section where Alex behaved, having born unfortunate witness to what happened when Maggie gave into her hunger and ate four-cheese pizza after Kara had accidentally eaten the lactose-free pizza.

Their cart of “basics” totaled nearly $400, and that was after Maggie had put back the “Kara” pile. She stared hard at the disproportionate amount of junk food and vowed she would teach Alex to eat healthier if she had to do it one sexual favor at a time.

Ride or die did not include intentionally developing diabetes.

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Consider a Basic Coffee Shop AU where Alex is the barista and he's trying 2 flirt w John and a coworker is like "oh write him a cute note on his cup" so Alex tries and his note is tOO LONG. HE WRITES ALL OVER THE WHOLE CUP AND THEN FILLS UP LIKE TWO NAPKINS AND JUST RUNS OVER TO JOHN'S TABLE AND PUTS THEM DOWN AND THEN LIKE SCREAMS AND RUNS BACK INTO THE KITCHEN basically Alex is a mess (PS he got John's order wrong John is so worried he just wanted his coffee,,)


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  • How did they they meet?: They met at work when Washington put them both on a project together. They didn’t exactly hit it off. 
  • Who developed romantic feelings first?:Thomas does. He has an instant attraction to Alex but it’s lessened when Alex is the biggest asshole in the entire world but by the end of the first project they worked on together Thomas developed a small crush on the small, brilliant, abrassive man.
  • Who is their biggest “shipper?”:Peggy is their biggest shipper in that she is the one constantly pushing Alex to ‘get some’ and Peggy is the first to notice that the ‘some’ that Alex wants is Thomas.
  • When did they have their first kiss and under what circumstances?: They had their first kiss a year after having met. They were working together again. They fought like cats and dogs when working together but no one could deny that the quality of work that they produced was incredible. So they were paired up often. They grew to respect each other so working together became less of a chore. This opens Alex up to unsupress his desire to have sex with Thomas and Alex kisses him in the middle of a discussion about the pros and cons of a national bank.
  • Who confessed their feelings first?: Alex did it first technically because he was the first to express his feelings when he kissed Thomas butThomas was the first to verbalize his feelings. Quickly following Alex kissing him Thomas asks him if he’s serious or just fucking around because he wants to be serious.
  • What was their first official date?: Their first date is a semi-awkward dinner date at La Grenouille which is the most exclusive French restraunt in NYC. They have dinner and it’s fine then they opt to walk home instead of cathcing a cab and their conversation picks up because the more casual setting. They end up walking in circles around Central Park and neither get home until well past one am.
  • How do they feel about double dates/group dates?: They aren’t fans exactly because they don’t mingle well with each other’s friend groups.
  • What do they do in their down time?: At home Alex curls up against Thomas’s side on the couch writing on his laptop while Thomas watches tv or does some work of his own. Alex also spends a lot of time in his office.
  • What was the first meeting of parents as an official couple like?: Alex meeting the Jefferson’s was a experience to say the least. Thomas’s dad didn’t approve of the relationship and they had a major pissing contest. Thomas’s mom on the other hand falls in love with Alex. Alex is a little uncomfortable because he isn’t used to being mothered (besides by his friends).
  • What was their first fight over and how did they get past it?: Their first fight actually took about a three weeks to happen which was shocking to even them that it took that long. It was over Thomas moving too fast and Alex being afraid of commitment. They stop speaking for about two days before Thomas shows up at Alex’s doorstep to apologize. Alex tells him that he doesn’t have to be sorry because they were both dicks in the situation.
  • Which one is more easily made jealous?: Alex, the man who flirts with anyone who crosses his path, is the most jealous person you’ll ever meet. If he sees someone even look at Thomas he becomes the most obnoxious boyfriend ever. He just draped himself across Thomas and hangs off of him as if claiming him.
  • What is their favourite thing to get to eat?: Take-out is their go to. Thomas loves mac n cheese but they never have the time to cook. Chinese is the usual but they’ll get the occasional pizza.
  • Who’s the cuddly one?: When they first started sleeping together they went to sleep on the opposite side of the bed but every morning woke up tangled together. Alex is always the one who somehow wrapped himself around Thomas in the night. Gradually they begin to get closer and closer while they’re awake and eventually they get into bed a start cuddling immediatly. 
  • What their favourite cuddling position?: They have three. There is the classis big spoon/little spoon in which Thomas curls around Alex and cacoons him. Second is where Alex jetpacks Thomas. Then the third is them chest to chest with Alex’s legs wrapped around Thomas’s waist and Alex’s forehead resting on Thomas’s chest.
  • Are they hand holders?: Alex isn’t a hand holder naturally but he adjust to hand holding once he started dating Thomas who was a hand holder to the max. They keep in professional at work but on dates they don’t let go of each others hands. They’ll spend an entire movie holding hands without letting go once.
  • How long do they wait before sleeping together for the first time? What’s the circumstances? They start sleeping together almost instantly. After that initial kiss at work they have sex that night. It’s not romantic, it’s more passionate. Heat of the moment that is quick and dirty and sweaty. 
  • Who tops?: Alex tops and I’m very certain of this. Alex is a switch and is willing to top/bottom but Thomas is a hard set bottom and that isn’t changing.
  • Who does the shopping and the cooking?: Alex does the most shopping. This is mainly because he needs to get out the house. They switch off on cooking. Every other weekend Alex will cook, then Thomas, then maybe take-out another week.
  • Which one is more organized and prone to tidiness?: Alex is mentally more organized but a disastor on the outside. His workspace is chatotic but he claims to know where eveything is. Thomas is more tidy outwardly. He picks up Alex’s clothes that he drops on the floor. He doesn’t like cleaning up after Alex but he feels the need to. 
  • Who proposes?: Thomas proposed. Alex had never thought about marriage before Thomas proposed but he had considered the fact that he wanted to sped the rest of his life with Thomas. (Thomas may have gotten the idea to propose after Alex drunkenly proposed to him with a ring pop and didn’t remember the next morning).
  • Do they have joined Bachelor/Bacheloette parties or separate?: The rev set insists that they are able to throw Alex a separate Bachelor party. They go all out. Thomas sets ground rules thought. Including: no strip clubs, no strippers, no drugs (even the weaker ones), and no blacking out drunk because if Alex showed up hungover to their wedding Thomas would be pissed.
  • Who is the best man/maid of honour? Any other groomsmen or bridesmaids? : Alex’s Best Man & Groomsemen: John, Laf and Herc. Thomas’s Best Man & Groomsmen: James, John Adams and James Monroe (Alex is not happy with his choice in wedding party).
  • Big Ceremony or Small?: They have a huge ceremony consisting of their families and every other person they have ever met because they’ve gotta keep up their political affiliations.
  • Do they have a honeymoon? If so, where?: They honeymoon in Paris. Alex thinks it’s a waste of money because they spend a majority of of the time in their hotel room but Thomas insisted. 
  • Do they have children? How many?: They do have kids. Three. Two boys and a girl.

