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any chance you have a gif set on an old 819 incident where in 2011 matt cooke from the penguins kneed ovi, who went flying? i'm asking bc after cooke kneed him, nicky and ovi just fuckin' Went at cooke and i don't think i've ever seen nicky that aggressive. it was a rare instance of nicky getting revenge and it was *kisses fingers*

Ah yes, the 819 incident, the old 819 incident, anon, that 819 thing, The 819 thing that’s been going on for a decade now, that one from the many many 819 things. Yes. I actually totally get which one you’re referring to. 819. 

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alright a bunch of people wanted it, so here’s the family tree i made awhile back

brooks orpik is everyone’s grandpa, beags & carly & alzy & nisky are brothers to nicky, holts & oshbabe are brothers to ovi (basically they’re all brothers). Mojo is nicky’s child but also brother to andre, orly and kuzy are ovi’s kids, and the rest of them belong to both nicky and ovi. also beagle is andre’s step-dad