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Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America, California

San Francisco
Photo Credit: (Phoenix Wang)
The Two Towers
Photo Credit: (Alex Noriega)
El Matador Twilight
Photo Credit: (Ayman Alzaid)

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Sorry for the non art post, but I thought this might make for good ref for someone. On Sunday I was invited to ride a bike over Whinlatter in the Lake District… right after a snow storm… and I hadn’t ridden a bike in well over a decade… needless to say my arse is a little sore.

I wasn’t brave enough to take my camera with me on my first time out, I feel off a lot on the red trail, but one of the other lads got a few half decent pics with their phone.

I hope to do this sort of thing a lot more down the line and will be taking a proper camera in the future. I will post any decent ref shots here if there would be any interest!