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I could use some Maggie raging about the actual aliens being deported across the universe.

She’s at it earlier than she normally is.

The heavy bag.

And hard.

Alex is still groggy and still sore – she can’t tell whether the last part is more from Cadmus or from the possibly dangerous amount of sex they’d had when she got back from nearly being flung halfway across the galaxy – and if Maggie were anyone else, Alex wouldn’t be able to possibly fathom why or how Maggie is up this early, slamming at the bag as hard as she is.

But Maggie is not anyone else, and Alex knows her.

“Give the poor bag a break and give me a shot, Sawyer,” she greets, and Maggie stills on the balls of her feet, and she tenses just slightly in her left thigh, and she turns into a high kick that Alex parries.

“The tension in your left leg is one of your classic tells. Again,” she says, keeping her eyes on Maggie’s.

They’re red, as she knew they would be.

Because Maggie’s been crying.

“I hate them,” she says between blows, all pulled so as not to hurt Alex, all somewhat more gentle than she would be in the field, because this woman is the woman she lives and breathes for.

This woman is not who she wants to be fighting.

“I hate,” she hisses as she ducks under Alex’s swing. “The whole fucking lot of them. And I know, I know.” She sidesteps a punch and lands one of her own, pulled, easy, gentle. Alex nods so Maggie knows she’s okay.

“I know, empathy. Even for people who act like they have no soul. Fine.”

She turns and slams her wrapped fist into the heavy bag, because pulling punches on her girlfriend isn’t good enough anymore, because she can’t bring herself to imagine Lilian Luthor’s face interposed on her beautiful, perfect girlfriend’s concerned, open, loving one.

“But I just… it’s just more of the same… fucking… white supremacist… bullshit.”

She punctuates each word with a different combination, and Alex watches, and Alex listens, and Alex hears.

“What, oh, you don’t belong here according to our goddamn KKK roster, but hey, listen, we’re generous people, we’re good people, we’re just gonna destroy your lives instead of end them, hooray, look what humanitarians we are.”

She plants her feet and rotates her hips and slams over, over, over again into the bag. Fast, hard, angry. Hurt. Terrified.

“Why, Alex?” She’s sobbing now, her voice cracking, sweating forehead on the bag, and she lets Alex wrap her arms around her waist and she lets her warring body go limp in Alex’s strong arms.

“Why are they like this? Why… No, how. How can they… how can they hear those screams and see that pain and not… how can they so completely convince themselves that they’re not people? Hell, that James and Susan and Adrian and me aren’t people? I don’t… Ally, I…”

She breaks and Alex nods and Alex turns her pliant body around so her face is buried in Alex’s shoulder and she kisses her forehead, her hair, and she tells her it’s okay, to let it out, that she’s not alone, that she’s loved, that she’s seen, that she’s heard, that she’s perfect.

Because she is, she is, she is.


A defensive technique that neutralizes an incoming attack without the drawbacks of blocking, such as blockstun, chip damage and pushback. This high risk/high reward maneuver can allow a player with fast reflexes to completely reverse a round’s momentum.

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Sanvers Prompt: Alex and Maggie training together in that DEO training room where Alex and J'onn practice fighting. So basically Alex and Maggie practice fighting like Alex and J'onn did. You can do what you want with it :)

“You know they teach us to fight at the academy.”

“Not like they do here, Sawyer, and if you’re gonna be running missions with us, I need you safe. I always need you safe.”

Alex tucks a loose strand of Maggie’s tied-up hair behind her ear, and Maggie wets her lips.

“You getting soft on me, Danvers?”

Alex snorts and steps back and puts her hands up, fists lose, shoulders lose, mind tensed. “Not a chance, Sawyer. Suit up.”

“I dunno if you’re the best person to train me, you know.”

Alex furrows her brow as they circle each other on the balls of her feet.

“I can take a hit, Maggie, it’s fine.”

“No, I don’t mean… anyone ever told you you’re really fucking hot when you’re in fight mode?”

Alex smirks and Alex lunges, flipping Maggie immediately over onto her back with a thud. She puts her forearm gently over Maggie’s neck and Maggie’s pupils dilate, Maggie’s breath quickens, Maggie wets her lips again.

