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I for one, being a person with a height, wanted to know what the Yogscast member’s (plus some bonus) heights were! All the information was dug out of the wiki. If you know any others, feel free to add!

Ridge: 6′7″
Smith: 6′5″
Strippin: 6′4″
Ross: 6′3″
Zoey: 6′2″
Strife: 6′2″
Rythian: 6′2″
Nilesy: 6′1
Duncan: Somewhere over 6′0″
Trott: 5′9″
Lewis: 5′7″
Hannah: 5′4″
Minty: 5′0″
Dodger (Brooke): 5′0″
Kim: 5′0″

Still needed: Sips, Sjin, Simon, Martyn, Turps, Panda, Zylus, and any others including staff are welcome!


I feel like not enough people have seen this video

It’s a goddamn masterpiece