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Favorite Vauseman Scenes: Alex vs. The Ogre Man

(sigh) now I know what you’re thinking: “How the fuck did this scene get added to your favorite Vauseman scenes? Explain yourself right now because this was  disturbing, cruel, and just gut-wrenching what the hell is wrong with you?!”

Believe me I know, I know, I know, I’m a sick fuck I’m sorry. I didn’t intend for this scene to make my list but while there was a majority of things that I didn’t like about these scenes I want to point out a couple of things that I did like that really stood out to me and I had to talk about them.

So here I go. Why did I like this scene? Two specific reasons, the first having to do with Alex’s growth this season and the second being that we finally get to see Piper’s raw emotion towards Alex when she decided take on Piscatella. This season I predicted that Alex was going to do something crazy, brave, and stupid and Piper was going to do something crazy,brave, and stupid in response on Alex’s behalf. Only half of that prediction came true because  trust and believe had Piper not been tied up…whew! But well get to that in a second.

Alex has made it perfectly clear to the other inmates that she is not a leader and stresses to them that they shouldn’t follow her. But in fact she has actually demonstrated that she most definitely is a leader. She unintentionally became the leader of a peaceful protest out on the prison lawn. She’s proven to be the voice of reason, the only one to stand up and walk out of that assembly because it was “fucking insane,” stating the stupidity of throwing away the hot cheetos and tampons (something they needed) to prove that the inmates were serious, and I loved how she called out Maria on her sudden change of heart to join them out in the field.

Alex Vause is all self preservation, stay out of the fray, and lay low. So when she and the other women were taken as hostages she took it upon herself to abandon that self preservation and come to Red’s rescue throwing herself at this giant ogre man, knowing that she probably didn’t stand a chance and knowing full well things were not going to end well for her. I mean what was your plan here honey? What were you trying to achieve you brave gorgeous fool?! It’s not like the others can get away and get help. This is only going to end bad for you dear. 

But I think part of the reason why Alex did it was because she obviously cares about Red and sees a second mother figure in her. It might’ve been triggering because she lost her own mom and now here’s a second motherly figure being tortured right in front of her.

Now Piper, you had best believe if she wasn’t tied up she would’ve been on Piscatella’s ass like a fur coat in a snowstorm. If anyone had any doubts about Piper’s feelings towards Alex, this scene confirmed it, at least for me (not that I ever doubted it of course). I’m glad we got to see that raw unhinged rage and emotion from Piper. We haven’t seen Piper lash out like this since season one when she was beating up Doggett.

This is not the first time Alex was under threat of being physically harmed. The first time was in the greenhouse which Piper did not bear witness to but felt truly devastated once she found out because like she said had she had known she would’ve done something. She felt awful. So after that Piper had truly stepped her game up and was more than determined to be there and be the strong protector for Alex. She was ready to put a bitch down. What makes this so sad is during these torture scenes Alex is once again under threat of being physically harmed and not only is Piper forced to bear witness this time around but once again Piper is unable to help her. In her mind I imagine she feels that once again she has failed. The first time she was unable to help because she wasn’t there. Now she’s here, fully present, with the chance to help and she physically just can’t, she still can’t help her.  The first time around I was emotional because well number one that fucking asshole hurt my baby and secondly because of Piper’s pain at seeing the woman she loves being hurt that way I really felt for Piper here. Piper’s rage was my rage but I was also tearing up.


Someone had to do it