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First things first- I’m not a native English speaker, I suck hard at grammar and some additional things and -you know.. I’m a bit shaky articulating myself - read with this warning in mind and have fun!

Some time ago I happened to catch an episode of Flapjack on TV. Each time I see it I get more impressed by this show– each time it seems wilder and more vibrant than the last time – just the finest breed of unpredictable. And maaaan I love the location of this show. This filthy, moldy, contagious harbor, isolated in the eye of the dead sea but containing so much bursting life in its small belly. God I love the possibilities of this place – its so fun how it expands and shrinks according to the story, almost as if its it own independent character, it’s silent but it moves and talks and reacts and breathes. This makes it feel so much bigger and exiting – I could gawk  at this gorgeous art design forever, and I probably will, but I got caught of guard and distracted by the the end credits for a moment-

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Thought to have been lost, this was proven wrong thanks to @retsofnoraa! He sent me these images through my email and I have saved them and archived them, and of course, I want these to be public to the Internet. So here you go! The comic adaption of the My Life as a Teenage Robot episode ‘Stage Fright’ from the Fall 2005 (I hope that’s right) Nick Magazine issue. Enjoy :)

Thank you @retsofnoraa once again for these! Very much appreciated!

I cannot believe that my Dad met Alex Kirwan, Wander Over Yonder’s Art Director, last year and never told me! Apparently he showed the man a piece of mine, to which he said,”Wow, that’s better than some artists on the show can do!” (Doubt it XD) and then proceeded to give an email address so he could send me a signature. Ah, well!

Anyways, here’s a piece I’ve been working on. I get nostalgic about this show a lot and wish it would just come back.


Ran accross this on Alex Kirwan’s blog.  His job was “creating character designs and special posing for Nickelodeon’s "The Mighty B!”“.  I don’t know exactly why that show didn’t last very long, but of all the Nick shows I thought it was one of the best looking and funny ones.  There were a lot of "Ren & Stimpy” qualities to the show which I loved.  I guess the only thing I didn’t care for was the grating over-the-topness of Bessy’s voice.  I don’t like any show when the acting revolves around hollering.  But, on the whole I liked it a lot.  Alex looks like the master of abstract action poses.  I was pretty blown away by some of the crazy stuff on his blog; all that overlapping double, tripple…exposed action works quite well as you can see in this little clip.  Check out his stuff here: 


Developing Dominator.  Season 2 of Wander over Yonder ends tonight  and I’m all nostalgic digging through my first assignment which was to help develop a “Greater Hater”.  How about this for a job…Craig McCracken and Alex Kirwan sit you down and say we want you to come up with the “Michael Bay” version of Hater.  Hater only way cooler and more extreme!  GOOD GOD!  What a way to kick off a job!  Enjoy the Finale everyone!

kykyl25  asked:

This might be an odd question and I'm probably asking the wrong person, but... Do you know what colour Wander's eyes are? I've seen them both as blue and green in different episodes and I'm a little confuzzled

I believe according to our estimable Art Director Alex Kirwan, Wander’s eye color changed depending on what best suited the palette of the moment. In other words, Wander is so helpful that his very physiology changes dependent on your aesthetic needs.

Get To Know Your Animators: Gravity Falls (Disney) 


James Baxter, Matt Braly, Paul Robertson, Dana Terrace

Character Designers:

Bryan ArnettMatt BralyKristen CampbellRobertryan CorySabrina Cotugno, Ali DaneshChris HoughtonAlex KirwanJoe PittStephanie Ramirez

Storyboard Artists:

John AoshimaMatt BralyTyler ChenEmmy CicieregaSabrina Cotugno, Mark GarciaDavid GemmillSunil HallPatrick HarpinBen HolmChris HoughtonJoe PittStephen SandovalChris SonnenburgDana TerraceLuke Weber

Part 3 of “Toys That Never Were” 

Back at the end of Wander Season 1 and just as we were starting Season 2 we got word that the heads of XD were going to be meeting with Disney Consumer Products to talk to them about the possibility merchandising some of the XD shows.

Wanting to convince consumer products that there was a lot of potential in making stuff for Wander our Art Director, Alex Kirwan did these sketches as a visual aid to spark the conversation. Unfortunately nothing ever really happened in regards to Disney getting behind a Wander merchandise plan so these drawings are all we have to show what could have been.


Developing Dominator’s Lava Bot Army.  As Dominator was supposed to be the “Greater version of Hater” so her army was supposed to be the “Greater version of the Watchdogs”.  Alex Kirwan came up with the idea for the “techno-lava” and had done a bunch initial ideas that I took and riffed on to come up with my first attempts on top.  (I was always a little sad that they didn’t get to wear the bowler hats.)  


Wander Over Yonder “The Brainstorm”

These backgrounds are of the fortress planet Flendar. The Flendarians are rodent-like aliens who are very protective of their planet. Not sure why, but I think we discussed that they might be miners of a planet with some precious resource. Anyway, they are armed and dug in for the long haul. For the design of the fortress, I looked at a lot of Moebius stuff for inspiration. Originally, the Flendarians were dressed in top hats, but after I did the Moebius inspired design, Alex Kirwan and I decided that the signature Major Grubert pith helmet would more fit in with their character.