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*whispers into void* I'm having some anxiety rn could you make some jamilton hcs pls? Sorry for bothering I'll leave now bye

:o sure! Hope you feel better, don’t leave! Come take a seat. 

  • Thomas takes Alexander shopping at some big places
  • Keep in mind Alex doesn’t care much for his appearance unless it counts, but he’s always up to look like he’s worth a billion dollars (Dresses like new Money ;))
  • Thomas tries to get him into things like slacks or something
  • Alex disappears and comes back with skinny jeans and an Italian Blazer
  • Thomas is literally on his knees praising how good small Ham looks in nice clothes
  • Thomas lowkey starts taking Alex shopping because he likes the idea of spoiling Alex
  • Plus anytime Alex wears something fancy Thomas can lean in and go “You look nice, your welcome~” 
  • Eventually Alex starts affording his own things but Thomas still insists they shop together
  • (Sidenote: They argue over Thomas buying ANOTHER purple-tone shirt when he has so many already. Thomas argues this shade is TOTALLY DIFFERENT from the other 50 he has) 
{ heavy eyes }

pairing: hamilsquad x reader

prompt: I was hoping to request hamilsquad x reader maybe the reader keeps falling asleep everywhere because they’re having trouble sleep at night but they don’t want to worry the boys

a/n: this is,,, so cute,, and very relatable bc i tend to do this at times. enjoy!

You were fighting to keep your eyes open. You were yawning way too much. You hated that this sleepy feeling always seemed to strike you when it was still daytime, yet at night, you couldn’t have felt more awake. 

This daytime sleepiness was making it harder for you to sleep at night. You were okay for a few days, until the lack of sleep started to catch up with you.

The first time you had been caught sleeping was when you went to Hercules’ studio. You had the day off and you promised Herc that you’d help him reorganize the place–-it was mostly little things like helping him carry in fabric and organizing it by color. You did it all without much trouble. It was kind of soothing.

He then asked you to model something for him. You were okay getting into the dress he had made for another client. It was really chance that you were about the same size. When you had to stand on the little pedestal, you started to zone out. You could hear Hercules talking to you and you mumbled half-hearted answers. 

You were up there for what felt like an eternity. The dress was really pretty, you wouldn’t deny that. You were glad to help, but you felt your own eyes closing ever so slightly, until they finally shut. 

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  • <p> <b>Alex:</b> how did the shopping go?<p/><b>Lena: ...</b> <p/><b>Kara: ...</b> <p/><b>Lena:</b> great.<p/><b>Kara:</b> great!<p/><b>Lena:</b> until Kara broke one of the beds on display.<p/><b>Alex: </b> what?</p><p><b>Kara:</b> Lena! </p> <b>Maggie:</b> oh my god.<p/><b>Alex:</b> <i>what?</I> How did you even manage to do that?<p/><b>Kara:</b> I was excited, okay! And I just... miscalculated my jump... and the landing...<p/><b>Alex:</b> So first you break your bed, then you break Lena's bed, and now you break one in the middle of a furniture store?<p/><b>Maggie:</b> oh that is so good.<p/><p><b>Lena:</b> *mouthing to Maggie* it was <i>so</I> funny.</p><b>Kara:</b> Okay, but can we just make it very clear that this one broke for an entirely different reason. We weren't... not in the store! <p/></p>

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captive prince flower shop/tattoo studio AU

so @caravaggion requested cute headcanons to brighten up her day and then this happened

- kastor is like this straight edge dumbass and damen wants to get a tattoo just to piss him off. so he walks into laurent’s tattoo studio and laurent asks him “which one do you want” and damen is like “oMG i haven’t even THOUGHT about that”

- laurent is 100% done w/ Indecisive Damen. but damen ends up getting a chain of flowers on his back and laurent is sort of confused but also impressed that this rough animal of a guy would get a flower tattoo, until one day….

