I’ve found something that we can use to bring back Gravity Falls: Bill might not be dead!

So you thought that everything was all good? Dipper and Mabel were on their way back, the Stans were on their journey of a lifetime, Soos was in charge of the Mystery Shack, and Bill was dead…

…or was he?

I watched the season finale yesterday, and they used that memory machine to erase Stan’s mind with Bill in it, correct?

But wait…

All those memories that were erased go to a canister, right? And there is clearly a canister on the gun when it’s fired.

And this picture of the destroyed gun shows that the canister is still intact and mostly undamaged when Mabel destroys the gun.

So these canisters have a gigantic vault where you can put them in and view their contents.

So here’s what I’m saying: what if Stan’s memories still contained Bill within them?

It would make perfect sense: Bill is almost impossible to destroy, but trapping him in someone’s minds-cape and transferring the memories into the tube would at least disable them.

So what if someone found the tube that Bill was in and replayed the memories in that machine that was used by the Society of the Blind Eye?

Would Bill turn into a cyber demon? Would he convince whoever was holding the canister to free him? Would he be able to break himself out?


So I want to start a campaign to BRING BACK THE FALLS! We need to pester Alex Hirsch with this information until he makes a mini-series or a third season of our most beloved show. 

So please: like, repost, tell a friend, and do whatever for the sake of more adventures in Gravity Falls!


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