“And that isn’t helping.”

Alex smirks and leans down like she’s going to kiss her girlfriend, but pulls back at the last minute. Maggie whines, but only slightly, because Alex is pulling her to her feet and Alex is telling her how to block which blow and I learned that one from an Infernian and damn Sawyer, you learn quick, it took J’onn hours to teach me to defend that properly.

By lunchtime there’s a small crowd, Winn collecting bet slips and J’onn watching his little girl be both hardcore instructor and loving girlfriend all at once, and he has never been more proud of her. He inclines his head toward the agents betting with Winn, and he smirks as he takes in the various comments.

Danvers is gonna throw the match. You seen how she swoons around this girl? Please, like she’ll actually be able to bring herself to land a proper punch.

No way man, she’s beaten up on Supergirl dozens of times in sparring, and she loves her to bits.

Yeah, but come on, there’s some rage behind all sisterly love, right? The only rage these two’ve got is probably in the bedroom –

No but look, Sawyer’s scrappy. Scrappy enough to be keeping up with Danvers with just regular cop training? I don’t know, she might be able to – ooh, see! Danvers didn’t expect that one.

J’onn is chuckling and Winn is moving along with each of Alex’s blocks and blows, and J’onn leans in and asks, “Who are you placing your own bets on, Mr. Schott?”

“Quidditch World Cup,” Winn replies, and J’onn looks down at him like he’s really lost it this time.

Winn smirks and explains. “Alex is gonna have the advantage most of the way through, but Maggie’s gonna do something that surprises her – like catching the Snitch even though her team is down – and get Alex on the ground again.”

“Snitch, Mr. Schott?”

“Don’t worry about it.”

They fix their eyes on Alex, on Maggie.

“That all you got, Danvers?” Maggie asks, wiping sweat from her forehead with her shoulder.

“In front of an audience? Dream on, Sawyer. Your left foot is dragging. Gives me an opening to do this.”

But Maggie blocks the blow, and Alex’s eyebrows shoot up as various whoops and cheers and ooooohs explode along the side of the room.

“Never tell your opponent what you’re about to do, Danvers, or didn’t J’onn teach you that bit?”

“Oh, I taught her, Detective Sawyer. I taught her.”

“Not helping, J’onn.”

“And you’re always supposed to change your tactics based on your opponents, yeah?” Maggie huffs, and Alex strikes, and Maggie parries, and Alex nods.

“Well, you know what I learned from watching you today?” Maggie wants to know, and Alex smirks.

“That you do, in fact, need more training?”

Maggie shakes her head and, lightening fast, strips off her sweaty tank top and tosses it away, leaving her in nothing but her sports bra.

Alex completely freezes, jaw dropped, and Maggie has her on the ground in an instant.

“That your reaction time is that much slower when you’re especially turned on.”

“I… you… cheating!”

Maggie smirks and tugs Alex to her feet.

“Punish me later,” she husks in her ear as she takes a mock bow to the surrounding agents and a loudly cheering Winn.

“There are many things in this life I wish I could unsee and unhear,” J’onn mutters, and Winn smirks.

“And little Alex Danvers growing up and getting laid is one of them?”

“Your existence is going to be one of them if you don’t back away now, Mr. Schott.”

Winn scampers away laughing, and J’onn chuckles to himself, watching his agents surround Maggie and Alex, talking animatedly and offering to show Maggie even more tricks.

“Good god, she’ll need her own badge before nightfall.”


    under the cut is #60 rp icons of PRIYANKA CHOPRA as her role alex parris in the show quantico, requested by anonymous. the original photos aren’t mine, but i did add a texture/psd and border so please don’t steal or claim as your own !! and just give this a like if you use any of them tbh a lot of work goes into making these and it’s very appreciated thanks & enjoy.

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Surfer Mag just released “The Road To Tofino,” an in depth look into the roadtrip to the Joel Tudor Duct Tape Invitational contest held in Tofino, BC last month.

Read the story and watch the full edit over at Surfer Mag’s site.

photos: James Parry