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One of the things that Alex, Benj and Justin mentioned to me in their initial pitch was, conceptually, if there was a radio in Evan Hansen’s bedroom, they thought it would be playing Owl City music. He’s this outsider, he’s got social anxiety, a lot of things I dealt with as a high schooler myself. So just, ‘Live with this image of this kid in his bedroom, playing stuff that sounds like you, and come up with your own interpretation.’
—  Adam Young talks about ‘Dear Evan Hansen’ Single: Interview

Is it normal for a comic to have ten variant covers?  Because this one does and they’re all great!

Marvel’s Star Wars #1, coming January 14, 2015

Covers by John Cassaday, Bob McLeod, John Tyler Christopher (x2), Skottie Young, Greg Land, Joe Quesada, Paul Renaud, Sara Pichelli, and Alex Ross


The WWE’s pay-per-view kick-off show is such a great idea, one of those weird “Let’s legitimize ourselves!” moves that the WWE tries every so often, only this one works because, hey, I do want to hear people talking about wrestling (as opposed to shouting about wrestling and everything that’s not wrestling, like the usual cast of announcers). It’s also rad because people get dressed up to be on this thing and treat it with a lot of respect. Your Survivor Series Pre-Game Kick-Off included the following looks:

Renee Young: Black dress. Biiiiiiiiig goddamn phoenix. I can’t tell if it’s a brooch or a necklace, but it’s pretty amazing. Renee Young is unquestionably the best dressed WWE employee. Just on average. Sometimes Stephanie McMahon wins this contest. Mostly it’s Renee.

Booker T: Top knot. Rings. Scarf. Booker T is fucking bringing it. Look at that screencap. Dude knows he looks good. 

Alex Riley: Your drunk cousin who is hitting on you at the family reunion. Secretly, you think life would be better if he were dead.

Paul Heyman: Your drunk cousin’s father, who secretly agrees with you.