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Random request since there open Yooseven?? If that's ok!! If you can do that!! That would be AMAZING!!! Love yo art I know your art is gonna go SHOOTING up the roof ok that's it bai!!

Thank you so much for the kind words anon <333 Here you go~ I’m always happy to draw the OTP! 

~requests are still open~


Alex Kingston Appreciation Week 2017: Favourite non-River Song role

“It may be nothing, but assuming it’s nothing is lazy journalism. You don’t want to be lazy – in addition to mouthy.” - Mary Foster, Shoot the Messenger

“I love her. She is the best! No, Alex is awesome! Honestly, the best. She is everything you’d hope she would be. Just like a real person. She is funny. She is so scary in this part! She had me pee in my pants the other day in this one scene she is screaming at me. And she did it every take. And every take she managed to scare me.” - Elyse Levesque


Mystic Messenger x Rune Factory AU Rune Messenger? Mystic Factory?

For those who don’t know, Rune Factory is a farming/dungeon-crawling/dating simulation; literally a fantasy Harvest Moon

In the tradition of RF protagonists, MC winds up in a town disoriented and with amnesia. With no recollection of what brought her to town or her life beforehand, she is allowed to live on the farm that once belonged to Rika, who disappeared two years ago. Despite her amnesia, she is a hard worker and is looking forward to creating new memories with the townspeople.

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I love your writing so much! Your Yoosung X MC X Seven headcons are soooo amazing. When are you doing more? If I can could I suggest doing some fluff like a date night with the three maybe a bedtime with the three.

(I got too excited when I got this message, first of all, thank you so much anon you’re so sweet <3 second! I’m currently working on a date night that’ll be done soon so I hope you’re okay with me going for the bedtime prompt~ I’m going to keep this sfw but if anyone wants a…not so sfw version let me know ;) )

-3AM ticked over on your computer as you continued to click away on whatever it was you were looking up
-Yoosung had finished playing his game awhile ago and decided to lazily lay down on the couch beside you
-It didn’t take long before he was dozing off, the soft feeling of you stroking his hair, head laying just beside your lap
-You looked over and smiled softly before leaning down to give him a small kiss
-You probably woke him up but he wasn’t complaining
-He smiled and let out a hum to spur you on so you kissed him a bit deeper, drawing the kiss out for a few minutes
-You both turned to look at Saeyoung who had turned his chair from his desk to look at you both, that smirk of a smile on his face
-”What about me~? You didn’t think you could get away without kissing me did you~?”
-You both roll your eyes, Yoosung being the first one to get up and go towards Saeyoung, putting his hands on either side of his jaw and giving him a deep kiss, pushing Saeyoung back in his chair
-They kept going and you rolled your eyes seeing Saeyoung lift a hand to motion you to come over as well
-You get up and stroll over, his hand coming around your waist and tugging you closer towards him
-When he pulls away from Yoosung you can see he was noticeably red, how Yoosung managed to fluster himself when he was the initiator, you had no idea but it was absolutely adorable
-You smile and push your lips gently to his, so soft that there’s hardly contact and he lets out an incredibly annoyed sound, trying to push up to deepen the kiss, only for you to pull away
-You can hear Yoosung chuckling beside you, and it only makes you want to do it more
-He pulls away and pouts at you, finally, his face stained with a beautiful soft pink now as well
-”Yoosung~ Could you please show ‘____’ how to please their god”
-Yoosung doesn’t waste much time basically jumping back into Saeyoung’s lap
-There was no end in Yoosung’s sight as he happily pressed deeper into the kiss
-You can’t help but giggle, it was such an adorable sight 
-With Yoosung still happily in his lap, Saeyoung starts pushing the rolling chair towards the bedroom, waving good bye to you as he runs off with Yoosung
-You of course chase after them, grabbing onto the back of the chair to halt it, bending over Saeyoung’s chair and cooing “Yoooosung~” 
-The boy finally pulls off Saeyoung and happily reaches over to pull you into a deep kiss
-The whines of annoyance and cries that this totally wasn’t fair were making you both smile against each other
-Yoosung pops off of Saeyoung and you both plop onto the bed and coo for him to come over 
-”No need to whine~ We’re all yours”
-The growl from Saeyoung is almost primal as he pushes himself out of the chair and jumps onto the bed and starts tickling you both to the best of his ability
-You all bust into laughter and jokingly try to break free from him
-After a couple of minutes you’re all panting from laughing so hard
-Yoosung and you nuzzle up to Saeyoung and start kissing him all over his face and neck
-You both loved spoiling him so much
-You also finally give him the deep slow kiss he wanted, he always says it’s so much sweeter when he has to work for it
-Of course after that Yoosung was wanting another from both of you as well
-You all pass out together snuggled up on the bed
-Yoosung passed out first, you and Saeyoung watching and whispering about how adorable he is
-You watched Saeyoung pass out next, head rested atop Yoosung’s, smiling softly with both his arms wrapped tightly around you both
-You happily drift off feeling so grateful for the two wonderful men beside you


