alex julius

julius and alex constantly getting mistaken for each other

alex getting approached by old contacts julius had when he was with scorpia (he nods and takes note of the details and promptly forwards them to the cia)

the triads kidnap julius to make him pay (he doesn’t stay kidnapped for very long)

alex gets taken into questioning over money laundering and swiss bank accounts (grief you bastard can’t you even cover your tracks)

julius gets summoned to the cia offices for a congratulatory chat with joe byrne for astounding undercover work and handing over scorpia contacts (it’s very awkward) 

alex is yelled at by a shop owner who saw him shoplifting gum yesterday (WHY IS GRIEF SHOPLIFTING WHEN HE’S GOT ILLEGAL FUNDS IN INTERNATIONAL BANK ACCOUNTS)

julius bumping into sabina’s parents who tell him off for being out of school in the middle of the day (alex sees them and quickly walks the other way)

It’s nice to have this role [the Master in Big Finish productions], because it is really iconic. I sat down with Peter Capaldi two weeks ago for lunch, and I was telling him how much I enjoy it, and how it reminds me slightly of our ‘Thick of It’ relationship, in which I dominate him in some ways, even though he’s a really powerful figure in that series.
—  Alex Macqueen talking about playing the Master for Big Finish
Hamilsquad Letter Asks & Answers

“A - Art museums
E - Energy drinks
I - iPhones
O - Oak trees
U - Upstate New York” -Herc

“P - Pears” -Lafayette
“P - Pie” - Aaron

“Lafayette!” -Alex

“A - Oh c’mon y’all already know the answer to that ❤” -John

“P - Pastels” -Eliza

“R - Dude idk Rocks???“ -Angelica

“T - Turtles, specifically Phillip Julius” -Alex

“J - Jazz Music

M - My dick. No explanation needed. It’s fantastic.” -Thomas

“A - Accents. When Alex gets really drunk or really tired sometimes he let’s it slip
"L - Long hair. For obvious reasons
"E - Eggnog. Preferably with alcohol
"X - Xander. I like the nickname but Alex hates it and wont let me call him that so I have to suffer.” -John

“J - John ❤
O - Orange is The New Black
H - Herc
N - Nutella” -Alex

“H - Hercules
F - (Thomas Jefferson voice) France ” -Lafayette