alex luster


All of the various Duel Armors used during the Capsule Monsters series. From top to bottom we have:

Yami Yugi with Dark Magician Armor

Yami Yugi with Magician of Black Chaos armor (he even had the pointy shoes)

A possessed Joey Wheeler with Red-Eyes Black Dragon Armor

Yami Yugi with Black Luster Soldier armor (plus a glowing sword)

Yami Yugi with Blue-Eyes White Dragon armor

Alexander the Great with Reshef the Dark Being Armor

And finally, Yami Yugi with the Armor of Unity, made from the combined forms of Red-Eyes Black Dragon, Curse of Dragon, Thunder Dragon, and Seiyaryu.

went to see this doc earlier today with muh buddy. at first the filmmaker was just going to show some clips but on his way to the theater he decided to just show the whole film. was very much impressed the film was great. the filmmaker (Alex Luster) seemed like a cool, laid back dude. and the one artist (Cutthroat) seemed chill. couple of cool dudes.