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I want to tell you guys why I imagined myself on Krypton. It’s not because I hate it here. It’s because the past few weeks I’ve been feeling lost and like I did when I first came to Earth. So I started fantasizing about the same things I used to back then...

“At my back I always hear Time’s wingèd chariot hurrying near. And yonder all before us lie. Deserts of vast eternity.”

Set Between: ‘Five Twenty Nine’ and ‘The eye of the storm’

Stand alone?:  It’s part of a box-set  

Marks out of 10: 8/10

Summary of the plot:

River finds herself mysteriously working at a company which assists people in dreaming their lives away. The manager of which is very familiar indeed. River soon finds that the company is not all as it seems.


Funnily enough, James Goss’s last River Song story also involved dreams. As ‘Signs’ set the bar extremely high it was highly unlikely that Goss would produce anything which matched it in quality, and whilst I enjoyed ‘Signs’ considerably more, Goss has produced another detailed and compelling story. As all great writers should be, he is always one step ahead of the listener providing a great deal of indecipherable mystery. Whilst Goss’s stories are usually packed with unique and original ideas, this particular audio appeared similar in concept to ‘Sleep no more.’  It’s safe to say that if this story had been aired in place of ‘Sleep no more’ I would have enjoyed it considerably more.

This story sets off on a slow, light hearted and slightly confusing start but picks up about half way through as the Doctor and River begin to investigate the strange goings on at Golden Futures. The second half taking a more darker approach in contrast

I think I prefer the dynamic of River and Sixie over River and Doctor Seven. There’re very few companions who Colin Baker doesn’t have good chemistry with. Alex Kingston and Colin Baker’s scenes together are very well scripted and there is a great deal of profound dialogue for them to perform, and they certainly do preform! Rather like Amy Pond and Ace, River worships the Doctor and puts all faith in him and as we have seen previously with the character of Ace when that faith is shattered it results in incredibly deep and emotional scenes.

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I decided to draw the whole squad in kind of a modern au i guess?

silent selfie with the forever mysterious guy *sigh*


Make me choose

Anon asked Merlin or Doctor Who. 

I love this two shows for all the feelings they give me. 

Listen up. We’re all pissed Lily James is screwing Matt Smith. Literally everyone wishes we were her. And everyone hates her for the sole reason that she is loved by Matt Smith. And if we can’t have him then I’m sure you all can think of at least one person you wish he could be with instead be it Alex or Karen or whoever.

But you know what? Too bad. Too fucking bad. You don’t trash her. You don’t post hate. You grow the fuck up and act like a human. Be decent. There is no reason to be dissing her and calling her out for going to whoniverse. I’m almost sure she didn’t suggest it and even if she did, I know she didn’t do it to mess with your mattex or smilian time!!

So I don’t care if you ship mattex or smilian or whatever, don’t be that person. Grow up. Be an adult. You may be sad and jealous and annoyed with Lily but keep it together people. We’re better than that.

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“Sarah!” Alexandria smiled as she met her friend at the palace gates. “My mother and father are in court all day, it’s safe for us to go to the forest, if you want?”


My first fandom mash-up - an irresistible one at that.

From ‘Stargate: SG1′ - ‘Window of Opportunity’ Coincidentally an awesome little time-loop story, worthy of a TARDIS malfunction.

From ‘Doctor Who’ - ‘Day of the Moon’

For ‘Stargate’ fans not in the know: Professor River Song, archaeologist with a weapon. For ‘Doctor Who’ fans not in the know: The ever snarky Colonel Jack O’Neill, leader and den mother of exploration team SG1.

Jack should have learned by now NOT to ask questions like that. Meanwhile, poor Doctor Daniel Jackson - resident archaeologist for SG1 is all…