alex makes video games


 Specific Imagines:

Alex Standall 

Bi - Alex comes out as bisexual to his girlfriend.

Judging You - Female reader making fun of Alex for playing video games

Pillow Forts - Alex and fem reader build a pillow fort

Please Stay- Fem reader stops Alex from committing suicide

Talk - Alex and fem reader have a fight.

Clay Jensen

Embarrassed- Clay meets fem reader’s parents for the first time, without pants…

Kiss me- fem reader kisses Clay in front of his ex

Hannah Baker

Bullying- Female reader comforts Hannah after the list was spread around.

Dance- Fem reader and Hannah dance together

Jeff Atkins

Fears- Female reader admits she’s scared of losing Jeff

High- Fem reader gets fed up with Jeff’s excessive use of drugs.

Jealous- Jeff gets scared fem reader is cheating on him with Justin and gets jealous.

Not Okay (part two)- Fem reader comforts Jeff after he’s cheated on.

Justin Foley

Childish  - Justin acts like a child towards fem reader

Dating Justin Includes

Safe - Justin starts dating Kat again and is overprotective.

Skills - Justin and the water bottle challenge. that’s it. 

You Love Me - Female reader picking one Justin for his sense of humor

Montgomery De La Cruz

Sorry - Monty apologizes to fem reader after a fight

Tony Padilla

Dating Includes

Shy- Tony Padilla - Male reader is nervous to admit his feelings to Tony

Zach Dempsey

Anonymous-  Fem reader sends Zach anonymous cute texts

Concert- after a concert hook up fem reader and Zach meet again

Cooking- Female reader baking pizza with Zach, Zach is not good at it.

Jealous  Zach gets jealous that fem reader is spending a lot of time with Jeff.

Mi Familia- Hispanic fem reader takes Zach home to meet her family.

Stay (part two) - Female reader is invited to a party by Zach and he wants her to stay the night to get to know her. He proves he doesn’t mean it sexually.

Tired- Zach is super cuddly towards fem reader after a basketball game.

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