alex krasny

The Four in Hand

I had another knot picked out for today, but I realized this morning I have a dentist appointment, and needed something a bit more stable and secure for today. Also, with these instructions from Alex Krasny, it’s the fastest fucking knot I’ve ever seen. He does it in 12 seconds.

It’s a simple, straight forward tie knot, and in this method, it’s performed by draping the tie in a series of loops over your hand before it goes around your neck. 

I’m a big fan of the simplicity of this one.  And the fast method makes it really easy to consistently get the right tie length.

Okay, off to have my teeth abused.

Good luck everyone else.


If I can get it right, this might be the only way I ever tie a tie. I hate that little tail I have to hide. Tucking it away makes this interesting.