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Around The World In 80 Days: United States Of America, California

San Francisco
Photo Credit: (Phoenix Wang)
The Two Towers
Photo Credit: (Alex Noriega)
El Matador Twilight
Photo Credit: (Ayman Alzaid)

The photographer deserves credit so DO NOT remove credit information. Thank you.

I don’t talk much on here (I like to keep it simple and to the point, my work)

But with all you new folks rolling in every once and awhile, I thought it wouldn’t hurt to show the face behind this little space on the interwebz and share a thing or two about myself.

I’m Alex and i’m freshly 24 and single which puts me in a perfect place for a mid- twenties identity crisis.

I didn’t go to school for photography, instead I majored in Graphic Design (which I currently work full time in)

My first camera was a 2.5 MP Canon Powershot Camera that my parents gave to me when I was 13 and I took some of my best work on it (probably)

I shot my first wedding with a Canon T3i and it haunts me every night in my sleep.

My favorite comment from a client ever has been “Can you please take down that photo, I look like I’m having constipation issues”

I’m happiest with a camera, by myself, in the woods or in the mountains…just as long as it gets me out of my head.

I don’t hashtag on instagram anymore and me being pretentious is only half the reason.

I struggle most days with jealousy/infatuation of others and their work, and don’t believe most folks when they say the same of mine (that is probably a #humblebrag in some way)

I recently went to Banff and Jasper National Park in Canada (location of the picture above) and I can honestly say it changed me in so many ways, mostly for the better.

My number one thing I’m working on right now is encouragement. Both to others and myself. 

If you’re ever curious about anything else or just need some good ol’ fashion advice or critique on something…I’m down.



Sorry for the non art post, but I thought this might make for good ref for someone. On Sunday I was invited to ride a bike over Whinlatter in the Lake District… right after a snow storm… and I hadn’t ridden a bike in well over a decade… needless to say my arse is a little sore.

I wasn’t brave enough to take my camera with me on my first time out, I feel off a lot on the red trail, but one of the other lads got a few half decent pics with their phone.

I hope to do this sort of thing a lot more down the line and will be taking a proper camera in the future. I will post any decent ref shots here if there would be any interest!