Favourite characters of the year

Otabek Altin (Yuri!!! On Ice)

Exactly the type of guy I get attracted to irl, I’m not even kidding. Barely makes any facial expressions. He isn’t shy, he’s just very quiet and says what is necessary. He’s very direct with what he wants (’’Do you want to be my friend or not?’’) so you STILL know what’s going on in his mind. Also pretty sure he randomly hugs people whenever he pleases because Otabae just doesn’t give a fuck

Joshua Kiryu (The World Ends With You)

If you still think he’s a mysterious nice guy just like the entire KH fandom, then please come talk to me after you play TWEWY. I’m looking forward to it

Frank Zhang (art by drizzledrawings) // (The Heroes Of Olympus series by Rick Riordan)

This silly Chinese Canadian baby man (totally accurate description by Arion, the immortal horse btw) is just pure fluff. He is physically very strong (if not the strongest?) but still gives off that cuddle bear vibe that I will love for all eternity

Viktor Nikiforov (Yuri!!! On Ice)

At the beginning I actually didn’t really like Victor. He tends to come off as VERY rude at the beginning and I thought I just had to get accustomed to him. Boy, was I wrong. This man just genuinely cares in his own way and I can’t say much more without spoiling you, but let’s just say this show single-handedly saved the entire year

Leo Valdez (art by viria) //  (The Heroes Of Olympus series by Rick Riordan)

Can’t say much without spoilers but his BEST sense of humour -that genuinely made my lungs malfunction and my eyes tear up- tricks you into forgetting that this lil guy is actually pretty lonely and just needs a lot of love

Lunafreya Nox Fleuret (Final Fantasy XV)

If you played the game and are now seeing this post then I’m really sorry I re-opened that deep wound of yours, I know, I’m hurting, too. 


Gets sassy when he’s close to getting killed. And he’s always close to getting killed. Would DIE for his friends (no pun intended)

Alex Fierro (Magnus Chase series by, yeah you guessed it, RICK RIORDAN THIS MAN IS A GENIUS READ THE BOOKS!!!) // (art by brunagonda)

Literally can’t say shit about this character without spoiling anything, just read the books, and if you did already tHEN JOIN ME ON THE FANGIRL TRAIN

Axel/Lea (Kingdom Hearts)

You don’t know what to think of him until later in the game because he’s very mysterious. Truth is, dude would rather evaporate than not to help his friends. 

Magnus Chase (art by bat-addicted-loony) (by Uncle Rick)

Magnus is warmth. I always imagine him having this really warm and welcoming aura to him. Like a niche where you can absolutely relax. Also, he’s dead (which is no spoiler, it’s mentioned in the book’s synopsis)


I FORGOT MY PRECIOUS BABY 707/LUCIEL omfg i don’t deserve this fandom.


Hey y'all!
So I’m in a pretty tight spot right now financially. Well I’m getting ready to move in just a couple of months. Finally getting out of Michigan and headed for LA!
To help me get some pennies in my pocket so I’m not a total burden- I’m opening commissions! Now, I’ve never had commissions open before. I’ve done requests and such but I’ve never had to deal with pricing my work so I’m not really sure how well this will go over, but I’m willing to at least give it a shot!

$1 per 100 words- Rated G/T (cuddles and fluff y'all)
$1.50 per 100 words- Rated M (is it getting hot in here or is it just me?)
$2 per 100 words- Rated E (let’s get fuckin’ weird)

~Fandoms I’m comfortable writing for~
*Welcome to Night Vale
*LOTR/The Hobbit
*Rooster Teeth/Achievement Hunter
*Yuri!!! On Ice
*Mystic Messenger
*Warcraft ((I’ll take a stab here in writing anything regarding the movie. My knowledge of WoW lore is all second hand from Sage but I went and saw that movie AT LEAST four times with them so I’ll give it a
whack if you’d like))
*Special Offer!!: For just an extra $0.50 USD per 100 words I will write something for your OCs! As long as you provide good reference for their physical appearance and personality I’d be more than happy to write something for you.

To keep my head on straight, I’ll only be working on two at a time, with three “on deck” slots available as



Message me here or email me at to set up your commission.
Thank you so mush for all the love and support you guys have given me. It means the world to me and I hope I can find a way to properly give back someday.

Many Blessings and Much Love,