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OK, hold up. Salvador’s speech clearly “hurt” some singers whose songs are “fast-food” and disposable. And you know what, Robin and Alex? Fuck you guys. I won’t respect your opinions.

Let’s face it. Is “I Can’t Go On” fast food music? Absofuckinglutely. Do we like it? Yes, most of us. Because it sounds nice in the background. 

I won’t even talk about that song which literally compined rap and yodeling in a weird way. I like Yodel It, but come one, that song is a total joke.

Yes we can like those “fast food” songs. But we also see they are trash and don’t have any artistic values. 

On the other hand, Amar Pelos Dois is musical masterpiece as an art form. Many people (including me and Artsvik) cried after his performance, without understanding its language.

That’s how you touch people with your music.

Let’s take the staging and effects away from Sweden and Romania. You will literally have a bunch of stupid lyrics. However, there was no staging tricks in Portugal’s songs. That night, only the music was up there.

Portugal won both jury’s and people’s votes. Portugal is the only country who speaks Portuguese in Europe. Which means, people are affected even though they didn’t understand the lyrics.

And that, my friends, what the real music does.

So, shut the fuck up, stop crying like whiny babies. If you are a true musician, you should celebrate how the real music won in a contest where popular culture has control on.

The Portuguese played a role, that’s what I felt. I saw him on many occasions and I didn’t believe he had [health] problems.They used marketing to win, as happens in our talent shows as well. His backstory worked and the public ate it up. But from my point of view, Salvador doesn’t have heart problems, but head issues. Everybody thought that Italy would win, but there was a big fuss in Kyiv about [Salvador Sobral] because he was mysterious, he didn’t give interviews, he didn’t take photos and he wouldn’t show up for rehearsals.

Alex Florea, rap artist that represented Romania in Eurovision (Yodel it), talking about Salvador Sobral, who tried his best to hide his heart problems after they were leaked by the press and only admitted to them in an interview aired AFTER he won Eurovision. 

Salvador has been on portuguese TV since he was ten and participated in several talent competitions and NO ONE had any idea he was sick.

Just to clear things up, Salvador did give interviews when he was in Kiev and the only reason he didn’t show up to rehearsals was because his team of doctors advised him not to. No talent competition is worth your life.

So yeah, I will block anyone that defends this horrible statement or person. He is a disgusting human being.

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