Tonight’s episode of Wander Over Yonder features the first two cartoons I wrote for the season, “The Fremergency Fronfract” and “The Boy Wander”!

“Fremergency Fronfract” started from the place of “What if Hater got drunk and didn’t realize he was hanging out with Wander?” Of course, this being a kids show, we changed it to “What if Hater was still loopy from the dentist and Wander had to get him home?” The cartoon features one of my favorite musical moments of season 2, homages to two films I love dearly, and a very special cameo: immediately after I wrote this script, my daughter was born. As a surprise, Craig changed the name of the little girl in this ep to Olive in honor of her.

Back before boarding began, we had the distinct honor of having owner-of-wendys, Eddie Trigueros, Alex Kirwan, and a bunch of artists in the Writers’ Room with us to help break story. This always resulted in great visual story beats and some fantastic gags, including the above karaoke sketch which, sadly, did not make it into the episode, by indomitable Fremergency director/board artist Eddie Trigueros.

As for Boy Wander, we spent a full day and a half trying desperately to figure out a fish-out-of-water noir story where Wander was on a planet where he didn’t speak the language and was being chased by competing spies when he accidentally stole some microfilm. It was way too complicated and we were getting absolutely nowhere when Dave said “Why don’t you just do that stupid goofball villain thing you guys keep talking about?”

We figured out that entire story in an hour. When something works, it works.

The cartoon includes references to two of the best television shows in history, one of which will be very familiar to fans of crackmccraigen .

About half-way into writing the episode, I found out that we had secured Weird Al Yankovic for the role of Dr. Screwball Jones, and suddenly the writing became twice as hard. Weird Al has been one of my all-time heroes, so this had to be perfect. I wrote the lyrics to the tune of Al’s polka cover of “Bohemian Rhapsody,” and, as he always does, noveltymusicservices completely overhauled the melody and made it one of my all time favorite villain songs. I mean, how could Wander face off against Weird Al and NOT have an epic banjo/accordion showdown? Also, any time a character sings exactly what’s happening (“Accordion!” “Banjo retort!” “String Break!”), you can thank the lyrical genius of Andy Bean.

On a side note, here’s the vocal direction we gave to Jack on playing Boy Wander: “You’re Wander as Christian Bale playing Adam West.”

To this day, I’m confident he has no idea what that means.


Sorry for the lapse in posts, busy week. Speaking of busy this is an example of the great lengths Wander’s Art Director ALEX KIRWAN will go to achieve a certain look for the show.

In next weeks episode THE FUNK, Hater takes his old van out for a wild night of mischief. Alex figured if it was old we should animate it in an old style. So we looked at how they used to achieve 3D effects back in the day on such films as HEAVY METAL and 101 DALMATIANS. 

They would build actual physical models, photograph them from every  concievable angle, xerox the necessary frames onto cels, ink and paint them, then shoot them under camera.

Though this technique gave the scenes an extra sense of volume and dimension the xerox process gave each frame an uncontrollable “textural crawl.”

These how to’s illustrate how Alex directed our production studio MERCURY FILMWORKS to pull off the crawl.

Be sure to check out our Hi Tech approach to a Lo Fi look in next TUESDAY’S WANDER OVER YONDER on DISNEYXD !

BEAKER:  The dog who will live forever in “The Cartoon”

Tomorrow night on Disney XD an episode of Wander that I boarded titled “The Cartoon” is going to air. I’m pretty proud of this episode and I’ll probably post a lot about it after it airs but I wanted to point out a special detail hidden in the backgrounds.

About a year ago when I was working on this episode Becca and I lost our dog Beaker. Beaker was incredibly special to us and his comedic jolly nature helped us through some particularly tough times when Becca’s MS was at it’s worst.

One other defining characteristic of Beaker was that he shed more hair than any dog of I’ve ever known. We played a game that on each trip we went on we would hide a strand of Beaker Hair so that now we can say that Beaker covered the world. He currently lives in Ireland, Scotland, England, China, Tahiti, Easter Island, Vancouver, Montreal, Greece, Neenah, Waukesha, Billings, and parts of his fluff cover most of the greater Los Angeles area!

The last place He made it into was one of the rough Background paintings I created for “The Cartoon”. I did some quick paintings to help sell the idea of a cartoon in a cartoon, (The episode has Hater watching an 80’s style cartoon of himself) and of course his hair made it into my paint. Craig, Dave, and Alex liked the storyboard I did so much that they decided to use it as the actual Cartoon that Hater watches and that meant the rough painting I did (with the Beaker hair in it) was gonna end up on screen!

The same BG is used throughout the episode so if you look closely you’ll have plenty of glimpses of a great dog, who’s now gonna live forever! Thanks Craig McCracken, David Thomas, and Alex Kirwan, I’ll always be in your debt.