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things that we forgot that happened last night (AKA it was only 95% bad):

  • Maggie has been sleeping over at Alex’s on a regular basis
  • Alex is 28
  • Alex makes maggie breakfast 
  • maggie drinks her coffee black
  • she also likes her bagels dry and double toasted,
  • Maggie knew that Alex was right for her
  • Maggie knew that she was right for Alex
  • Maggie likes guns and scotch and tiramisu and bonsai trees
  • Maggie probably has bonsai trees in her apartment 
  • Maggie has a key to Alex’s apartment
  • Alex wrote Maggie a poem and made her a cake of Lady Fingers ‘,:)
  • Alex put silk sheets on her bed before she was gonna bang maggie
  • Alex owns lingerie (which she will definitely be using with maggie in the future)
  • Maggie can still just walk into the DEO without Alex there. like she just walks in
  • Maggie has curly swoopy handwriting
  • Alex does Not have chyler’s ugly ass back tattoo (noah fence chy)
  • Maggie knows Alex's size well enough to buy a dress for her
  • Chyler (finally) opened her mouth for that kiss
The way you said ‘I love you’ - On a post-it note

The second time Maggie spends the night Alex wakes up disorientated and cold. Turning on her side Alex reaches out, for Maggie’s warmth, for Maggie’s body, for Maggie’s soft touch but instead she’s greeted by an empty space and cold sheets.

And Alex panics because she should have known. She should have known that eventually Maggie would realise that she deserves better, deserves more, deserves someone other than her.

Stumbling out of bed Alex frantically searches for her phone, needing to call Maggie, needing to hear her voice, needing to know that she hadn’t fucked up the first real relationship she had ever been in.

Tripping over the shirt Maggie had slowly, so slowly, peeled off of her mere hours ago while memorising every inch of skin revealed, with her eyes, her hands, her mouth, Alex’s entire body slumps as she figures that maybe last night had meant so much more to her than it had done to Maggie.

Frantically glancing around her living room Alex almost misses the mug resting on her kitchen island, almost misses the bright pink post-it note peeking out from under the mug.

Morning beautiful - 
Sorry I had to run, work called! 
Believe me when I say this - I’d have given anything to stay wrapped up in you. 
Have a good day! Call me when you wake up! 
- Mags

And Alex’s entire body sighs in relief, sighs in sheer happiness, because Maggie wanted to stay, because Maggie wanted to wake up next to her.

Because she hadn’t messed this up.


Months pass and the collection of pink, blue and green post-it notes Alex keeps in her bed side drawer grows each day.

Grows with each good morning beautiful, with each I’ll miss you, with each I swear to God you were trying to kill me last night wearing that dress.

And Alex treasures each and every one, treasures the secret romantic that is her girlfriend, treasures the welcoming feeling of home whenever she reads them.

But the one she treasures the most? The one that sets her heart racing, the one that steals the breath from her lungs, the one that she found stuck to her favourite mug that morning simply reads -

I love you. I love you. I love you.

Best of Wives and Best of Women - piano sheet music

Composed by : Lin-Manuel Miranda

Orchestrated by : Alex Lacamoire

Transcribed by : ME

Note: 70 BPM

I’m back~ And this took no time at all! I also just realized I have not shown Alex Lacamoire enough love when writing the credits at the top of my sheets and I apologize for that. 

Since the score book has been released you should all do what I did and BUY IT. My copy hasn’t arrived yet and I’m dying to learn ‘History Has Its Eyes On You”. Anyway as I said, I won’t be transcribing anymore songs that are in the book. It’s less than $20 so show some love and buy it even if you’ve already learned my transcriptions. 

Next up will (eventually) be “Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story?”