- ..on his way to work laurent catches a glimpse of damen in the flower shop not far from his tattoo studio. and the sight of this tall, dark-skinned, muscular guy working so carefully and gently with a bunch of pretty flowers stirs something inside him

- meanwhile, damen continues to visit the tattoo studio bc getting half your back covered in flowers can’t be done all at once. as he gets used to laurent’s cold behaviour, he finds himself curious about him & wants to catch a glimpse behind his mask

- laurent hasn’t done many flowers before bc fuck it who wants to have flower tattoos these days, so when damen catches him cursing about it under his breath, the next time he shows up with a bunch of flowers for laurent, “as live inspiration”

- then laurent is even MORE sour w/ damen bc he can’t handle nice people and doesn’t know what to do. damen is actually hurt and doesn’t show up for a week or two. laurent finally figures he has to apologize & shows up in damen’s flower shop one day

- and laurent is like “i need a bunch of really beautiful flowers for a really beautiful person” & damen is jealous but picks them out bc laurent is a Customer now. then after he paid laurent presses the flowers into damen’s hands & leaves

- damen finds a little card between the flowers saying “sorry”. he forgives laurent (of course) & when he visits the tattoo place again, they share a smile & don’t mention it anymore. but something between them has changed.

First Vacation

Maggie wants somewhere hot. With a beach.

Alex grew up somewhere hot. With a beach.

Alex wants somewhere cold. With hiking.

Maggie grew up somewhere cold. With hiking.

They start to bicker.

Their first fight about where to go on their first vacation.

Maggie cheats.

She walks out of their bathroom – well, technically, her bathroom, but theirs, really, because I love you and I want a lifetime of firsts with you changes some territorial rights, doesn’t it? – in nothing but a bikini and shades and an expression that screams desire.

Alex doesn’t fight very hard.

She books their flight nearly the next minute.

Well, as soon as she fucks Maggie senseless both in and out of that damn two-piece.

Maggie doesn’t usually like airports with people.

Doesn’t like traveling with people.

Hell, Maggie usually doesn’t like people.

But traveling with Alex?

Traveling with Alex is absolute bliss.

Because Alex plans everything – every. single. thing. – but she also gets excited by everything. Every. Single. Thing.

All the little gift shops and all the little sweatshirts and all the little keychains and all the little stuffed animals.

Maggie winds up rolling their bags around while Alex darts from airport shop to airport shop, and Maggie wants to shout to the world that she loves this woman.

And she almost does. (She doesn’t realize her smile is already doing it for her.)

And Alex is just as excitable once they land. 

She scours every inch of the hotel suite, uncovering goodies and testing the bed and pillow fluffiness and grabbing Maggie by the hand and jumping on the bed with her before pulling her back down and fucking on the bed with her.

And that’s all before they even unpack.

The beach itself? 

The beach Alex claimed would be boring to her because she grew up on one has her climbing massive surf-side rocks and seeing how far out she can swim and seeing how long she can lay still on their towel before Maggie needs to touch her, to kiss her, to carry her off into the ocean and hold her safe, hold her warm, hold her alive, hold her happy.

“I love you,” Alex tells her when her hair is sopping wet, the experience so different now than it was… then.

“I love you,” Maggie tells her when she’s buying her dinner at a restaurant that overlooks the beach.

“I love you,” Alex reminds her when she’s scratching at her back and writhing underneath her.

“I love you,” Maggie reminds her when she’s cumming, hard and abandoned and raw all over Alex’s naked thigh.

“Next time, we’ll go to see the Aurora Borealis,” Maggie promises as they fall asleep in a bed that Alex has deemed suitably vacation-worthy, not telling her that she’s already bought the tickets.

“I love you,” Alex murmurs into her skin as she falls asleep, wildly in love.
Wildly safe.
“I love you,” Maggie breathes, already half asleep, Alex scent in her nose and her body in her arms and her love all throughout her being.
{ five's company // ch. 17 }

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a/n: hello! i’m trying to get better at updating for this story. the goal is for a new chapter each friday. hope you like it!

t/w: implication of sex

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“They’re very affectionate here.” You mumbled, looking around at all the couples who were openly holding hands and sharing sweet kisses. 

Alex managed a little laugh, swinging your intertwined hands gently. “You just noticed?” 

“Where do you think Laf gets his tenacity from?” John teased, making you laugh a little. 

“I never hear any of you complaining.” Laf scoffed, hands intertwined with Hercules’ as you walked down the streets together.

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