alex julius

It’s nice to have this role [the Master in Big Finish productions], because it is really iconic. I sat down with Peter Capaldi two weeks ago for lunch, and I was telling him how much I enjoy it, and how it reminds me slightly of our ‘Thick of It’ relationship, in which I dominate him in some ways, even though he’s a really powerful figure in that series.
—  Alex Macqueen talking about playing the Master for Big Finish
Hamilsquad Letter Asks & Answers

“A - Art museums
E - Energy drinks
I - iPhones
O - Oak trees
U - Upstate New York” -Herc

“P - Pears” -Lafayette
“P - Pie” - Aaron

“Lafayette!” -Alex

“A - Oh c’mon y’all already know the answer to that ❤” -John

“P - Pastels” -Eliza

“R - Dude idk Rocks???“ -Angelica

“T - Turtles, specifically Phillip Julius” -Alex

“J - Jazz Music

M - My dick. No explanation needed. It’s fantastic.” -Thomas

“A - Accents. When Alex gets really drunk or really tired sometimes he let’s it slip
"L - Long hair. For obvious reasons
"E - Eggnog. Preferably with alcohol
"X - Xander. I like the nickname but Alex hates it and wont let me call him that so I have to suffer.” -John

“J - John ❤
O - Orange is The New Black
H - Herc
N - Nutella” -Alex

“H - Hercules
F - (Thomas Jefferson voice) France ” -Lafayette