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Supergirl 3x22 Spoiler

It’s the Sanvers wedding. They got engaged at the midway finale of season 3. Alex is hyperventilating because ‘holy shit a girl likes me’. J’onn is walking Alex down the aisle. Maggie wears a suit. Her parents stop being dicks and come support her. Kara is the prettiest maid of honor and Lena is her date. James blinds everyone with his amazing smile. Winn is wearing a bow tie. M’gann goes out of her way to show up and stays afterwards bc shes a queen. Lucy looks beautiful as always and tries to invite herself on Alex and Maggie’s honeymoon. Man Hell rotted away long ago. I cry tears of joy.


prom is in FULL SWING

MANDY: i’ve gotta say, Pep, you’ve been looking pretty good lately. don’t tell me you’ve got your eye on someone?

PEPSI: hmm… i don’t kiss and tell, Mandy.

KAIA: i call bullshit! if you had kissed someone, i know you would make a tweet about it. you can’t hide anything from me, Pepsi Goon!

PEPSI: oh, you didn’t notice i blocked you and privated my twitter?


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