alex kingston fan art

Since I noticed a ton of you keeps reblogging this thing, which is way too old and low-res and it makes me feel a little awkward, I made another sketch. Thank you.  ಠ◡ಠ

Almost forgot to post this one! It’s a little sketch I did for a very very nice person who asked me to design a tattoo. She just wanted a cartonish planet but when I came up with this she actually liked it so I thought you might like it too :D I’ll eventually clean the lineart and colour it one day, just in case.


I’m going to reblog all of the drawings I’ve done so far, for my new followers :) -Part 2

In order, from top to bottom:

Eleventh Doctor (interpreted by Matt Smith)

Tenth Doctor (interpreted by David Tennant)

Amy Pond (interpreted by Karen Gillan)

Missy (interpreted by Michelle Gomez)

River Song (interpreted by Alex Kingston)

Captain Jack Harkness (interpreted by John Barrowman)