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The Doctor And His Wife

New photos of Jodie Whittaker and gang has been released,and as much as I am excited to see her 13th Doctor on screen, I have finally come to realise that I will miss Peter Capaldi like hell.

So here’s a tribute to my 2nd favourite Doctor and both his wives, River Song and TARDIS, a distant memory of my favourite Christmas Special Husbands of River Song.

I’m gonna bawl my eyes out this christmas.

Steven Moffat and his mini Timelords :3

I think it’s time to thank mr. Moffat for giving us this amazing adventure! We laughed and we cried, we were sad and happy and worried and heartbroken, but we love what he had done for us. You know when you bring someone into the fandom and somewhere in the middle of watching they ask “what’s happening?” and you can just say “it’s Moffat” and there’s no need to explain more. He confused and intrigued us, and this era people will remember forever.
Thank you Steven Moffat for showing us the secrets of time and space.

Something just kinda struck me…

If Missy had been able to reach the Doctor, to make her final stand with him against the Cybermen, we could’ve had a scene that paralleled River and Eleven facing off against the Silence, back-to-back, in Day of the Moon…

I want to see that so badly!

Since I noticed a ton of you keeps reblogging this thing, which is way too old and low-res and it makes me feel a little awkward, I made another sketch. Thank you.  ಠ◡ಠ

Almost forgot to post this one! It’s a little sketch I did for a very very nice person who asked me to design a tattoo. She just wanted a cartonish planet but when I came up with this she actually liked it so I thought you might like it too :D I’ll eventually clean the lineart and colour it one day, just in case.